the road warriors

That's what I've dubbed our little traveling band of four...

Day 4 of our cross-country odyssey finds us in Oklahoma City, OK (which is not only in the state of Oklahoma but also in the county of Oklahoma...just an interesting little FYI for you). We've covered a total of 1480 miles so far and estimate the remainder to be just over 1000. We've decided to take it easy the rest of the trip and give the boys a break from the long road hours. The plan is to roll into Waterford early Wednesday morning in time to do a couple of errands that day (like the storage place and the bank.)

We've had great luck so far with the weather and the traffic. We've discovered that the portable DVD player ranks among the greatest inventions ever (thank you Dora and Spongebob for making this trip so much easier on ALL of us.) We've learned the valuable lesson that Zack doesn't handle eating rice cereal in the car so well (a little "Exorcist" action in Flagstaff drove that point home). I've learned to be more careful when bending over in an unfamiliar shower (a large lump above my right eye is a testament to that newfound tidbit.) Jake thinks baby food squash is blech yucky (have to agree with him there...) The daily saga of the car re-packing has increased our awareness of what we really do and do not need each night.) So you see, this trip has added a great wealth of knowledge to our travel repertoire..oh, and Z is getting his first tooth too!

So much to share but not a lot of time to do it. I hope this little recap will sustain your thirst for knowledge until I have more time.

I end with a picture of the wee road warriors enjoying the hotel bed...until next time.

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