do something...

I don’t make resolutions. I'm too ADD to focus on a single objective for 12 months. I don’t want to feel bad about failing at something that should inspire me to better myself. I don't like trying to sum up my personal goals in one or two all-encompassing cliches. And "be a better person in every way possible" seems like kind of a lot of pressure to put on myself. But in the end, that's what we all want, right?

So, in 2009 I resolve to do something. Every month. Evaluate my life, where I'm at, what I'm doing, what area I feel needs immediate improvement and establish an intention for that month. It'll be a personal challenge to learn something new, get something done or just meet a goal that I've set for myself. Some will be fun...others will hopefully help me establish a routine that I hope to maintain.

I have a tentative list of things I might do but it's fluid and could change as the months go by. There is no set order to them and I've yet to decide what goal number one will be but I'll decide today and let you know tomorrow. You know, to keep me accountable. This is my tentative list of things I could do:

• maintain a cleaning/shopping schedule for one month (deep clean the bathroom every Monday; baby laundry every Friday; grocery shopping every Sunday...that type of thing)
• write a letter every day (this could be to friends or family or to my kids)
• cook a different meal every night - to force me to try some new things. we rarely eat out (OK, never) but no take out or fast food for dinner for a month. I'm good at meal planning and only shop once every 7-10 days but I tend to stick to the same things over and over
• learn to sew
• learn to screenprint
• finish the baby room (I know, I know)
• finish the boy room (even worse, I know, SHEESH)
• Christmas done in Nov (cards, shopping, wrapping...crafty stuff is still OK in December)
• journal every day (NOT blog...I will never commit to blogging every day)
• hang stuff - all of the frames, art, shelves, etc that I've accumulated but not hung
• mini-remodel of our half bath (paint/accessories)

So, there you have it. I'd love for one or two of my 5 readers to pledge to do something with me in 09. You know you want to.


so I'm really good at this sharing stuff, huh?

I have been doing stuff. I'm just lazy with the blogging bit.

Also, I have other important things to keep me busy.

Like this.
And this.
And this. (um, not for the profanity-phobe...but hi-freaking-larious.
And then there's this.

Sigh, so much to do every day.


5 months...

Tuesday, she turned 5 months old.

Today, she is miserable with a cold and pink eye. And yet, she still smiles.

Thursday, I took her into the doctor to get a prescription for eye drops. She gained a full pound since her check up just two weeks ago.

Which is weird because we can't detect even an ounce of pudge on her.


Yesterday, she learned to wave hi and takes great delight in us reciprocating. I predict lots of waving in the coming days.

Which is fine by me.

Snow day yesterday meant I did not get out to finish my shopping. And, it means one extra day tacked onto the 16 consecutive days of nonstop brother in-fighting. Bummer (seriously.) We were bums. Today, a few craft projects (cardstock reindeer are under construction right now) and cookies. I'm also doing a few last minute simple crafty kind of things to include with the purchased gifts. I made my mom promise not to check out the blog until after Christmas so I could share them here (the finished product and the files.)

This is just a simple 5 x 7" calendar. I printed it on photo paper and added a sheet of magnet paper to the back for Proper Refrigerator Display Purposes. The circles aren't on the file I have here for download - those are just a way for my parents to know what days C works so they can plan stuff when he is off! Two files - the png is with the patterned paper and colors as shown - just drop in the photo. The psd is layered so you can choose your own digital papers and colors. Have fun!
png file

psd file

Oh! Also, I don't like to pimp myself out here on the blog but I have a kit at 2Peas to create a year's worth of calendar desktops for your computer. Would be a quick and easy grandparents gift or stocking stuffer for your spouse. Here is a preview (click the preview to take you to the kit on 2Peas.)


not to be forgotten...

  • loves to stick out her toungue and blow baby raspberries
  • reaches to be picked up or held
  • knows her name and will turn when you call her
  • can sit for a few seconds at a time (longer and longer everyday)
  • 26 1/4"
  • 16 lbs 15 oz
  • (yes, that puts her in the 90th percentile)
  • loves to jump in her activity center
  • can pick up small toys and play with toys on her activity center
  • is such a little love bug I have to remind myself not to squeeze her too hard!
  • loves chewing on her sleeves
  • cheeks grow daily
  • talks in the sweetest little voice ever
  • has a kick butt mohawk going (but not nearly as good as Zack's was)
  • rubs her eyes when she's sleepy (can't fool me, missy!)
  • is ridiculously, outrageously clingy...ahh, 4 months.


the final countdown...

feeling good about our Thanksgiving prep (now Christmas, that's a *totally* different story.) There were a few things I wanted to post but I do still have some stuff left to do today and how many of you are blog-hopping today, anyway?

I did want to mention one thing though because I think it's a great idea - especially since most of my 11 readers are scrapbookers ;) NPR has teamed up with StoryCorps and deemed tomorrow the National Day of Listening. A day when you sit down with a relative or other loved one and record a meaningful conversation with them. You can see more information on StoryCorps website and listen to some of the conversations NPR hosts have recorded for airing over the course of the last week here: NPR National Day of Listening

How many of you have a really great depth of knowledge about your grandparents' (or even parents') lives pre-you? Aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. Choose someone special and sit down with them for some quality conversation. All 4 of my biologic grandparents are gone. I really wish I would have done this with them. I'd love it if even one of you took the challenge.


4 months...

Well, hello there...I'm flirting with you. Aren't I pretty?

I'm a showoff. See me sitting up?

Here's looking at you!

I like to drool. And pull mommy's hair. And I reach for people now too :) My bouncy farm activity center is awesome - I can spin my duck toy and make the music go when I jump like a little madman in it.

My mommy has these at the top of her knitting list. Every little papoose needs some Thanksgiving moccasins, right?

Hope you had a good weekend - we have snow - wheee!


ooh la izzy...

I'm starting to remember how much fun it was to dress up dolls when I was younger :)


(click it for bigger)


my camera died after 5 shots


they were all good ones though :) (why does red always look so funky in big blocks?) As was the weather. hope you all had a good one too!


I wasn't going to share this...

Because although I'm very interested in politics and this election, I'm *not* interested in swaying people's opinion. Either you have good reasons for voting for your chosen candidate (whomever that may be) and I totally respect that. OR, you have some crappy, twisted, ill-informed reasons for your choice in which case, you're not going to listen to what I have to say anyway :)

It's too cute not to share though and I love that both boys are interested in the election process as well. They've asked to go with us when we vote and who am I to say no? I hope as they get older, we can help them maintain a healthy interest in the political process and the importance of fully informed voting.


yeah? so?

Even my "mama" felt the need to point out that I haven't updated in a bit. You wanna make something of it? (though, I do love that my mom really did finally leave a comment...even if it was to "mother" me ;)

I'm not really posting much with this either. Just wanted to say that 3 months ago today, we welcomed this little girl into the world:

Now, we have this one:

Isn't life sweet?


zucchinis gone wild...

This is what happens when you let your garden go unpicked while you traipse off on a two week vacation. Squash run amok. You know that zucchini multiply like rabbits, right? Another couple of days of growth and the national guard may have had to be called in.

This post will be full of randomness...FYI :)

You guys have been rickrolled, right? Kind of random and juvenile and you wonder if the perpetrator just c/p the wrong link? (I'll admit though, the song is still rather catchy. Carlos Barack Rolled me last night - I laughed my butt off. I don't care what your political leanings are. This is some funny stuff :D

We all know that Flickr is a great time waster. I could spend weeks there, bleary eyed and caffeine hyped, admiring all the talent and "WTF were they thinking" inspired photos. It does my heart good though, to know that groups like this exist. Don't ask me how I found it because I forget. Really now, everything *is* better with bacon though, no?

I want to make some of these for the babies room.

I hope this works because I despise getting all of those wasteful phone books delivered to me - I NEVER use them!

Big combined birthday party BBQ on Monday for both boys. Have I planned or prepared at all? You know the answer. Cupcakes will be involved though. How cool are these? Too cutesy for my purposes but so pretty. I do have this book though so I'm sure we'll have something fun for them :)

OK, work to do...a rainy day here so perhaps I'll clean the house (groan)


so help me little girl...

If all of this fussing and hand gnashing and drooling means you' re teething already, well, I don't know what but I *won't* be happy. The good news is that the 10% of the time you were happy today, you were making all kinds of adorable cooing noises and squeaks. More of those, please!

Really hoping I come back to this post 6 months from now when you really ARE teething and laugh at myself for thinking it might be happening so soon.


happy 1 month, baby girl

1 month has passed already. feels as if you've always been here though; you my dear, were a seamless integration :)

  • you're definitely just coming off a growth spurt - you ate like a champ for about 3 or 4 days (you always have but there was a noticeable difference) I have a feeling we'll be very surprised by your growth at your dr. appointment on Monday! ** OK, I started this post on the 16th (when she turned a month) but am just finishing it up today...1 month stats: 22 3/4" and 11 lbs 4 oz (no wonder I've had a relatively easy time dropping the pregnancy weight :p)
  • you've been much more alert the past few days - I'm guessing this goes hand in hand with the growth spurt! you've got a lot of head control and are constantly turning your head to follow voices and light.
  • you love your baths and diaper changes - never cry for either.
  • you seem to be losing your hair at about the same rate as me...good thing we both had quite a bit to begin with!
  • your brothers are big fans :)
  • I could go on but I'm getting lazy and you're in my lap getting hungry (shocker!)


not technically perfect...

but I still love it! One of my biggest challenges each day is making sure these boys stay off of Iz long enough for her to eat/sleep/rest in peace! Any opportunity to hold her while she's alert and not fussy, they JUMP at. She's pretty tolerant of their excessive and smothering hugs and kisses though. We'll see how long it lasts before she starts getting her revenge!

A quick layout share too...I've been doing a series of templates for download at 2Peas and this layout was the result of my most recent. I'm embarrassed to even calculate how many photos I've taken in the past 3 weeks. It's been extravagant, to say the least :p

And finally, just a couple of links :)
  • Being the child of the 80s that I am, I almost squealed when I saw this. You're a big fat liar if you aren't thinking "I pity the fool that doesn't buy my onesie!" after looking at that link.
  • Knitting a few of these for recent and impending babies (there are so many!) SO cute and SO easy!



did she know I would call Isabella my little monkey? (among other nicknames.)

The loooong toes and even longer fingers. The slight covering of hair on her back. Her little "o" mouth that appears as if it could easily produce he "ooh, ooh" monkey call.

She also sent the most adorable little knitted dress. How can you not adore the butt ruffles? I really do have some awesome friends...I've been overwhelmed by all the sweet stuff you guys have sent! I'll share some more cuteness when I get some photos!

Today though, we're off to grandma and grandpa's for some Slip-n-Slide fun! Have a great week :)


oh yeah...the winner :)

*Finally* remembered to check and see who the best guesstimator was in the baby pool. Wouldn't you know it was Miss Mel who inspired me to do the whole thing? We had 3 people guess the 16th (Sue and Kristina had the right date too!) but Mel was off by less than 2 hours.

And, can't post without sharing a couple of photos, right?

Enjoy your weekend! We certainly are :)


terribly smitten...

we are so in love with this little girl...sigh.

Thank you so much for all the emails and well-wishes!



Isabella Walker Hernandez
8:44 am
8 lbs 15 oz
21 3/4"
Izzy and I are doing well (by far my best, best labor and delivery - I'm tired, of course, but I feel terrific!) We came home on Thursday but I haven't been taking a lot of photos and she's been back to the hospital for bloodwork every day. Today was the last day though and we're looking forward to settling in and establishing a little normalcy. Daddy and big brothers are in love as am I. Thank you for all the well wishes!!


39 + 2 weeks

I call this series..."Blue Moon"

Taken at 7 am this morning :)

(and yes, those are my most favorite maternity pants EVER)


remember being 9 months pregnant...

and having to bow out your legs and stand on your tip toes to pick stuff up off the floor? Yeah, I've been there for awhile but it was just the other today that I realized how ridiculous I must look. I'm walking like a drunk duck...39 weeks and 1 day today. I should try to squeeze in one more photo as I'm assuming it won't be too much longer (11 days at the most, right?)

Obviously, there's still time to enter the baby pool for a chance to win a bunch of goodies! We hit the first guess Saturday and our second today and knowing my babies, even if my water broke this instant, there's no way she'd show up at any point before midnight (sorry, Lisa and Jennifer!) I did have strong regular contractions for a full 24 hours last Saturday. I went to the hospital, they monitored me, sent me home with the promise that I'd be back at some point later that day to have this baby. Now, NINE DAYS later, not a sign of her. Carlos claims she's showing us who is boss already, I'm confident that that's true. For him :)

Not much else to update at this point. A few finished knit projects to share (this is the blanket, dress and pants I talked about before.) You can see them in my flickr account that I just use for knitting stuff.

Oh, and just a couple of links (because what kind of post would it be without them?
  • this crib set is *absolutely* perfect. Exactly what I want. But $60 for a SHEET? I don't think so :p I'll keep looking :)
  • this site is very cool. Great "practice" if you want to bone up on your journaling skills!
  • I can't wait until someone else has a baby so I can do my own version of this. What a cool and fun idea!
OK, back to work. Have a great week!


all's quiet on the baby front...

(sorry for the "deer-in-the-headlights" look in my picture...I'm so not comfortable in front of the camera!)

37+3 weeks along now and nary a sign of our girl. I'm *fine* with that though as I still have 101 things I'd like to do before she makes her grand appearance. I have a feeling she is big though and definitely the strongest of the three (at least in-utero!) I'm far more uncomfortable this time around than I was with my previous two but I'm hanging in there and know these last weeks will fly by in the blink of an eye :)

So, a la miss Mel, to make these waining days of my last (yes, absolutely, 100% positively LAST) pregnancy a bit more fun (for you and me!) I set up a baby pool. Winner gets a big old box of lovely scrappy things in need of a good home :) Now that I'm about 50/50 digi/paper, I just don't need all this "stuff." Someone needs to love it and use it! Closest guesser to the correct time of birth - it's all yours.

A little info to help you concoct your guess: my due date is officially July 13th. Jake was 8 days late, Zack was 2 days early. If she doesn't feel like coming on her own, the absolute latest I will have her is some time on July 18th via c-section. So, no jokers guessing late July :p

I've also been knitting more. I've finished a little blanket (which turned out kind of "duck-ish" and totally wasn't intended that way,) a dress which I absolutely ADORE and want to do more of in every color of the rainbow, and finally, I seamed up those little pants. I'm crocheting some baskets for her nursery out of twine right now. Hoping to pick up some soft tangerine colored yarn to crochet a blanket (maybe a good distraction while I'm in the hospital?)

Her room isn't even close to being done but that's not a worry - she won't be using that room for a few months :p We did put her dresser/changing table together though! Still need to find a comfy chair and refinish a side table that I'm stealing from my dad. Oh, and doors for the closet. And curtains. Those would be nice too :p We finally got new bedroom furniture for OURSELVES a few weeks ago too. We haven't had a real bed since we moved back to MI more than 3 years ago! The time was right, lol. Eventually, I'll have to get some picture of the bedroom now that it's about done! Hoping to add a couple more finishing touches in the coming days...stuff on the walls and a couple of accent pillows I want to make with the fabric left over from our closet curtains.

I've also been playing around trying to design some fabric to finish off the nursery. This site allows you to upload your own designs and have them print the fabric for you. SO many ideas swirling around in my head trying to decide what I want to order first. They are still in beta (invitation only) but I got my invitation super fast - I want to say 2 days?

Another cool, designey type thing? Carolyn at Ecojot had a blog drawing a few weeks ago for some of her gorgeous goodies. I've never entered a blog giveaway but couldn't pass this one up...her color choices and designs are right up my alley. And guess what? I won! I was thrilled and even more so when the box arrived. I'm afraid to use it, it's all so pretty! I am using the file folders since they aren't getting messed up and it makes my filing so much more fun ;) I definitely need to order more of her stuff - SUPER high quality (the little notebooks are so sturdy and thick and everything is made from recycled paper!)

More good news? Coldplay had to re-schedule their tour so now, they aren't coming until November! Whoohoo! Looks like this would be the perfect first date night out for me and Carlos. I should be able to put a dent in the baby weight by then :p (btw, have you guys bought Viva la Vida yet? So good. I adore them.) AND, it looks like they'll be on Jon Stewart tonight...how can you not love Jon Stewart and Coldplay? DVR...SET)

We've also been to Cedar Point and took the boys out for their first Putt Putt excursion in the past couple of weeks. They were actually both pretty good! Zack used more of a hockey technique (push the ball with the club rather than actual putting) but he didn't get frustrated and the ball made it to the hole! I want to take them to see Kung Fu Panda this weekend (because I love Jack Black.) Also, I think a pet in is our eminent future. And by "pet," I mean fish. Or if we're feeling really crazy, a turtle.

Now, a bunch of links:
  • I want to make a bunch of these (these are good for a less-than-beginning sewer, right?)
  • The boys are addicted to these videos (for the scrapbookers reading, there's actually a Cricut reference in one of them :p)
  • Definitely ordering a set of these once little miss arrives...want to make sure my fingers return to their normal circumference and hey...we're 95% certain on her name but things could always change last minute!
  • I want this and this and this and this and this and and and(who knew I would love internet window shopping even when I hate the real thing? I've spent THOUSANDS of pretend dollars in the past few months :D)
  • and how cool is this site?
  • and this one too?
Sorry for the mammoth post. If you got through a quarter of it, I'd be impressed. I've been adding to it a little bit here and there for days. OK, today, FOR SURE, I do baby laundry :) Maybe even pack a hospital bag if I'm feeling really ambitious! Have a good one!



that's what she said*

  • If this doesn't make you tear up, you're completely heartless...totally made up for making me stay up until 1 am on Monday only to lose in heartbreaking fashion (well, almost...winning in Detroit would have been just a bit sweeter) I actually felt really sorry for the Pens at the end - they were a great opponent and I've no doubt they'll win the cup very, very soon.
  • at my house you hear things like "hey zackie, why don't you throw things at my face" followed by "OW!" in very short fashion...go figure :p
  • Week 35 checkup this afternoon. I'm already lamenting the fact that I didn't have any maternity shots done this time around...there won't be any more chances after this :( I'll have to try to get at least a couple with my timer in the next week or so!
  • proof that I'm completely anal...on the left, you'll find a layout for the mid-month garden at 2Peas. One the right, you'll find my PSE mockup that I created before I started on the hard copy version. Scary, just a little, huh?
  • Ashley will love this one ;) I'm sure it's tied heavily to her weekly tribute-to-the-80s posts. I had a dream a few nights ago that she was COMPLETELY ROCKING a Flock of Seagulls hairdo. And there was no joke involved. She'd just mix it in with her regular everyday hairdo from time to time. And no one batted an eye. You have to be hardcore cool to get away with something like that :) Ashley? Lunch? Panera? If you come with the 'do, lunch is on me ;) (last night's dream had *something* to do with cruise ships and rapidly multiplying purple tigers running rampant)

  • email - I promise I'm trying to catch up! I just don't like being on the computer any more than necessary these days (though I love the email - I swear!)
  • and of course I have loads of links but I'll refrain from now so I can take care of lunch for the boys :) Later, gators!

* If you're an Office fan, you'll get this ;) If you're not, well, a big fat zerbert in your general direction.


this and that...

what I've been doing:
  • watching a lot of this
  • and a lot of this
  • and even some of this (though they suck in the worst way possible...a team chock full of talent that hasn't been able to sustain a concerted effort to WIN)
  • wondering if it would be just too weird/irresponsible for me to go to a concert 8 days before my due date :p (Carlos says yes)
  • playing a lot of "guess the baby part" every night after the boys go to bed when the little miss wakes up and stretches her limbs
  • knitting for baby girl (I'll try to share some photos soon)
  • thinking about giving these a shot (totally cute and I think not as labor intensive as full on cloth diapering?)
  • trying to decide what type of sling to get...I definitely want one that I can use from birth - right now, I'm leaning towards either a hotsling or a gurumama or a sprout pounch or a gosling - would love to hear your opinions!
  • this which has taken up the majority of my time
  • this layout done recently for 2Peas...just wanted to share it as I haven't shared a belly pic in quite awhile (this was 29 weeks...I'm *almost* 32 now)

(copyright 2008 www.twopeasinabucket.com)

what I've been admiring/coveting:
  • this boys' bedroom that I just think is way too cool (someday, I'll get the boys' bedroom decorated!) from Desire to Inspire
  • these chopping boards and napkin rings (yeah, like I EVER use napkin rings, right?) from the MOMA Store from hwtm
  • this bedspread (which has sold) that would have been so nice in the nursery for cuddling with the girl while I nurse her
  • adorable shoes but I know I can't justify $34 for baby shoes that won't even get a scuffed sole :p
  • lots of this yarn to knit many beautiful little baby girl sweaters

and this put such a huge smile on my face yesterday...brought tears to my eyes seeing the reaction to the decision. What an incredible victory, FINALLY. I hope this is only the beginning of more moves like it across the country. Everyone deserves the happiness that California afforded it's gay and lesbian community yesterday.

Trying to prepare myself for two whole days of alone time while Carlos takes the boys camping for a couple of days next week...want to make sure I have all of my nesting and cleaning projects planned ahead of time so I can get all of my shopping done this weekend! Maybe I'll finally put a dent in that nursery!

Have a great weekend :)


the best thing about buying a house in the fall?

The pleasant surprises you discover in the spring. We've had such beautiful weather the past week or so. I wander the yard admiring the new flowers and plants that seem to pop up daily. I pull weeds and take pictures and probably make my neighbors wonder what kind of crazy person moved into their neighborhood. I'm trying to enjoy them this spring because I am completely inept at yard/garden maintenance and this may be the last time I ever see them :p The boys hit trees with sticks and stomp on ants and push rocks in the back of their truck from one end of the yard to the other. I wonder how much different our backyard time will be next spring :)

Then there are other happy discoveries like how the spring light comes through the window and shines onto our "gallery" wall. Do you have one of these in your house too? Jake lives for keeping this wall next to daddy's desk well adorned. Jake is an artist to the core. He draws for hours every day between school and home and *every* occasion warrants a brand new notebook or two to meet his expanding needs. The multicolored pens (remember those from our childhood?) are a favorite tool as well.

Added to my girly list in the past few days? (images are clickable so you can go steal them away from me before I buy them...ahem, for you, Jamie ;) Hello! The second one is reversible too...double the cuteness!

And finally, a layout I did last week for the BHG blog. There is journaling on there...it's just teeny tiny (you can click the layout to make it bigger)! I recently discovered that Liz designs digital products under the name Paislee Press over at Oscraps and instantly fell in love. I've always adored her minimalist style and have had her in my BOS since forever. I was thrilled to find out I can (try to) copy her look without the effort of being creative myself :) Be sure to check out her stuff! (Other digital supplies are from Catscrap...see the BHG blog for complete credits)


On my mind...

So last week was a quiet week for me work-wise so I got to do lots of knitting :) Today and tomorrow I'll be scrambling to finish some stuff up but it's worth it for the relaxing week I had!

Baby blanket is DONE other than the fabric lining. Chenille was the overwhelming consensus so I'll be out shopping soon to find a good option for that. I'll admit, the prospect of it all together isn't thrilling me! I love how it turned out though. Super heavy so it will be a "lie it on the floor for the baby to play on top of" type of blanket rather than a "wrap her up and smother her with it" blanket.

I've also been knitting some little pants for her (knit pants - something *only* a baby can get away with!) They are coming together super quick so I should be able to share them in the next couple of days (or weeks...depending on my sporadic blogging activity :p)

I'm in full on waddle mode - this one is kicking my ass! So much soreness this time around that I didn't experience with the boys. Listen closely, ladies: being pregnant in your 30's is SOOO much different than being pregnant in your 20's. At least in my case. Or maybe it's just because it's a girl this time around. I'll take the bad with the good though as I found out at my checkup yesterday that I passed the one hour glucose test with 15 points to spare! Both the boys sent me in for the 3 hour ordeal so thanks for sparing me from that, little miss! Although, I was kind of looking forward to that 3 hours of uninterrupted knitting time :)

I realized a couple of days ago that with about 12 weeks until d-day, we have yet to purchase a single diaper or piece of newborn clothing. My miniature shopping splurge at Old Navy a few weeks ago netted us some clothes for *next* summer but other than that, her closet it bare. *I'm* not concerned - I know it will all get done before she makes her arrival. The mom at Jake's school that asked if I'd drown myself in newborn pink yet practically stroked out though. A carseat...yeah, that would be a wise purchase too! On my to-do list, I swear!

How beautiful are these books? I'd love to commit to a photo a day for her first year but I know me. So I won't. Be sure to check out the Photo a Day/First Birthday book!

And this dress is so cute! It's from a line of dress up clothes called Wovenplay but I would totally put her in it anytime! Love the colors and cool retro feel :) I'm sure that even if I could find it, it would cost an arm and a leg though!

OK, off to pick up Jake from school and then off to the park! Have a great weekend :)


continuing on a theme...

Holy crap - how cute are the clothes on this blog?? That's it, I *must* learn how to sew.

I've had a lot of people ask about the nursery...decided that I better put some thought into it! I put together this quick 12 x 12" wall hanging yesterday and decided that I love the color combo. And it goes perfectly with the paint color we had already done back when we moved in. The room is a light turquoise-blue with white trim and white bead board on one wall and I think the punch of tangerine with a slightly darker shade of the blue will be perfect! Feminine but not *too* girly. I'm planning some touches of silver as well. We have an old mirror (one of those nasty big old gold gilt mirrors - really ornate) that I think will be awesome if I paint it silver and rub some turquoise paint into the crevices. The nursery has french doors on it as well so I need to do some new curtains for those. There are two closets that are built out into the room. Right now, there aren't any doors on them but I've drawn some up for Carlos to build. I'm excited now to work on it some more! I think these little suitcases would be the perfect accessory. And a nice cozy chair is a must.

This weekend I get to scrap all day tomorrow (yay!) and have a few people over Sunday to barbecue. FINALLY we have spring. Hope you all have a great weekend too!


OK, so I understand now about shopping for girl vs shopping for boy

I haven't actually bought anything other than a couple of sale items from Old Navy but the window shopping...oh man.

Pretty sure little miss needs
and this (ok, ok...I know it's a 3T :p)
and this
and a couple of these
and this
and these

I could go on all day :)

I've been working on my miter blanket quite a bit. It sat for months when I realized how much seaming would be involved for a queen sized version. Once we found out about baby girl though, I realized I could turn it into a baby sized blanket lickety split. I have 2 more complete squares to knit (so, 8 more mitres...I've done 28 so far) and then the seaming. I'm trying to decide if I want to back it with corduroy or chenille (not sure of a color yet) What do you think?

So Saturday's Dream? Purple & Brown and I undertook a business venture together. After locating and extracting some rare mineral from the ground (one that had a striking resemblance to green slime) we all became fast billionaires. Just my luck that I woke up before I got to spend any of the money.

Last night? I obtained a coveted job as a cocktail waitress in a British pub owned and operated by PeeWee Herman. He stole me away from the pub across the street that was the brainchild of the crew from Lost in Space.

If there are any producers out there that want to option any of this stuff, my email link is in the upper right corner :)


all I can do is baby talk and random.

What's awesomer than awesome? Grabbing one of your husband's long sleeve t shirts out of the closet to wear for the day (because, you know, more belly room) and when you take it off for the day, realizing it says "arrogant bastard" down the back of both sleeves. And you wore a down vest over it when you took your son to school. And picked him up. Yup, I'm that mom.

The three year old watching a documentary about budo the for an hour this morning. We think a martial arts class would be good for the boys...if you're kids have done martial arts, what age did you start them?

Why didn't I start a dream journal when I found out I was pregnant? I mean, I have some pretty fantastic (and by fantastic, I mean weird as hell) dreams when I'm gestating. And I can never remember them for more than 15 minutes after I wake up. I do remember that the last one I had involved me being a member of a dream team of robots. We were traveling for a competition (still unclear what it was we were competing *at*) when there occurred a particularly heated conversation about sleeping arrangements. My line was "Relax everyone. We are Just Robots. We can sleep on the floor." Dreams also often involve birthing adult sized babies (that look a lot like this baby...and come out already diapered...and can talk) or having a fetus that pokes and stretches my belly so much that it's entire body is recognizable and I can HOLD IT IN MY ARMS while still in vitro.

On the topic of pregnancy, my brother Shawn asked me how far along I was on Easter. When I said 24 weeks, he said "Oh, almost halfway then, right?" To which I replied "no you crazy fool! I only have 16 weeks left" And smart guy said "isn't it 52 weeks" and I said "no you crazy fool! that's how many weeks there are in a year. And how long I might carry this child if I were an ELEPHANT. Don't make me get medieval on your ass." Perhaps it's a good thing after all that despite us bugging him and his wife to contribute to the grandchild pool, they haven't jumped in yet.

Jake counted to 100 last Tuesday, March 18th :)

I was behind a car a few days ago that had a license plate frame that said "I'm an Organ Donor." Not sure that's something I want to advertise to the person in the mammoth SUV behind me drinking his coffee, smoking his cigarette, eating his taco and talking on the phone.

What's the best wrong number message you've ever received? Mine is "Hi Dan, it's Pat. You just walked out and I realized you forgot your bagpipes. Thought you might need them." I saved it in my cell phone and still listen to it occasionally.

I've actually been scrapbooking quite a bit. Everything for BHG or 2Peas though so you'll have to wait to see most of it. I did do this one for the BHG Digital blog this week though.

Lots of knitting too but I've been bouncing between projects so no good "finished" photos yet. I also taught myself to crochet so woohoo! A whole new obsession. Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos soon!

OK, I think that's all I have swimming around in my brain at the moment. Oh and for the curious, not even a gas issue for nasty hard boiled egg boy. He survived without incident!

Happy Friday...Happy Weekend :)


In case anyone was wondering...

If you're 3 1/2 year old eats a hard boiled egg that's been sitting out unrefrigerated for close to 4 days, at worst, he'll get a little gassy (according to Poison Control.)

Mine was quick enough to realize after one bite that the egg wasn't really that tasty anyway. We still haven't determined if he swallowed that bite or not but regardless, he'll be fine ;)

Apparently a common call to Poison Control this time of year...even up to 2 weeks after Easter (ewww!)


so apparently...

this is my 200th post. Woohoo!

OK, party over.

Here I am at 22 weeks. Incredible how fast the time is going. (For the record, I probably *won't* be saying that in a few months) Movement is slowly increasing but I'm not yet to the point where I can see her little elbows poking out (I love that part :D) I spent the day yesterday moving all of my "stuff" from my office to Carlos.' I guess we'll be sharing from now on since my office will be the nursery...I guess it's ok ;) I made about a million trips up and down the stairs yesterday. I consider that my exercise for the month. I'm good till April.

That frame is from this Songbird Avenue digital kit that my buddy Kate contributed to. Be sure to check it out, it is GORGEOUS and the proceeds go to such a good cause. Here is a layout I created with it so you can see more of the pieces:

Good news today? The laundry is done (AND folded...AND put away,) the grocery shopping is done, my husband is off work all weekend and best of all? The HUGE snowstorm that was supposed to hit tonight went further south than expected and Ohio will be the recipient of the majority of it :) (Sorry my Ohio friends...well, not really. I hate snow.)

Oh, and Julie knows how much I love being tagged so I'm going to think hard tonight and answer her tomorrow. I'm not sure I can come up with 7 interesting facts about myself. I'm pretty boring :p

And look HERE. Finally! I think we were all holding our breath waiting for miss Camryn to make her appearance. So, so happy for the Bauer family!


why can't they add leap year day to a good month?

I'd seriously enjoy a 31 day June. You? An extra day in the month of weddings and graduations. A happy month like June deserves an extra day more than a cold, wintery, crappy month like February. Write a letter to your congressmen.

We got to see little miss again yesterday. She's still a girl. Her heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and head all look good. No indication of Down Syndrome or club feet (?) She was moving a lot at even seemed to wave a little to us. Carlos is in love :)

Her pretty profile:

And now she's looking at you :)

And, they moved my due date up a bit again. Originally July 25th...now we're up to July 13th! And my stomach is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Desperately trying to avoid buying too many maternity clothes until it's warmer. Wish me luck!

Some good stuff today:

Tonya's FABULOUS brushes - seriously cool and best of all: FREE.
My buddy Gillian - blogging again - yay!
Tons of new digital kits at 2Peas - have you seen the new 99 cent offerings? Good stuff!
Baby Bauer watch is still on :)


again with the random

I bought this Doodlebug bag from 2Peas on a whim awhile ago. No idea what I was going to use it for. It was just cute. Now that I look at it again though, it's gonna make the *best* little diaper bag. Perfect size for a couple of diapers and a change of clothes.

Carlos is getting excited about meeting little miss in a couple of days. He couldn't make it to the first ultrasound so he hasn't had a chance to see her in "action" yet. I'll be able to share some ultrasound photos after Thursday!

I've been doing more baby girl window shopping. I've always loved Mahar Drygoods - lots of beautiful unique stuff. I really love these alphabet cards. I want to come up with something "alphabet-y" for baby girl's room but I think I want to do it myself rather than buy something. Great inspiration though! LOVE these wall plates too!

I finally decided on a first knit for her as well. This Debbie Bliss pattern from Simply Baby - just a simple 2x2 rib sweater with some hemp yarn I've had for awhile. I love the color and while the yarn isn't the softest to work with. the knitted fabric is lovely. shouldn't take me too long to actually make some progress that resembles something sweater-ish.

Stamp winners - I *finally* packaged up the stamps today and will get them in the mail tomorrow...I told you it could be awhile but you should have them by the end of the week!

More snow today. Seems like it will never end. I'm so tired of looking out the window and just seeing a sea of white. I need green. NOW. I know a lot of you are in the same boat so I won't whine too much :p

And finally, this video had Carlos and I laughing our butts off (warning, might be offensive to some :p) Amazing how many celebrities he got to participate!



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