not to be forgotten...

  • loves to stick out her toungue and blow baby raspberries
  • reaches to be picked up or held
  • knows her name and will turn when you call her
  • can sit for a few seconds at a time (longer and longer everyday)
  • 26 1/4"
  • 16 lbs 15 oz
  • (yes, that puts her in the 90th percentile)
  • loves to jump in her activity center
  • can pick up small toys and play with toys on her activity center
  • is such a little love bug I have to remind myself not to squeeze her too hard!
  • loves chewing on her sleeves
  • cheeks grow daily
  • talks in the sweetest little voice ever
  • has a kick butt mohawk going (but not nearly as good as Zack's was)
  • rubs her eyes when she's sleepy (can't fool me, missy!)
  • is ridiculously, outrageously clingy...ahh, 4 months.


the final countdown...

feeling good about our Thanksgiving prep (now Christmas, that's a *totally* different story.) There were a few things I wanted to post but I do still have some stuff left to do today and how many of you are blog-hopping today, anyway?

I did want to mention one thing though because I think it's a great idea - especially since most of my 11 readers are scrapbookers ;) NPR has teamed up with StoryCorps and deemed tomorrow the National Day of Listening. A day when you sit down with a relative or other loved one and record a meaningful conversation with them. You can see more information on StoryCorps website and listen to some of the conversations NPR hosts have recorded for airing over the course of the last week here: NPR National Day of Listening

How many of you have a really great depth of knowledge about your grandparents' (or even parents') lives pre-you? Aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. Choose someone special and sit down with them for some quality conversation. All 4 of my biologic grandparents are gone. I really wish I would have done this with them. I'd love it if even one of you took the challenge.


4 months...

Well, hello there...I'm flirting with you. Aren't I pretty?

I'm a showoff. See me sitting up?

Here's looking at you!

I like to drool. And pull mommy's hair. And I reach for people now too :) My bouncy farm activity center is awesome - I can spin my duck toy and make the music go when I jump like a little madman in it.

My mommy has these at the top of her knitting list. Every little papoose needs some Thanksgiving moccasins, right?

Hope you had a good weekend - we have snow - wheee!


ooh la izzy...

I'm starting to remember how much fun it was to dress up dolls when I was younger :)


(click it for bigger)


my camera died after 5 shots


they were all good ones though :) (why does red always look so funky in big blocks?) As was the weather. hope you all had a good one too!


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