happy sunday...

...from our happy house to yours (yup, that's what he called it...man, I love that kid :) He also *asked* for me to take his picture. And then proceeded to make that face - stinker.

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Also, check this out. Very cool project that will benefit Women for Women International. A very worthy cause that I'm proud to play a small part in. And DUDE, check out that MEGA-talented list of people participating...a trip just to see my name amongst them all. I definitely have to get in on that action (and hopefully I don't win a layout scrapped by myself :p)


he's not eating dinner...

and he is STUBBORN.

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OK, off to answer a few days worth of email so if I owe you one, it's coming!



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Totally shocked when Jake drew this yesterday - how COOL is this drawing?!?

And this is a close runner up on the coolness meter. Such an honor.


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