So a few weeks ago, on a little shopping/lunch excursion with Stacey, I picked up Mason-Dixon Knitting because I saw the mitered squares blanket and had to have one of my own. I sat on it for awhile, trying to figure out what yarn I wanted to use. Then I started seeing a favorite knitting blogger, january one, start posting pictures of her miter progress...and that was just the kick in the ass I needed to get going on it! (seriously, read her blog - awesome pictures and fabulous writing) I was debating between the Tahki that the book uses and something really cheap. In the end I decided to go with the KnitPicks Shine Worsted. So glad I went with the Knitpicks - nowhere near as many color choices but clearly, I'm pretty indecisive so that's probably a good thing. It's knitting up really nicely - even stitches and really soft. I haven't put the first block of four miters together yet but you get the idea. One down, 1,583,974 to go. Apparently, january one blogger can do a miter in an hour. It takes me more like two but I suspect each will go just a bit faster than the last. I've just finished two sqares (so eight miters) so far but I never intended on this being a fast project. Also, maybe soon (finally!) a pic of a finished sweater (yay!)

Honestly, I've thought of tons of things I keep meaning to blog about but then I just never get around to it. I don't feel a ton of pressure to update this thing regularly (and I don't think I have legions of readers balanced precariously on the edge of their seats waiting for a new entry) but I do enjoy having a regular, safe place to record the mundane details. So, I promise to keep at it but won't make any promises as to frequency. But really, my intentions are good...so we'll see what happens :)

Happy Wednesday, folks :)


little bit nostalgic...

I simply adore this photo of my grandma...makes me feel really close to her, lol. Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I can sleep anytime, anywhere, for extensive periods of time. She passed the trait down to my dad, who in turn, passed it on to me. My mom isn't so bad it either, hehe.

Another reason I love this photo? My grandpa's handwritten note on the back...it says:

Having a bigger sleep.

I'm not sure *exactly* what it means but I love the sound of it. Makes me warm and happy (and, longing for a nap - a bigger one at that.) I had to scan it and include it on the layout.

In other news...I've been busy. Check <---this out. That hasn't happened since I set up my gmail! If you're waiting on an email from me, better send me a reminder :p

We're all set for Easter...dyed eggs yesterday and stickered them up this morning. The Easter Bunny has baskets ready...a good mix of cavity inducing candy and boy spoiling goodies. I have fond memories of Easter from when I was a kid - I hope my boys will when they're adults as well! I distinctly remember "seeing" the Easter Bunny in our house when I was probably 6 or 7. My bedroom door was cracked just an inch. I had one of those doll heads with the long braided yarn hair that was used to hold all of my different colored barrettes. In my mind, I was convinced that those flashes of color, just barely visible through the cracked door, were actually stripes on the shorts the Easter Bunny was surely sporting. He was peeking in on me...in his striped shorts...just making sure I was asleep. I held my eyes squinted tight forever, just allowing enough of a slit to keep my blurry vision trained on him. After what seemed like HOURS, I finally gave in and closed my eyes, figuring he wasn't leaving until he knew I was back to sleep. Amazing what our imaginations can convince us of!

I also remember seeing the Tooth Fairy - that's a story for another day though. Maybe when Jake loses his first tooth (which is will surely surprise me in it's occurrence.)

Share your good Easter memories...because I'm in the mood to be nostalgic :)

Work related stuff - I'm cranking out logos, and may even have time to do a kit or two to release mid month at Two Peas (fingers crossed - it's been awhile!) I have tons of ideas but lack the time and the skill to execute them very well...any digital scrappers out there - requests for what you'd like to see? I can't promise anything but I'm always up for a challenge :)

OK, that was a long one from me! It's been a long time coming though...next time, maybe some more knitting photos (I know, you're all on the edge of your seats!)


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