That's the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. The modern suggestion is silverware. Equally thrilling, right?

Today is my fifth anniversary. I did this layout for the mid-month Garden at 2peas - a lift of the guest garden girl flyingmichelle

We've definitely had a crazy 5 years. Lots of hard times for sure but we've always been *together* And at this point in our lives, we're more positive than ever. In a better position to better our lives that we've ever been before. We get each other. We compliment each other. We balance each other.

I'm a lucky girl.


mi vida...

my life, correct? It's good, thanks for asking!

this was the extent of our Valentine's Day celebration...sugaring up the kids at 9 am thanks to grandma and grandpa :) I figured I might as well let them have it early so they could burn it up long before bedtime. And burn it they did - they were madmen today! The good news is that Zack is long asleep (at 7:20 pm) and Jake will be there shortly! Good news for me as I have a buttload of work to do!

And I know you're all on the edge of your seats waiting for my Bonita update. Bonita is doing well :) I've got the simple lace pattern down and I've done a couple of waist shaping decreases...check it out:

I've done about 3 rows since starting on the second skein...I had 5 skeins to start and I don't think I'll need much of the last one so I'm about 20-25% done (although, I'm guessing the neckline and sleeves will be a challenge) I just love the way the pattern builds and grows with each trip around the needles. It's so relaxing...so gratifying. And if this thing actually fits when I'm done, I will wear it with supreme satisfaction. I've had a hard time getting an accurate representation of the color of the yarn. This is the yarn I'm using though. It's the perfect weight for a summer top and I love the way it's starting to drape!

Up close and personal with the stitch pattern. The pattern calls for some embroidered flowers but I'm forgoing those because 1. I'm lazy, 2. it's a bit too "frilly" for me and 3. I really like the pattern and don't think it needs any additional embellishment. I wish I had more time to put into this but I'm busy right now with a lot of other "stuff" so, I give myself a little time each day just so I don't forget what I'm doing and then get back to work!

I love that my little knitting obsession has hooked me up with other crafty scrapbooking/knitters! Sue, who I met because she works at the greatest scrapbook store in Michigan, possibly the world :) She's even got me convinced that I need to try my hand at socks when I SWORE I would never.knit.socks. Tonya who can even write her patterns (jealous!) Elizabeth who had a kick-ass set-up on Grammy night :p Seriously - check out all of them because even if you aren't a knitter, their scrapbooking rocks as well!

Oh, and the response to the parking site was so overwhelming (hehe) that I've decided that the FIRST person to provide a picture of a notice in action will get a SWEET RAK from moi ;) Get to it!

Happy love day all :)


look ma...a HEM!

OK, I realize this doesn't look like much...but this is the most intense knitting I've done so far. And I'm proud that I got this far without having to pull the whole damn thing out.

So, to get to this point (warning: technical "yarn talk" to follow...) I had to do a crocheted chain stitch with waste yarn (new skill: crochet) pick up stitches from the chain stitch (new skill: picking up stitches from a chain stitch :p also called a provisional cast-on) knit and knit and knit for about 11 rows (not a new skill) knit a row to a larger set of needles (nope, not new) pull out the waste yarn leaving LIVE STITCHES - yikes (so a new skill...scared me to death :p) thread the live stitches on another set of circular needles, fold the piece in half so that the *two* pairs of needles were parallel and then knit through two sets of stitches to create a folded hem. Then I knit one more round. And this is what I have. Should be easier from this point on (although the sweater does have a few new stitches for me...and the cap sleeves that I'll have to join to the body in the end - that's almost like sewing!)

Good thing it's a light summer-weight type of sweater because I don't see myself finishing it for awhile...maybe not the best choice for my first sweater project (and do you see how TINY those stitches are??) But, I'm pleased with how it's turning out so far :)

A couple of cool sites not to be missed:
  • I know the majority of my handful of readers are scrapbookers so I'm sure this will come in handy to someone out there ;-) Seriously, how funny is the name? Even though the product itself is more than questionable.
  • And this made me laugh out loud and almost, *almost* actually print out a few notices to keep in my glovebox :p
And a quote from Little Miss Sunshine:
"sarcasm is the refuge of losers"
You think that's true? If so, I'm a raging loser.

It's Friday, yo!


for you, Ashley ;)

She beat me again...we crop together way too rarely but whenever we do, both Ashley and I invariably end up with one, two, ten unfinished layouts. She finished her unfinished layouts before me *yet* again. But here's mine. The last one.

How cute is that picture? I took it from really far away but you can still see what's going on. My boy Z and my nephew T giving a little hug on Christmas day. They were playing out in the backyard and I was watching from inside the house so they did this all on their own. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Tyler will call me up from time to time and ask for "za-TA-wee" (wish you could hear him say it!)

Just a quick and dirty layout that I had initially planned on using in the garden but it didn't quite meet my standards ;) But, I like how it turned out in the end! Lots of MM goodies, my handwriting (gasp!) and sticker letters for the title (double gasp!) Oh, and I ususally post a disclaimer about it not being so crooked in real life...this one really *is* that crooked :p

I posted a layout on the Look Book blog this morning as well - be sure to check the blog out for a chance to win some shtuff!

OK, back to work...have a good rest of the week!


cool stuff

  • the fact that my taxes are done and filed (and we don't owe - yay!)
  • CHA Chicago roommates and hotel are all squared away (and plans have begun for the great Mel birthday bash of 2007 while we're there ;-)
  • conversations like this that happened last night while we were getting ready to leave my dad's...jake was giving the puppy, Romeo (who is "so tiny and cute, mom!") goodbye hugs. He's 3 lbs so hugs have to be *really* gentle...Jake = not-so-gentle so Romeo nipped at him (no damage done other than a scared Jake)
Jake: Romeo's a BAD dog.
Me: He's not bad, sweetie...he's just little so you have to be gentle. You scared him.
Jake: I scared him?
Me: Yup
Jake: 'cause I'm a ghost?

OK, so maybe you had to be there. It was freaking hilarious at the time though :D (and
jake's all set to go visit Romeo again...not scared anymore :-)
  • the weather...not just cool but crazy COLD. Like crunchy-snow-frozen-nostril-achy-joint-no-school-kinda-cold. We went sledding on Friday when it was in the 20's but now, we are cozied up in the house for the forseeable future!
  • this contest at 2Peas - so many beautiful and thoughtful entries! I'm completely inspired by these pages :) Did you enter?

what's cool in your world this week?


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