I'm procrastinating...

So, I thought I'd post :)

I finished my first garment over the weekend (whoohoo!) The baby sweater from Greetings from the Knit Cafe (which, if I haven't mentioned before...is just such a pretty book BUT there are a lot of pattern errors so if you have it or get it, check here for the errata)

Started: Um...so long ago I can't even remember...January, maybe?)
Finished: May 26, 2007
Yarn: Knitpicks Elegance in Oatmeal
Needles: Size 5 Options

There are a couple of errors - especially along the neckline, but overall, I'm very pleased. I love the stitch pattern and the sweater itself is super soft. Can't wait to see it *on* a baby! (and no, not mine :p)

Hmmm, what else? The sock was ripped out and restarted from the cuff end but no pictures yet. Next post :)

Carlos and I watched a movie the other night - Apocalypto. I know Mel Gibson is not the most popular guy around right now but the movie itself is amazing. I didn't know what it was about when we started watching it but I was seriously holding my breath the entire movie - HIGHLY recommend it! It is sub-titled throughout but after the first few minutes, you don't even realize you're reading anymore. In fact the last movie I watched before this one was Pan's Labyrinth - also sub-titled and also incredible. Watch both of them if you get a chance!

And tonight we're having Ikea meatballs for dinner which means my stash will be depleted which means I need to go to Ikea again soon :)

OK, procrastination over. Now I'll get lots done, right? RIGHT??


Where to begin, where to begin...I feel like I've been going constantly the past few days but really just spinning my wheels and not getting a lot accomplished.

Friday I did get my tenth workout in. Ordered the sock yarn that afternoon and received it on Monday looking and smelling completely lovely. So, yesterday, despite have approximately 10-12 layouts and projects due for various deadlines by the end of the month, and the temperature being 87 degress, I did what any logical person would and cast on my first sock. I totally jacked up the toe shaping but I'm going to knit a little more into the foot before I decide if it's worth ripping out and starting over. I ended up ordering this yarn and I love the colorway. She wound it for me, shipped it fast and tucked in a little sachet so when I opened the envelope it smelled divine. Highly recommend her if you need some sock yarn!

I'm also almost done with the baby sweater but I had to order one more skein of yarn...should be here any day and then I will FINALLY have a completed sweater under my belt! I also snuck in some yarn for this but won't be casting on until I finish at least one of the other two sweaters I'm working on ;)

I have 16 miters completed for a total of 4 (of 16) squares. That's just a here and there project though so I'm not too worried about finishing that in a hurry...some mitery goodness:

(and yes, I'm quite fond of Katie's photo frames)

I've added a little workout tally to the sidebar so I can keep track of my progress...next indulgence? A facial. I've always wanted one so 12 more workouts and it's mine :)

Today is one of the 4 daycare days the boys get each month (superhero day - hurrah!) so I'll have my nose to the grindstone all day playing catch up and *hopefully* enjoying a nice thunderstorm in a bit! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Family Guy clip last night - I knew I couldn't be the only one that could relate! Happy weekend!



Do you ever feel like this?

(promise to do a real post tonight or tomorrow!)


the Thursday good list :)

Pistons 95 Bulls 85
(Pistons take the series)
photo from Getty Images

Can't be too happy about the Wings performance tonight but at least they split their 2 games in Anaheim.

Zack singing 'don't you want me, BAbeeee? don't you want me OHHHHohohoh' thanks to this commercial

listening to this CD that I've been meaning to pick up forever and finally did today. It is oh-so-lovely, I must say :)

Finding out that although this 0 calorie Nestle water isn't exactly the same as the kiwi strawberry snapple I lived on in high school, it's still pretty damn good! (hm, must be new as this flavor isn't listed on their site yet)

being just one workout shy of my yarn purchase!

Jake in this t shirt

and Zack in his 'ladies man' t shirt (saying 'I a WAdies man' :) so stinkin' cute!) He can also wink pretty well and I fully expect him to master a wolf whistle as his next feat of machismo.

2 more sleeps until Carlos and the boys get to see Darth Vader in person (trust me when I say the Darth Vader conversation around here is nothing less than incessant the past couple of days :p) One of Carlos' co-workers dresses as DV at conventions as a side gig apparently :p Fun stuff!

Guess that's enough for tonight. Hope your Thursday was as good as mine :)


about the check marks...

So, Ashley asked me what they were about the other day and I realized I had never mentioned them :p That's my running tally of days worked out.

Used to be that chasing a toddler and a fairly high metabolism was all I needed to stay in relatively good shape. Since pregnancy #2 and the advent of my 4th decade of existence (yikes!) it's just not enough anymore. I've never been hung up on my actual weight (well, not since I was 12 and I *so* didn't need to worry about my weight!) and I'm not really sure how much I weigh (no scale = less obsessiveness for me). It's about how I feel physically and emotionally. I want my clothes to fit better, I want to feel more energetic, I want to know I'm taking care of myself and staying healthy for my children, husband and myself. It's my job to take care of them and I can't do that if I'm not taking care of myself.

I'm thinking 15-20 lbs ought to do it.

So I've been exercising. I need to diversify my activity a bit but for now, it's a start. Once I hit my 10 day mark, I'm going to reward myself with this. So far, I've resisted the allure of sock knitting but they're just so pretty and they knit up so quickly and it's something I can wear fairly regularly. BUT, I have a really (really) hard time spending $20 on a pair of socks so it's a luxury. Admittedly, there are very few things that can be knit for less than it costs to just purchase the item but I knit for the enjoyment and peace and prospect of passing the item down to my children though. So it's worth it to me to spend the money on the yarn. Socks though, I can't pretend they will ever become a family heirloom ;)

I hope that someday the health and well-being will be enough motivate me. Maybe someday, I can be one of those CRAZY people who exercise for the enjoyment of it (are you one of those people? tell me your secret!) For now though, I need something tangible. My greed motivates me temporarily(even though I already feel SO much better...more energy and I just feel proud of myself for sticking to it - even for just a few days) I've already picked out indulgence #2 so I have to stick with it for a few more weeks at least :)

Anyway, as usual I rambled about something that I could have explained in a sentence. I'm off to play in the backyard with the boys...it's another beautiful day! (photo is some Target $1 flowers just blooming...I have a black thumb so any signs of budding is a major accomplishment! Digi goodies are Jen Wilson)

Go WINGS, Go PISTONS...it's another sports night in Detroit and I have a good feeling!


sports night in Detroit...part deux


Red Wings 3 Ducks 4 in OT
(series tied 1-1)

Pistons 87 Bulls 102
(series 3-1 Pistons...I'm sure they threw the game so they can take the series in Detroit ;-)

BUT, while I was having fun Friday night...Jake and Carlos got to see the Wings win the first game of the series. Jake had a BLAST (popcorn, soda AND he got to stay up past midnight.)

My four year old has now seen a Playoff hockey game live but I still haven't :p (pics courtesy of Carlos' cell phone :)


you know you want one...

from Alloy I want 3...just because :)

(Julie knows me so well :)

Tonight, I get to hang with this awesome woman and this awesome woman - we're going to tear up Novi/Royal Oak so watch out :p


my son, the master manipulator.

To set the scene:

It's rainy today (I love this.) This morning, it was pouring with thunder and lightening and it was so dark out at 10 am it felt like 8 at night. So, we are snug and cozy inside listening to the rain beat down out outside (making our basement wet but such is life.)

The boys, as usual, are at each other's throats so I put in a movie for them (Curious George, because it's one of the movies that doesn't make me want to poke sharpened pencils in my ears...Super Mario Brothers - this means you)

Jake wants to watch Cartoon Network - a channel that I pretty much never let them watch anyway. I say no so he turns Zack on me too. Zack doesn't want to watch Cartoon Network, he's pretty satisfied with Curious George. In the span of 60 seconds though, they are *both* whining for Cartoon Network. (Whining doesn't fly around here so any chances of getting to watch it flew out the window at that point.)

Jake: Zackie, do you want to watch Cartoon Network?
Zack: No
J: Zackie, do you want to watch Cartoon Network or Curious George?
Z: Curious George
J (taking a different tact): Zackie, do you want to watch Cartoon Network or Sprout?
Z: Sprout
J: Do you want to watch Cartoon Network or Noggin?
Z: Noggin
J: Do you want to watch Cartoon Network or nothing?
Z: Cartoon Network

Cue chants of "Cartoon Network" from *both* boys.

See what he did there? This kid rivals bugs bunny in his cunningness. And it's only just begun. Hold me.

One other thing I keep meaning to mention. Melissa Inman mentioned the following on her blog a few days ago:

Scrapbooks etc. is kicking off a really exciting venture this year: ScrapPink! We're asking local scrapbook stores throughout North America to join us in hosting weekend crops September 28-30 and donate a portion of the proceeds raised to breast cancer awareness and research as part of our partnership with Susan G. Komen. Check out the ScrapPink Web site to see if a store near you is participating, or bug your local store to get involved.

We also wanted to come up with a way you could all be directly involved in this effort, so we've come up with a few contests. One is to design a ScrapPink t-shirt that event attendees will be able to purchase and wear to the show. The other is to design a card, page, or album kit. The winning kit designs will be featured in the October issue of Scrapbooks etc. and the photos and directions for the projects will be sent to all the stores participating in ScrapPink so their attendees can create their versions of your designs.

It's a great cause, a great event, and a great chance for you to be published and win $250 in product from all our ScrapPink sponsors. So again, check out the ScrapPink Web site to learn more and get involved!

I've been touched by breast cancer in my family as I'm sure many of you have. Check out the scrappink website and see if your LSS is participating. I know mine is. If their not, give them a call and see if they'd consider it.

If you're so inclined, get to work designing a t-shirt, card, page or album kit. It's a great opportunity to contribute some designs and possibly win a cool prize. Everyone wins.


sports night in Detroit...

Red Wings 2 Sharks 0
(wings clinch the series)

Pistons 108 Bulls 87

(Pistons win 6 straight playoff games)

I love this time of year :D

(PS, the neighbors put a chintzy little fence up this weekend...I guess they were tired of us trespassing in their jungle, I mean, yard


people are stupid

So the other day, it POURED. And I loved it...because a good thunderstorm makes me happy. And then, the next day, this happened:

Carlos: Did you take the boys out to play yesterday and leave the cover off the sandbox?
Erica: Um, no, why?
Carlos: Because the cover...it's off the sandbox.

So, me, being of the curious nature I am, go and look out the window. And the freaking cover is off the sandbox. And the toys are scattered all over the lawn. And the boys' little ride on truck is moved and the door is open. And I'm angry and feeling a little violated because some little cretin was playing with my boys' stuff and didn't even bother to put it away and ruined all our sand. Probably the same kid that owns the cat that likes to take a crap in our sandbox when the LID IS LEFT OFF.

Fast forward two days to today. I'm having a nice visit with my sister and my nephew and someone yells through the front screen:


And so, I go to the door. Because that is the natural response to a visitor. And then this:

Erica: Hello?
Skanky woman: Hi, I just moved in next door and this is my son. He's really bored, can he play in your backyard?
Erica: Well, a couple of days ago someone played in our yard and left the toys all over and didn't put the lid back on the sandbox and now, our sand is totally gross. I don't know if it was your son or not but the sand is ruined now.
Nasty wench: Oh, it wasn't my son. You weren't playing in their yard, were you? (wink, wink)
Son (who I have no beef with): Yes, I was.
Rude ho: So, he can't play back there?
Erica: I'd really rather not have kids playing in our yard. No. Thanks.

OK. A few things:
1. Your
kid admitted it was him. Tell him to apologize. Apologize yourself. Ask if you can replace the sand. Show me something, anything, that proves you're not a complete waste.
2. You have a bored kid. You live ONE BLOCK from a school (and it is well after school is over for the day. It's gorgeous out...walk him down to the school and let him play on the playground!
3. If you don't know that your 5/6 year old has been playing in someone elses yard long enough to destroy it, I doubt you're going to be the type of person that takes responsibility when your unsupervised child gets hurt in *my* yard.

OK, vent over. And I'm not as upset as this post may lead you to believe...trying to make light of the situation because her behavior just kinda irritated me. (ps, skanky woman, nasty wench and rude ho were all portrayed by the same woman :p)

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day :) If you're in the MI area, come see me do make and takes at The Scrapbook Zone. If you're not - don't forget to make some time to spend at 2Peas - tons of activities and chats and giveaways planned (I'll be hosting chat from 9-10 EST so stop by!)

Have a great weekend!


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