I haven't been blogging often enough for some people's tastes...so, here we are:

Hot Chocolate or Egg nog.

Neither! Yuck! I love chocolate but hot chocolate? Nu-uh.

Does Santa wrap the presents or just set them under the tree.

Wraps 'em! Unless they are too big (like the train table Santa brought for the boys this year :p)

Colored or white lights on the tree/house?

I like both but this year it was all white as I was lazy and bought a pre-lit tree (please don't gasp in horror but I didn't even put any ornaments on it this year!)

Do you hang mistletoe?

I have but didn't this year (sensing a trend yet?)

When do you decorate?

The day/weekend after Thanksgiving usually :)

What is your favorite holiday dish?

Anything I didn't have to make (except green bean casserole - blech!)

Favorite Holiday memory as a child?

Hmmmm, I honestly couldn't say. I have all good memories of holidays as a child!

How and when did you learn the truth about Santa?

Don't remember! Weird?

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve?

Usually PJs for the boys and maybe Carlos and I exchange a gift or five because we just can't wait any longer :)

What kind of cookies do you set out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

This was our first year leaving cookies for Santa...chocolate chip this year (and spoiled milk...Carlos, errrr, Santa, was none too pleased :p)

Snow! Love it or hate it?

Love it if it starts Christmas Eve after we are in for the night and melts the day after Christmas for the rest of the season :p

Can you ice skate?

Sure :p

Do you remember your favorite gift?

Wow Maureen! I found out I was preggo with Jake that Christmas as well! Christmas morning 2001 was my favorite Christmas gift :)

What’s your favorite holiday dessert?


What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

All of them...I'm all about traditions (but really, only at Christmas) :D

What is your favorite Christmas Carol?

Don't think I could pick just one...maybe the theme song from Charlie Brown Christmas ;)

Are they fake or real? Er, I mean...What type of tree?

I prefer real but we've done fake for the most part. (And anyone who has met me knows that there is no way they are fake :p)

Satisfied now Maureen??


drum roll please...

OK, the participants in my challenge:

Kirsten - on the far right (who found my blog through Melanie's, very cool :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Julie (H-O-T-T Stuff!)

Hilary (hey, I was a band geek too :D)

Robin who sent me this (she pretty much rocks)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Kristina's entry (give her some love 2Peas style :)
Back in the Day

April (a whole retrospective...pretty freaking cool)

Peg - I-don't-want-to-hear-about-your-androgynous-haircut-because-have-you-SEEN-mine who also did a nice little layout based on our inspiration for this little game ;)

And last but certainly not least, the totally sucky Shannon (check out that DUMMY!)

And I big ppppplllllbbbbbttttt to the host of others who *said* they were going to play and never did, I thumb my nose at you :p

OK, after a tightly monitored drawing (done by Jake, who has no stake in the results and can't fully read yet anyway :p), the winner is:


And, just because I'm feeling generous, I had Jake draw one more name for another smaller package to be sent out (and by the way, the *first* second name he drew was ALSO Kristina - you need to play the lotto, it's apparently your lucky day!) And that package will go out to April.

Thanks to all who played - this was FUN!


an update and a challenge...

OK, first off, I have a new EHD newsletter available for viewing! You can check it out here for a list of new and coming soon info!

Secondly, I'm loving the response to my last post...so, to continue the fun and piggybacking on the suggestion of my friend Melanie, I'm issuing a challenge. I'll give you until Sunday night to post here if you've accepted the challenge ;) I have more scrapbook stuff that I could *EVER* use so there is your prize...anyone who posts a picture of themselves during their "awkward" stage (and we ALL had them...if you didn't, well then, I guess I just don't want to be your friend anymore :p) on their blog OR emails me a picture that.I.can.post.here...will be entered in a random drawing for the box of goodies. AND, if you do a LAYOUT with said photo and post it for everyone's viewing pleasure, I'll enter your name TWICE.

SO, get digging in your shoeboxes and scrapbooks for those pictures...can't WAIT to see what you guys do!

OH, and in case you missed it, Jenni posted my brother picture with the ginormous crayon...good stuff :)


you guys are funny...

You know, after I made that last post, I almost went back and edited to add something about "if you're looking for some deep and meaningful reading, perhaps my blog is not the place for you :p"

Then you all went and left me a ton of comments (which I LOVE by the way)

So, I guess my audience is *not* looking for deep and meaningful reading ;) I embrace you :D

I've had a few messages about not updating in a week but honestly, I was just REALLY hoping to be able to regale you all with my tales of good luck this past week.

Obviously, I'm not going to be able to do that. I have heard some good bird poop stories though and really, who can beat that?

So, instead...a little public service announcement. Braces are a GOOD thing for your children parents! And please, for the love of God, try your damndest to talk your little girl out of this haircut. (OK, so I guess I *am* lucky in the sense that my awkward phase only last 10 years or so...I've finally grown out of it - I think) Thanks to my stepdad Scott for emailing this picture...no thanks a lot, I mean it {dripping sarcasm} And, I would have included the picture of my brother with his GIANT crayon but I'll leave it to Jenni to do it for me :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



Did you know it's said to be good luck if a bird poops on your head?

At least that's what Carlos says.

I'll let you know if it's true.



have I told you about my bad habit?

Well, I have many.


OK, but just one for today. I could probably make this like a weekly feature and not finish until sometime in 2008.

Drumroll please.......I'm a big time procrastinator. I know, I know, we ALL say that. I am though in a BIG, BAD way. See this picture? We got that crack in MARCH. The picture was taken in APRIL. the crack is STILL THERE.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(and I apologize for looking so psychotic in the pic)

Phone calls, paying the bills, going to the post office...they are just a huge pain in the ass. They all get done but man do I put it off until the last possible instant. This is why I made such a big deal about starting my Christmas shopping so early, I am normally *starting* right around this time. I have a todo list a mile long and if I put my mind to it, I could probably knock half of it out tomorrow. If I put my mind to it. Which I won't. Because I have more important things to do (like lay around, read a book, read blogs, scrap, wash dishes, change diapers, feed the kids, etc, etc, etc) Seriously, I'm gonna make at least one important phone call tomorrow...and if I make one, maybe I'll make another. And the post office is a must for tomorrow too...yeah, gotta do the PO too.

Seriously, bug me tomorrow and make sure I've done it.

Thanks bunches.


yeah, I'm doing it again

Just a little plug for my website. I've added some cool new holiday features so if you get a chance, check it out! I've included some free holiday card downloads for the slackers amongst us - just drag and drop over your holiday photos for a quick and easy card!

You can see my latest newsletter here and if you'd like to be included on the mailing list, sign up here.

And, as a side note, I REALLY appreciate everyone's advice and support on this - you've been GREAT! Thank you all.


computer issues...eesh

How did we ever survive without computers?

I had some issues for a few days but things seem to be cleared up now. If I owe you an email, I'll get you one SOON. Slowly working my way through them...

Hope everyone had a fabulous turkey day! I know I have so much to be grateful for in my life and encourage you all do take the time to appreciate the good things in your lives as well.

More soon!



happy birthday to my brother...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The big two-six for my brother Jeremy today...how do you like the card? hehe, picked it up in Ann Arbor when my and Miss Mel hung out a few weeks ago. How could I *not* get this?? Too funny! They have a website too...oplusd...warning, some pretty off color stuff if you're offended by stuff like that. Also some really cool graphics though.


what happened?

To all my interesting thoughts and witty anecdotes? (Feel free to keep it to yourself if you find me neither interesting nor witty.) I can't come up with anything fun to share. I also can't scrap any pages to save my life. I did remember that I never shared this photo though. And it's a good one. Pretty much sums up what our kids think of our discipline :p Pay particular attention to the look on Z's face, hehe)

Oh, and before I get any indignant comments about our disciplinary tactics, let me clarify that Carlos looks much more menacing in the photo than he did in real life :p i just happened to snap this shot with perfect timing. He is not happy that I'm sharing, lol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Happy Thursday ya'll :)


I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I *want* to be better about the whole blog experience. I'm trying, I am. So this will just be a hodge podge of stuff...

- Check this out. How cool is Kah-Mei for doing this? I did the "Z" yup, I did. Hope the bidding goes well past the $500 she has promised to match. What a great cause...I'm proud that I was involved.

- My website - added a new service/product to my website today. I've had a couple of dear friends use my services to design business cards for their photography businesses so I went ahead and added that to my product list. Hoping to update it more in the coming days!

- My kids - they are amazing us lately with all the cool stuff they are doing! Jake is speaking in full sentences (and FUNNY ones at that!). He's drawing these amazing pictures and GET THIS: the other day he spelled MOM. And he knew what he was spelling! He said "mommy" while he was writing and I said "does that spell 'mommy' and he said 'MOM' and underlined it. He also figured out how to tie a knot; the little bugger! Couldn't be prouder. And Zack. He's starting to emulate the alphabet song. Carlos started "ABCDEFG" and Zack followed up with "HI" Incredibly cool.

- Our weekend was great for the most part. Saturday we did our bi-weekly bowling night with my bro and (almost) SIL. Apparently Jeremy is the week link (KIDDING J!) as he couldn't make it and the rest of us ended up smashing out averages :p Let's make this clear. We suck. Badly. We our dead last in our league. We named ourselves the Gutterballs for a reason (OK, well, a couple of reasons). We have SO.MUCH.FUN though it should be against the law.

Sunday was CHRISTMAS shopping - woohoo! Now, really, if you know me you know I hate shopping. But the prospect of knocking it out early is appealing for so many reasons. The best reason for finishing early though is the thought of sitting around at the mall with a cup of hot coffee watching all the nutcases frantically buy the last of the ugly ties, stinky perfumes and waxy chocolates to "gift" upon their loved ones. All while you sit happy with the knowledge that you gifts have been bought and wrapped (and PAID for) for weeks. Yup, that'll be me in about 5.5 weeks :) I went with my sister Wendy and my (almost) SIL Jen and we had a blast! And yes, coffee was involved. As were pretzels. Yum.


ok...I've been tagged...

by Desiree. So, here we go (especially good timing since I've been so lazy about updating lately!)

names you go by
1. E
2. mommymommymommymommymommymommymommy

2 parts of your heritage
1. Irish
2. English
(yup, inner conflict rules)

2 things that scare you
1. anything happening to my boys
2. bumps in the night when I'm all alone

2 of your everyday essentials
1. boy hugs
2. Burts Bees chapstick

2 things you are wearing right now
1. snowflake pajama pants
2. turtleneck shirt (yup, I'm stylin!)

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)
1. Coldplay
2. Our Lady Peace

2 favorite songs (at the moment)
1. Where are You (Our Lady Peace)
2. We are all on Drugs (Weezer)

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love)
1. laughter
2. understanding

2 truths
1. dishes and laundry are my arch enemies
2. I'm happier now than I've ever been before

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)
1. mouth
2. sense of humor

2 of your favorite hobbies (besides scrapbooking??)<--- yes, that's the obvious
1. photography
2. reading

2 things you want really badly
1. to FIND A JOB
2. to be able to buy our own house again

2 places you want to go on vacation
1. England (to see where my grandparents were married)
2. A driving trip down the east coast

2 things you want to do before you die
1. own a successful business
2. learn how to knit
(yeah, I'm a real fun gal)

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick
1. I freaking HATE killing bugs
2. I like my cozy clothing
(the easier question would have been how are you NOT a stereotypical chick :p)

2 things you are thinking about now
1. what I'm going to do today
2. what I'm going to have for breakfast

2 stores
1. Target
2. Old Navy
(I'm a thrifty kind of gal)

OK, I tag Alison (because she never updates her blog...ever) and Jen.


OK...ready to share

This is what I've been working on for the past couple of weeks. It's not totally done but enough to open up shop. I appreciate any feedback you guys have for me! (you can click on the logo to take you to the site :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thanks to everyone who already gave me advie and help with the design - I APPRECIATE it so much!



So apparently (according to no less than three such reminders over the course of the last two days) I'm a bad blogger and need to update this thing. 'Tis true, I've been pretty lazy about it. I just don't really have anything interesting to say. Despite my friendly spammers who tell me repreatedly "what a great blog I have here" I think maybe those enticing invitations to "come visit my candle\road construction safety\manic depression related website" are more interesting than anything I have to contribute. So, I give you some rambling nonsense to appease the fans ;)

- What is it about sleeping during daylight hours that makes you feel ever-so-much-more refreshed than sleeping at night? Yup, you guessed it, I got a freaking NAP today. It pretty much rocked. Big ups to my hubby C for keeping the kid-generated noise to a minimum so I could rest for a bit.

- Little boy haircuts...too cute. Check out my littlest man sporting his very first barber shop haircut (I've done it twice at home but this is the REAL DEAL.) He also got to enjoy his very first sucker complete with hair clippings from his premier haircut. Nice.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- This boy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

used the potty today THREE times. What a huge step for him finally...We're all very proud :)

- Zack had to go to the doctor today for a check up...he got bunches of shots and had some blood drawn but he's quite the little trooper and seems to be fine. Me...not so much (hence the nap this afternoon.)

- I've been working on something that I hope to have ready to share by the end of the weekend...no plans other than cleaning this house top to bottom tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get it done! I'll show you guys as soon as it's "done"!

Everyone have an awesome weekend!



apparently, Jake thinks we need to have 2 more babies...

at least, that's what he said when I asked him about the two smallest beings in this family protrait he drew yesterday.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Not gonna happen bud :p

Also, while poking at Carlos' belly button yesterday, he peered DEEP inside and said "it's DAHK in dere!"

I found it hilarious...Carlos, not so much :p Maybe you had to be there, lol.


I've been a bad blogger...

Sorry, I've been lazy and had nothing to say. We did go to the pumpkin patch yesterday (again!) and got a few shots I really love. (Sorry Jen! We didn't go until too late for you guys to come :( THe boys had a great time. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have the carving and "gooey pumpkin gut" pics - I know you can't wait!

Here are the rest!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


do yourself a favor...

if you're a fan of photography, check out this blog. Seriously gorgeous stuff. So beautiful, many of the photographs brought tears to my eyes.


look who I got to hang out with yesterday!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The FABULOUS Miss Melanie. She is in town for the weekend visiting Dr. Andy so we hooked up for a few hours. Some yummy food at Mongolian Barbeque, some shopping at a couple of cute little shops in Ann Arbor...very eclectic stuff! I got this AWESOME little toy in the first shop. Nope, I have zero use for it but how can you pass up a wind-up nun called "Nunzilla." And dude, she SPITS FIRE. All for the bargain basement price of $3.50. I may be going straight to hell but I know I'll be in good company since you all laughed too ;)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The second store was called 16 Hands. Lots of arts and crafts type stuff. I picked up a couple of greeting cards and a book (Christmas gift - yeehaw!) They had some gorgeous art and jewelry and some other stuff that left us scratching our heads (but have us thinking that perhaps, we're in the wrong business and could make our fortunes in other, more kooky endeavors.)

I got to briefly meet Mel's hubby Andy in the Kroger parking lot (where this pic was took...I thought about lying and saying it was on the UofM campus but I think it's even better in a grocery store parking lot :p) Had so much fun with Melanie...like we've known each other for years (well, I guess technically we *have* but never in real life!) I'm so glad we got a chance to hang out and I'm REALLY hoping that her and Andy's future is in Michigan.

Heading to the pumpkin patch today so hopefully I'll have some good photos to share tomorrow! Have a great weekend all!


how I spent my weekend...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

on the shores of Lake Huron...

Our last camping trip of the year - one last chance to use the pop-up we bought early in the summer. Spent some time at Port Crescent State Park in Port Austin, MI. Right on the tip of the thumb :) It was chilly and overcast and windy but we didn't get any rain. Zack was fighting some serious teething issues (an hour round trip just to get him some Tylenol Saturday night...well worth it though!) I came home with a killer sinus infection but I intend on camping out at home until it passes.

We had a GREAT time though. We went with my mom and stepdad who are always thrilled at the prospect of spending some time with two thirds of their grandsons. Jake got to do some fishing with his super cool Spongebob pole, the boys played some tee ball and Trouble at night in the camper. We took walks and sat around the campfire. Good times.

Check out some more photos here if you're so inclined :) Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well!

Oh! And I have two books packaged up and ready to hit the PO...Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll be up to getting them mailed out :)



Well, I'm a reading fool again (thanks in part to reading while I ride the bike and the routine we've established for Jake's bedtime that gives me good reading time each night) and have already gone through a couple of books in the last week or so...I want to share the wealth with all my friends! I used to hoard all my books but now, I buy cheapy paperbacks and don't see myself RE-reading too many of them so I'm going to start sending them on to my buddies randomly. If you're interested in being added to my random mailing list email me at elhernandez@gmail.com with your address and you could find yourself a little gifty in the mailbox from me someday soon :) Let me know if you're picky about what you read since I read pretty much anything...

I'm on day 5 of the new bike regimen...I added five minutes today for a total of almost 14 miles and just over 200 calories. It's getting easier to motivate myself to go down to the basement everyday. Haven't felt the results yet (hey - I'm impatient!) but I know they are coming. I've been a lot better about my snacking and late night eating too. Feels good to be taking better care of myself!

And finally, this little sweetheart (who also learned how to climb in the bathtub recently :p)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

learned how to say "I Love You" Sunday night...everybody now..."awwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

Later gators!


today was a really good day

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

actually, it's been a really good week.

Today, I exercised, for the SECOND day in a row...I know for many of you this is no big deal but for me it is HUGE. You see, I'm a lazy person by nature so the effort it takes me to get off my butt is exponentially greater than the desire to stay planted firmly ON my butt. Now that I've done it for a couple of days though, I'm feeling good...like I can keep it up. I'm not sure how much I weigh or how much I need to lose (we don't have a scale here and I like it that way!) I don't think it's that much though...I'll know I'm successful when my clothes fit the way they used to. That's all I'm looking for.

And on a related note, I went grocery shopping today and didn't buy any Oreos or Pizza Rolls - again, exercising some supreme willpower, hehe.

I got a phone call today to set up a phone interview with Target next week. I *think* it's a manager position in their distribution center (aka, a warehouse manager...right up my alley since that's EXACTLY what I did when I worked at Gallo) It's not my dream job but after 7 months of looking and nary a bite, I'll take what I can get. We need benefits (and I've heard Target has great ones) and the discount isn't bad either (especially as half the money I spend seems to go there anyway!) Sooooo, wish me luck. If I don't post about the interview going well though, don't ask...I promise I'll let y'all know if it's good news, otherwise, I don't want to talk about it :p

My house is clean...the dishes are done, the carpet is vacuumed, THE TOILETS ARE SCRUBBED PEOPLE. (OK, my scrapping area could use a little work...it's in a state of disarray that I like to call "creative chaos" Unfortunately, nothing creative is being created at the moment.)

I got my copy of Scrapbooks, Etc. Made in Minutes from the friendly FedEx guy.

Both of the boys have Halloween costumes ready and waiting - HELLO, it's not even October. Damn, I'm good.

*I* bought my first Christmas present (don't hate me because I'm organized) AND it was for someone I normally have a REALLY hard time buying for. Another biggie for the procrastinator in me - I usually start shopping, oh, around the second week of December.)

The 2Peas Creating Garden blooms tonight...always a new month highlight!

Yup, things are good...and I have something FUN planned for tomorrow night but I'm not sharing what it is yet...just have to wait for that one (and really, it's not a BIG deal so don't get too excited :p)

Everyone have a GREAT weekend!


might I recommend?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A book I finished last week...it was so good.

I used to be such an avid reader but since I had the two timesuckers and started scrapbooking (OK, my third timesucker) I haven't made the time to do it very often. With the exception of magazines and Dr. Seuss, I've read just a handful of "real" books in the past couple of years. Recently though, I've been trying to read more...a little every night...a little LESS computer time. It's been good and rewarding. Feels like those few braincells I still have left kicking around are being stimulated once again.

So anyway, the reason I recommend this book...besides the fact that it's just good storytelling - it really made me want to explore the genealogy of my family. It weaves this tale that goes back centuries and centuries and all concludes with one little girl, Ursula. SO interesting to read about all the nuances of a lineage. I'll admit, I've never really put much thought into the lives of the men and women that preceded me (well, other than those I've known...basically only as far back as my own grandparents.

I scrapbook to preserve memories for my children. Occasionally, I'll do a page about myself, Carlos, or some other part of our extended family but for the most part, it's all about the kids. My memories of my own childhood are so sketchy...bits and pieces here and there...no discernible pattern to them...I want to provide my children with the ability to at least have the memories provided to them if they cannot recall the details themselves...perhaps the books will even jog their memories so they experience the moments all over again. The good, the bad...the funny and the sad - all are important in tracing the evolution of a person.

But what about all the other people that influence them? EVERYONE is an integral part of their history. And to expand on that theory...what about all of THEIR ancestors that influenced them?

Needless to say, I have an itch to do some research. Find out who/what/where/when/why about some of my ancestors. Where did they come from, what did they do, what did they have in common with ME? I want to see how everything intertwined to the point where I came into being. I'm intrigued by the consequences of actions...the fact that if just *one* single ancestor had made *one* slightly different decision, everything would be different. I wouldn't be here in my current form and function...and therefore, neither would my children. How important does it seem now to have an understanding of your history?

Long, rambly, nonsensical...yup, that about sums up some of my posts as of late, lol. If anyone has any good genealogy resources to share with me to "get my feet wet" so to speak, please let me know! And really, check out the book - good stuff!


thanks for yesterday :)

Your comments made me feel better...still sad but not as much. It *will* be nice to have my body to myself again, lol (first time in over THREE years!) And to have a bit more freedom (overnights at the grandparents house anyone??) He was a little more cuddly with me yesterday strangely enough...not normally a cuddly boy either so that was nice.

Thanks again for the kind and supportive words, *sob,* I love you guys!


sad mommy today :(

This one:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

is the cause of my sadness today. You know how I've been whining about nursing for awhile now...how in the months leading up to his first birthday I would tell him: "only 2 more months of this...only 3 more weeks of this...only 6 more days of this" as I was nursing him. He was a HARD nurser - Jake was so easy. Jake was a lot harder to "train" in the beginning but once he got the hang of it, it was such an easy, relaxed, comfortable affair. Zack picked it up in no time flat but it was often a struggle and he was a BITER! Again, the biting was easy to curb with Jake but Zack was much more stubborn.

So, despite looking forward to weaning Z...I felt a little guilty that I nursed Jake for 18 months (one day short, actually.) And I probably would have nursed Jake even a bit longer had I not been 3 months pregnant with Zack, lol. We were down to 2 feedings a day about 2 months ago and down to just a morning feeding for the past month or so. I kind of clinged to that morning feeding even past his first birthday since he was still relatively groggy (at 6 am, who isn't??) So, he didn't put up as much of a fight and we both often got another 30 minutes of sleep.

Yesterday though, for whatever reason, Carlos was up early. So, when Zack woke up, Carlos got him out of his crib and I kept sleeping...no nursing yesterday. I figured this was the best time to make the break from the nursing cycle so today, when he woke up, I took him from his crib directly to his high chair. And honestly, I'm not even sure he noticed that we skipped the nursing.

That must be the part that hurts the most :( That he didn't even really care that we skipped that "us" time. That was my last "only me" tie to him...the last need only *I* could fulfill.

Feel like I'm blowing this up to more than it should be, but I remember feeling the same way with Jake...glad that I wasn't tied to that routine anymore but sad that my baby doesn't need me for *that* part of his day anymore. I know that they both still need me in more ways than I could ever list but still, every step of the way they are growing up more and more and becoming more independent.

This post is less than coherent but felt like being sappy this morning I guess. Sorry for the rambling and not-too-prosaic words...hug your babies tight today.


don't usually do this...

share scrapbooking kind of stuff, that is. But I had to make an exception for this...

This is Jake, in all his diapered glory. This is Jake EVERYDAY. The kid lives in his diaper. Perhaps you've noticed that this is his outfit of choice in most every picture I have posted on my blog (and, come to think of it, I sure do take a lot of pictures of my couch :p) We don't have any problems getting him dressed to leave the house but once we're home, he wants his shirt OFF, his pants OFF, his socks OFF...well, you get the idea.

Just wanted to make it clear that it's not that I don't dress the boy; this is his choice, this is his preference, this is his perogative, and HOPEFULLY, this is a phase (especially as the DAMN cold Michigan winter is sneaking up on us!)


well, it's a start at least...

OK, so he didn't actually GO potty...but he did ask to sit on the toilet and that in itself is a pretty major step. He sat there for quite a long while (long enough to read a book, hehe) and now knows the word "penis." Excellent. Also, please note the helmet on the floor...must keep our treasures close. Let it be noted that I probably never would have thought to take a picture like this but after seeing this layout by Moon, I had to. (And if you're not familiar with her work, check it ALL out because it ALL rocks.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In other news...Jake


...out his butt"

while in the tub tonight.

Life with boys...never dull. So glad he's getting more verbal these days.


better late than never...

So, I didn't get any great pictures at the BIG birthday party. Jake love, love, LOVED Caesarland. He ran around, played with the big kids; air hockey and racing games with dad...he ate zero, zip, nada pizza (or cake!) and we had to bribe him with the promise of a sucker to get him to open presents, hehe. Once he dug into them he had fun though. He got a ton of fun gifts and a few that left us questioning the sanity of the "gifters" (hi Jen :) - see ya at Christmas, lol) The skates and equipment didn't really seem to register when he opened them but he's shown A LOT of interest since. Today, we put on the skates, helmet and gloves. He freaked! Loved them and wanted to go outside right away. Our "outside" isn't really equipped to handle skating lessons though so daddy promised him a trip to the skate park tomorrow. Didn't really get any great pics today either (what the heck did I pay the big bucks for this camera for?!?) but this one is my fave.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope your weekend was stellar :)


And now he is 3...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He's been doing the "2 fingers on one hand 1 finger on the other" bit all day. When I bring out the camera though he gets shy...that's when daddy steps in and does it for him :)

Where did the time go?? Why am I so wistful these last couple of weeks?? Why, oh WHY did I have my children whose birthdays are so close together? I needed to spread the melancholy out a bit, dammit. If there is another baby, it's gonna have to be a February baby!

Up next, the party at Caesarland tomorrow night. I'm guessing he will LOVE it and that we will have a VERY difficult time pulling him away from all the EXTRAVAGANZA that *is* Caesarland long enough to eat pizza or open presents!

Shhhhh, we got him skates! And pads and a helmet. Carlos is beside himself with excitement. He's been waiting three long years to introduce this kid to skates. Jake's been a master with a hockey stick for quite some time but skates...this opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Must admit, I'm a bit excited myself. Don't spoil the surprise for Jake though ;)

I'll try to update with a couple of party pics tomorrow...wish me luck!


my hot husband :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For those of you who think my husband is HOT, a little picture for you...for the record, I think he's hot myself :)

I also think he is absolutely the best person out there for me...we share so much...our interests, our hopes for the future, our feelings for each other, our morals and ideals for raising our children. It's pretty nice around here. He also has a wicked sense of humor and that is good for me too...we "get" each other when there aren't a whole hell of a lot of other people that get us.

I've recently become obsessed with Brian Andreas (due in part to an incredible layout my buddy Gillian did recently of her cutie pie Emma...I would show you the layout but it's unavailable right now *wink*) I've done a couple of layouts myself recently using quotes of his and ran across this quote a couple of days ago:

We sat side by side in the morning light & looked out at the future together.

Made me think of C and I immediately (as do so many other things...) Back in the day we would often rise early, drive up the mountain a bit with some Krispy Kreme (droooool) and watch the sunrise. It was a time for us to connect...talk without the interruption of TV or phone, and enjoy the silence TOGETHER...something we don't have the opportunity to do much anymore. I look forward to the future when we get to spend LOTS of peaceful, quiet time together...not *too* soon though, these boys of ours are growing up way too fast as it is (Jake will be THREE tomorrow...happy birthday dear Jake.)

A picture from one of our early morning drives...taken on my birthday in 2002, a couple of weeks after we got married...I was a few weeks pregnant with my sweet boy here but happily past the morning sickness :) A really crappy pic but I had a really crappy camera at the time...I still love it because Carlos took it of me and he loves it :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hope your long weekend was a wonderful one...Happy Labor Day :)


scenes from a birthday party...

as promised, introducing my newly one-year-old boy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feeling sad and nostalgic for his infant-ness. Can't believe how fast the past year has FLOWN by. Wondering if we'll have any more children and then telling myself to STOP and enjoy these moments with Jake and Zack.

The party went well. Despite POURING all morning (when, of course, we planned the festivities for the backyard) the clouds parted and the sun came out just as people started to arrive. We kept it simple...hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, my mom's yummy potato salad. And of course the cake (always the most exciting part of ANY birthday party :D) Zack DUG IN (as you can see from the pic taken at the end of the festivities, hehe.) Jake also made the unfortunate decision to eat half of a "lollipop" also known as one of the star candles from Z's cake (he was not impressed and made a big production out of "YUCK"ing and spitting the offending wax out of his mouth. Presents were plentiful and at the end of the day everyone was happy.

Still one sad momma here though :(


they were SO good...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Coldplay that is. They rock. I had a serious case of perma-grin ALL day yesterday thinking about going to the concert and having some much needed ALONE time with Carlos. So many times I just got shivers...a sign of a very good concert indeed. Maybe you missed this post, but it explains my affinity with the band. I'm a fan forever now.

I have lots of other stuff to update (Zack's birthday - he's one...HOLY CRAP it came way too fast) a little trip to the zoo, visitors and other fun stuff. Lots of pictures to share (especially from the party, still sad here :( But for now, I'm done. Trying to catch up on email and scrap stuff tonight while me and C watch The Jacket :)


are you tired of my brother pictures??

Just have to share one more. So, I bite my nails...and Jake obviously picked that up from me because now *he* bites his nails. And, being the caring big brother he is, he's extended the practice to his younger brother, who doesn't quite have the tooth control to do it himself yet.

And Zack? Well, he just let's Jake do it! Think of it as a baby manicure I suppose!

Nice, huh?

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brand new boy...

Yup, we finally did it. Chopped the locks (OK, not chopped, but definitely trimmed!)

The way he was screaming you'd have though we were paying to have him scalped. In the end, I had to sit in the chair and hold him while she did the deed. Baby hair everywhere...what a mess. Not even the allure of a purple "superman" cape would get him to sit in that chair willingly. It's not a great picture but I know many of you were waiting with baited breath to see the outcome of our little experiment. I'll post more pics when I get some good shots.

It doesn't look like much of a cut but the kid's yet to develop a hairline so no cute, short, boy cuts for him just yet...gotta keep it a little long to disquise the deficiency. Think of it as the baby version of a combover. No. Don't do that. Combovers are just nasty. It's rather "mullet-ish" though, wouldn't you say?

The funny thing? I was sitting there, holding him, while he cried and cried (REAL tears even! and that's rare.) Every so often he would peek at himself in the mirror. I honestly don't think it was the fear of the haircut hurting or anything like that that was the source of his hysterics. I think it was vanity. You've never seen this kid primp (and I don't know where the hell he got it from because C and I are about as low maintenance as you can get) but he's a mirror lover. He actually stopped to check himself out one day, ran his fingers through first the right, then the left sideof his hair...nodded as if to say "damn, I'm fine" and proceeded on his way, confident in the fact that he looked GOOD. Guess you had to be there. Anyway, I think he was crying because he was afraid he wouldn't be as handsome afterward...I've assured him repeatedly that his haircut looks SUPER (because super duper is the highest compliment he can be paid :D)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Another ordeal completed.


what more can I say...

He loved it. Was in awe. Captain Feathersword is pretty damn funny. They imitated Rod Stewart, Mick Jaggar, Metallica...good times for kids and parents. And Jeff (the purple narcoleptic) was FIVE feet from us. Starstruck, hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


how can you not love this scene?

It's not great quality-wise but the moment didn't really last long enough to take too many shots. Besides, I kind just wanted to sit back and enjoy the scene right along with them, know what I mean?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In other news, we made it back from a few days in Sandusky, Ohio with my mom and stepdad. Spent some time at Cedar Point...spent some time on the beach. Jake rode his first roller coaster (perhaps a bit too aggressive for a first timer, lol, he did well though and went on to try out many more rides.) Zack learned how to say "Jake" - so very cute. Carlos and I went up 420 feet and then straight back down at 120 mph all in less than 20 seconds (SUCH a cool, cool ride).

So, we're getting settled again. Gearing up for 2 concerts, 2 big birthday parties, a golf outing/picnic and a 3 week visit from my MIL in the next month - busy, busy! Just trying to enjoy these last weeks of summer before lovely fall sets in :)


so yeah...

dinner at our house was pretty good...Z really dug the sloppy joes :)
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43 things...

Have you seen this website? What a cool idea! I'll readily admit to having lofty goals and a really poor sense of follow through. Strangely enough, I really think that having goals listed on some random website will help hold me accountable to them. Right now, my list is pretty basic...the last goal I added was think bigger though because I am well aware that many of the goals I've included are things *normal* people do on a daily basis - no incentive required (what a concept!) I don't know how much I'll record my progress on the website but I have big plans for some fun scrapbook stuff to help keep me on track...so check out the site and let me know if I can cheer you on while you attempt to meet your own goals!

And to sign off...a funny picture of Carlos and my stepdad Scott...just because I swore I would include it on the www for everyone to see :)


when did this happen?

My baby is eleven months old (as of Monday). I didn't even realize it until this morning. Where has the time gone? In less than a month we'll be celebrating the first year of his life with family, friends and cake. Makes me sad that he's growing so fast. And then...just a few days later, Jake...3. Life as a parent means years flying by like days...have to remember to cherish every day with my guys.
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this is bordering on abuse now...

This kid *needs* a haircut unlike any other. We had arrangements made today for my parents to watch Z so we (meaning C and I) could present a united front in an attempt to chop his mane.

Then Carlos woke up sick. And Jake was a huge pain in the butt all day.

So, we put it off. It will get done. Soon. Maybe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Please ignore the fact that he has Dorito crumbs on the corners of his mouth (trust me that they were indeed fresh) and that his toy is an empty Hawaiian Punch case. I fully expect CPS to come knocking on my door at any minute.


a yummy recipe...

I just did a recipe page as part of a birthday surprise for my dear friend Mel and had a few requests for the recipe so I thought it would be easiest to just post it here (since I have the pic and all :p)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here ya go: Honey Chicken Teriyaki (serves 4)

2 lbs skinned boned chicken breasts

1/2 C flour

1/2 t. salt

1/2 t. pepper

oil for frying

2 beaten eggs


1/3 C soy sauce

1/3 C honey

1 clove minced garlic

1 t. ginger

  1. Cut chicken into 2" squares (if you use the chicken tender pieces rather than breasts you only have to cut them into 2 or 3 pieces...much easier, especially if you hate touching raw meat like me!)
  2. Combine flour, salt and pepper. Coat chicken in beaten egg and flour mixture.
  3. Heat 1/2" of oil in a pan over medium heat. When oil is hot, add chicken. Cook until golden brown: 6 - 8 minutes.
  4. Heat glaze ingredients in a small pan.
  5. Lift chicken from oil, drain briefly, dip in glaze mixture and place in baking pan.
  6. Bake at 250 for 20 minutes. Pour remaining glaze over chicken halfway through baking.
  7. Serve over rice.

Like I said on the layout, I usually double the glaze recipe and more than double the garlic (because I reeeeally like garlic :p) It's totally yummy with steamed broccoli. ENJOY!

Just cuz it's funny...

Geez, what do you want from me?? It just cracked me up (you too, right?) Yeah, Carlos needed to shave but look at Zack - too funny!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And no haircut for Jake...maybe THIS week :p


one more quickie...

OK, had to post a quick one of Jake because this kid can be so much damn fun sometimes. Despite the *trauma* he causes me on a daily basis, he really is a good, funny, charming, sweet boy. Who needs a haircut. Daddy-o says he's gonna take care of this weekend...I'm accepting all bets on that one :p

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a little booboo

A scrape, under and on the tip of his nose. Road rash if you will from the patio at Grandma and Grandpa's. He handled it like quite the little man though, hardly a tear. Look at that face! The sand and the sidewalk chalk he were eating just add to the illusion that I'm a really poor mother, lol.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I kid though, really! I'm feeling much better after my last post. I REALLY appreciate all of the comments and emails. And ironically enough, things started improving pretty much immediately after I posted. That was the last straw and at that point, I knew something needed to be done. So, we got serious about establishing a little more routine in Z's life. He needed, I needed it, it was long overdue. And guess what? For the last 2 nights he's slept in his crib ALL NIGHT. That is huge, enormous, can't even convey what a breakthrough this is. The days are still rough but the fact that the nights now belong to me and Carlos (and Jake of course!) makes the days so much easier to face.

Again, I thank you all.

Well, I'm off to Chicago in the morning for 4 days. I'll try to update when I get back on Monday :) Have a safe and fun weekend!


do YOU ever feel like

maybe you aren't cut out to be a mom?

I mean, I love these kids to death but sometimes (and sometimes is becoming more and more frequent) I can't help but wonder if I was supposed to be doing something as my "career" right now. Perhaps an accountant, or clown, or a WNBA star (but never a gardener - I KILL plants dead!) I've been trying REALLY hard to focus on the good stuff (see previous post) because there is a lot. But every day, every tantrum, every hurt...I feel myself slipping a bit more. I mean, did I just get "lucky" and hit the mommy lottery with TWO extremely difficult children (and trust me, after getting Jake through "babyhood" we thought there was noooooo fricken' way Zack could be any harder. We were wrong.) or am I just doing things all wrong? I see friends and family that make motherhood seem so natural. I *used* to feel that way but now I feel like an imposter - just pretending that I know what I'm doing. Zack, for instance, when he's upset (which is a lot when I'm around) is inconsolable. Shouldn't a mommy be able to comfort her baby? When I hold Z, sing to him, rock him...he just squirms, pinches, scratches, bites and headbutts to free himself. Shen I set him down, he gets even angrier - what am I to do? I try not to take it personally but it hurts. A lot. ANd damn, now I'm crying (again). People always comment about how calm and laidback he is...and he IS, with other people. They must all think I'm a liar when I tell them he really CAN be quite a handful. The last three weeks I've been working and Carlos has been staying home with the boys - they are good for him. The second I walk in the door all hell breaks loose. That says it all right there, eh? I'm a sucky mom. This all sounds so whiny and bitchy - if you know me, you know I hate coming across that way but I needed a place to vent and this seemed as good a place as any. Anonymous to a degree but still comforting as I know most of my readers care about me.

Sorry I'm such a downer...I tried to inject some humor (I know you're like"huh, where??") since I really don't like feeling sorry for myself. Carry on with your dady, lol, I'll try to be a bit more upbeat tomorrow! I know this was rambling and probably typo filled but I don't have it in me to re-read it right now. Thanks guys.



Zack's favoite game right now...he plays it with books, clothing, the shower curtain (while I'm showering of course, nothing like a little company while you're bathing :p) That smile makes my heart melt.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


off for a few days...

not that I've been around much lately anyway! I've been busy helping out my dad at his shop the last couple of weeks. It's been great spending so much time with him; reconnecting with him I guess. And now, we are off to Algonac State Park for the weekend with my parents, my brother and his family. Algonac has an amazing fireworks display that the whole town comes out for. Excited for our boys to camp for the first time and to try out our new (used) camper that we just bought. Wish me luck getting some great fireworks shots and that the boys don't go bonkers over the noise!

Haven't taken any pictures recently so here's another from our sprinkler fun the other day. Check out the hair (and the killer biceps :D)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Have a FABULOUS holiday weekend and be safe :)


trying to be brave...

He wanted to go through the sprinkler...he really did! And he kept crawling through...over and over...and cried evertime.

Can't say he ever gave up though.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


proof that he is mine...

curled up next to the window on a rainy day with a book...ok, so Spongebob isn't my reading material of choice but it's a book!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jake has finally reached that stage where he says funny stuff on a daily basis...a few recent gems:

  • While jamming to some iTunes on the computer he picks up the phone and says "'ello? no, no, I'm dancing." Too busy to talk I guess...must have been another telemarketer.
  • After asking him if I could trim his bangs to get them out of his eyes, he agrees. Once the scissors come out though it's a whole 'nother story. OK, so I put the scissors away (my plan is to cut them while he sleeps) Jake dramatically sweeps his arm across his forehead and says "PHEW! That was close!"
  • Pointing to my butt "poop." Yup, that's where it comes from buddy (and yes, I was fully dressed and no, there was no poop on my pants, and please Jake, for the love of God, no need to pull that one out while we're in public)
  • "A Jacob" used to describe any child that is approximately J's age. Alternate use: said to Zack when Z is doing something J deems "bad." Apparently Jake hear's his name in that context often, lol.


onto the important stuff

OK, since many of the people who read this are of the scrapbooking variety, I figured I'd throw a little bone to you all. A little review if you will.

Finally got my copy of Donna Downey's "creative albums" on Monday and man has that girl got some mad skills. Creativity oozing from her pores (great visual, eh?) SO many cool ideas...all with the steps shown to create the mini masterpieces. Not only do they look amazing, they are completely doable and that's pretty important to this craft impaired individual.

Shows some variations on the "typical" mini album ideas as well as some cool new stuff that I've never seen before...albums made from floppy disks, paint chips, cigar boxes and my favorites, the rolodex album and mat board album (completely quick and easy but soooo fun looking).

Anywho, I completely recommend the book to any and all of my scrapping buddies. And one more thing, apparently Donna and I have this crazy, cool psychic connection thing. I bought some of those sliding metal binder clip thingies on Sunday (not knowing what I was going to use them FOR, just thought they were cool and super cheap) and just a day later, Donna shows me how to USE them on page 102. Nice Donna.

Cannot WAIT to get the Photo Decor book...that book is the whole reason I'm waiting to decorate this house, seriously.

breakfast at our house...

you see, it is an informal affair. Juice, waffles, coffee, the floor, the table, wherever. We do a very good job of gathering 'round the table for dinner each night but breakfast usually takes place wherever we happen to be. And the 5 second rule is a joke in our house!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


all is well...

And my June 19th pic...Yes, they did sleep in the same clothes, lol, and Carlos is reading them the SUPER educational book known as Spongebob and Jake is working his way through the CORE of the apple but all is well. No one is screaming or hurting or climbing on me or making a mess. They are calm and happy and quiet and I relish these family moments.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


and on the 18th of June...

she started taking pictures.

So, I really love the idea of taking a picture a day...a picture of something that's important or not-so-important in your daily life. I think it's cool and so in an effort to be cool (seems I've been trying to be cool since high school, lol) I'm going to try to do it everyday. Plus, it should be a great way to get to know my camera a bit better (yup, THAT camera which I finally got on Thursday :D)

I want each picture to tell a story so I'm going to include a little bit of the backstory behind each one. I think looking back on these pictures and their stories years from now will put a whole new spin on them...make me look at my life with a new perspective. I just don't have time to do ALL the scrapbook pages I'd like to but there are stories that I don't want to lose. I think this is a great place to store all those memories.

If you want to see a couple of great examples of picture-a-day stuff, check out my friend Kelly (who not only takes amazing pictures but has gorgeous kids too!) and this guy, whom I don't know but takes some incredible photos!

So, today's pic (or rather, a pic I took yesterday but am posting today :p)...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Z and my sister Lindsay...both of my sisters love their nephews so much. You can see it when they interact. I love that they are able to be such a big part of their lives now that we are here in Michigan. Sharing some lunch (both of my boys are easy to please if you have some goodies to share!) at Tyler's birthday party. Love our tight knit family.


cake tastes best when you're one

My nephew celebrated the big 0-1 today with friends and family luau style. He is such a sweetheart and has an amazing personality for such a little guy...so, dear Tyler, a very happy birthday to you!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


from the creators of Southpark (need I say more?)

Team America: World Police...seen it? *THE* singularly most UN-PC movie I've ever seen but also very, very funny (in the most UN-PC way possible, lol) If you've got a hankering to see some puppet sex, this movie is for you :p


download heaven

In just a couple of short hours, I'll be able to download my pre-ordered Coldplay CD from iTunes. I loooooove Coldplay. I love Chris Martin and his perfectly honed "lead singerishness"... and Gwyneth - so calm and cool...the name Apple has even sort of grown on me :)

Can I tell you a little story? Might help explain my Coldplay fanaticism. I've always liked them, from the first CD...from the days of Yellow. But, when I met Carlos, he wasn't really into them (yet.) I introduced him and he became a fan as well.

Maybe you weren't aware of our story. We met and fell in love in a pretty quick fashion. We worked together for a short time during Gallo's crush. Working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, we were together a lot. And when we weren't working or sleeping, we were together. We met the first week of August, 2001. By mid October, *I* had proposed to him. We quickly made arrangements to be married during an already planned trip to Vegas in February...just 10 weeks into the relationship. Years ago, I would have thought someone like me was crazy to jump into a relationship so quickly (especially considering that BOTH of us had been recently divorced.) Funny how things work out though. I guess we both learned a lot from our previous relationships and recognized a good thing when we saw it!

So, in mid-February, we packed up the car and headed to the Luxor (a super cool hotel if you've not been.) On February 15th, we were married here, witnessed by some friends of ours that also worked at Gallo and my parents. It was wonderful. Not as big or extravagant as the first one but so. much. better. After the ceremony, we took a limo to a tiny airstrip and a helicopter ride to the only winery in Nevada. The Pahrump Winery. We went through Red Rock Canyon and had a delectable dinner. There was also a wine tasting...one I couldn't participate in thanks to a tiny 10 week old fetus we like to call Jake these days. We do however have a few bottles from the winery that we're holding onto for posterity. Amazing day, one I'll never forget.

Anyway, back to Coldplay. We finished our weekend in Vegas visiting with our friends and family and gambling just enough to justify being in Las Vegas. We only had a couple of days there but we made the most of them. When it was time to pack up and head home, we were still in our honeymoon euphoria. We spent most of the 5 hour drive back to Fresno listening to Coldplay. Not for any particular reason other than we liked it and had it in the car with us. The day was beautiful, we had the moonroof open and we just listened. And talked about our future. And held hands and enjoyed each other's company. It was bliss. And so, Coldplay, no matter what incarnation, will always remind us of that time, will always take us back to that short but unforgettable weekend.

Coldplay is an integral part of most every road trip we embark on these days...early morning drives to catch the sun rise...weekend trips to Ikea to stock up on inexpensive Swedish furnishings...I can't help but smile whenever I listen to one of their catchy tunes.

Understand now why I'm such a fan?

Oh yeah, bought tickets to their show at DTE in late August the other day. I seriously can't wait!

Thanks for reading my ramblings...just wanted to share my excitement :)

OH, and in other news, the Pistons WON! Yeehaw! (And my condolences if you are a Miami or San Antonio fan, lol)


get what you want...

OK, so everyday when I boot up the computer I see this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I got it here.

I picked it out because it's funny...the "close-upedness" of it...the coke bottle glasses. It's funny. I used to have the picture of one skeleton smacking another in the back of the head. Funny. No other reason.

Now though, whenever I see my desktop, it seems to be mocking me. Daring me. Challenging me to, you know, get what I want.

Problem is, I don't know what I want. Check that, I *do* know what I want but I want too many things. Not material possessions (of course there is a long list of those that I want as well) but things I want to do/be/see. My problem is two-fold.

1. In case you weren't aware, I am the most indecisive person I know (HENCE my post a couple down from here.) I have too many what-ifs and buts to logically decide between my alternatives. Which direction to take? I don't know, what if I pick the wrong one?

2. Motivation. Or lack thereof. I *can* get motivated...I guess my procrastination stems from the fact that I haven't set a clear goal for myself.

I am at a crossroads apparently...geez do I hate that phrase, seems appropriate here though...without getting into the specifics of my dilemma (because really, how long do you want to spend reading my rambling?) any suggestions on how to overcome my inhibitive proclivities?

btw, have I mentioned that I dig ellipses...and parentheses?



did it.

A brand spanking new 20D is winging it's way to Michigan. Thanks a lot for [not] convincing me I needed it (sarcasm).


talk me out of this...

or into this...Carlos is trying to talk me into buying it. He says I *need* it. I tend to agree on a purely greedy basis but in my heart of hearts (and brain of brains...and checkbook of checkbooks) I know I don't. I know the little Canon S1 I bought 6 months ago is perfectly fine. I know, I know, I know.

We were at Best Buy the other day and he asked the camera guy if we could check it out (you know...the typical Best Buy employee...the "we don't work on commission" but are still completely pushy employee. yeah, him.) Anyway, I held it (LOVE how it felt in my hands.) I took pictures (with TWO different lenses AND the external flash.) I found out some of the technical specs (like the FPS...dear Lord, I almost fainted dead away.)

Carlos was urging me to buy it right there...along with the wide angle lens and 2gig card. I'm wondering what ridiculously overpriced piece of equipment my hubby is eyeing that has guilted him into pushing for this. I reign in my overwhelming desire to give in to him. I tell him I need to do research...to check prices as I'm sure I can find a better deal at a reputable online source (SEE how responsible I am?!?) He told me I had a week or he's going back to Best Buy to get it.

The reviews assure me I could take photographs like this if I purchase it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

WHAT do I do?? I'm unemployed...C is under the impression I can make a little side money with this beautiful camera. I know I am no where near ready to do something like that. I just don't have the knowledge. But I NEED the camera to learn right? You see my dilemma.

Talk me out of it.

Or into it.


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