from the StoryPeople :)

(why yes, I am obsessed)


A peek at the other hobby...

So, I've been knitting for a few months now and I love it so much. It's so relaxing and having the finished product to wear or give just makes me happy and fulfilled. Lots of people have asked to see some of my stuff and I finally broke down and took a couple of pictures. This is a simple project - haven't ventured out too much beyond scarves and bags and hats and such...I do have my first sweater on my needles now though so *hopefully* I'll have that to share here (I'm not guaranteeing anything though :p)

Jake asked me for a scarf so this will go into his Christmas stocking (the whole exchange from me to Santa could be tricky but I'm determined to make it work ;) A simple cabled pattern but I'm excited to see him wear it - he's been very excited since I started on it. Maybe I'll be able to whip up a matching hat before Sunday as well!

So, anyway, there you go. This is what has taken up my spare scrapbooking time as of late. I've whittled my in-progress projects from like 6 down to 2 so I'm proud of myself and ready to get started on something else!


I know it's dark...

but I like it that way. My seven week old nephew - see how he's looking at her? *Only* mamas get that look :) Makes my heart swell up. Sorry, Wen - I'll get them to you tomorrow, for SURE!

Shopping is done, cards are all gone. Spirit still MIA...


has anyone seen my Christmas spirit?

It's December 18th and it *still* hasn't shown up...which is a bummer because despite my annual mad-dash-to-get-everything-done-in-time, I still REALLY love the holiday season. So this weekend, I really put a conscious effort into locating my lost spirit. I'm closer, but still not there.

I changed my banner ^ up there, see? Actually the whole blog...a little brighter because even *I* was having a hard time looking at it after awhile...I can only assume you guys were too - you all are so polite :)

I made this my new desktop background.

I got this in an email from a sweet friend and listened to the choir for 20 minutes and then I found this site with a list of streaming Christmas music...I've been listening every time I work :) My fave so far is KOIT San Francisco...right now, Bruce Springsteen is telling me that the E Street band is getting a new saxophone from Santa this Christmas. Love iTunes radio!

I mailed my cards and finished my shopping except for stocking stuffers. I watched A Christmas Story and Elf. (FYI...the guy that plays Ralphie in A Christmas Story *also* has a bit part in Elf...I'm sure your day is complete with that bit of useless trivia!) A friendly and timely reminder that today is the last day you can order one of these in time for Christmas delivery!

Oh yeah, AND we saw Santa on Saturday. The big guy was slightly less than enthused but the boys didn't seem to notice...*too* much. Took z a little while to warm up but it's a decent picture. Jake told Santa he'd "open all your presents...I'll RIP the paper!" and was talking about the wrapped boxes that made up the photo backdrop :p

(photo corner from Rhonna's Snowflakes kit)

Anyway, I'm working on the whole spirit thing. On this week's agenda? Cookies. And wrapping. And assignments. And getting ready for the new year (backing pictures up, filing, site updates...basically, getting ready to make a fresh start in the new year!)

Happy Monday!


day...aww hell, I have no clue - 14, right?

So, the first day I missed a post, there was a little guilt...I mean, those last couple of posts I was really forcing anyway (you noticed, no?) but when I laid down to sleep, I fret about the missing post. Wondered if any of my loyal readers were sitting in front of their computer, intently refreshing every 30 seconds or so waiting for the heavens to open up and the angels to sing the refrains of blog wonderfulness.The second night, there was still a fleeting thought as I closed my eyes. The little voice in my ear telling me that "you are a FAILURE at the daily blog post." I quickly shut that voice up though...she hasn't been back since. Bottom line, I shouldn't make promises I can't keep :p

Let's pretend the last few days didn't happen, shall we?

I'm currently shopping (online, that is.) Tomorrow is my deadline. What has not been purchased by tomorrow must be in real life. Heh. When I typed "in real life," I heard it like a TV announcer was reading it in that booming voice right in my ear...like he was actually giving a little tug on the lobe to allow the soundwaves to *really* penetrate my cerebellum (can't type cerebellum without snickering either...any Dane Cook fans?) It echoes...it haunts me.

I'm on the Lego site...did you know that you can build something online with 3D techno legos and they will ship you the kit of legos necessary to construct it IN REAL LIFE...yeah, that's a time sucker :p In the end, I'm just going with a big old tub-o-blocks though...something that will stretch their burgeoning imaginations...something that will imprint tiny circles in the soles of my feet as I tiptoe to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That's good stuff right there.

My cards are millimeters from being dropped in the mailbox - tomorrow, they will be gone...I'm itching at the thought of dropping those suckers into the great blue abyss. One more tick mark on my to-do list! I would go off on a CVS rant right now but it's not good for me to get all stressed out right before bed. Bottom line, don't make the mistake of ordering your Christmas photos from there :p

I also made one of these tonight. I chose much more festive papers though..some fine double sided KI goodness. It was a nice little diversion and the boys think I am the most talented mom on earth :) Mine is fairly large but I'm thinking about making some teeny ones for the tree tomorrow...finished a project for the new Garden and did a little scrappy shopping too. Ate dinner (out! gasp!) with dear husband and braved Target (who am I kidding...I freaking LOVE Target!)

Finally, while driving home tonight from grandma and grandpa's house, we discussed the menu for Christmas Eve...not *us* but Santa and even moreso, the reindeer. Jake doesn't think cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer are suitable. Instead, he thinks the reindeer need sloppy joes. And chicken nuggets...always thinking, that kid. Also, the new addition to our bedtime routine, after reading a book, jake's hand puppet (who seems to be with him ALL THE TIME) takes a deep bow and says "ladies & gentlemen...goodnight" followed by a supreme flourish. man I love that kid!


this must be getting boring for you all...

It's still the 8th...by 7 minutes...so I haven't broken my streak :)

Just up working on some logos and stuff - trying desperately to get caught up so I can enjoy a couple of job-free weeks. Finished up some kits to be released mid-month at 2peas today as well...simple stuff but hopefully something that a few people will be able to put to use!

I also got my 2Peas goodies today so I got a little more decorating done. No pics yet but I'll try to get some over the weekend (trust me, it's nothing spectacular :p)

Going to FINALLY get these boys out of the house tomorrow for a bit - we've all been sick and I don't think they poor things have been out anywhere since Thanksgiving! Some fresh air will do them good. Going to breakfast with my family to celebrate my step-moms birthday (Happy Birthday, Michelle!)

That's about it today - just playing catch up. Oh, I also got the supplies for my Christmas cards today (thanks, dad) so *hopefully* those will be ready to mail out Monday!

I feel like I'm living the tortoise and the hare story...like I'm the tortoise and Christmas is the Hare and I'll just beat the damn rabbit out my millimeters on December 24th :p Ever feel that way?


just seven...

still feeling not-so-well so, I picked one more winner for the Look Book and now I'm off to bed!

My handy random number generator picked 14 this time...so Mel, please send me your address!

gratuitous picture of Zack added since Jake got his day :p)


In an effort to be as nerdy as possible...

I'm going to use a random number generator to choose the Look Book winner.

32 comments...and the winner is

Erin (it says 28)! Congrats, Erin :) Send me an email with your address and I'll get the book out by the weekend!

And, with that, I'm off to bed. Sick, tired, head pounding.

I did get a bit more shopping done today though. Three more people DONE. Good feeling...I'll get there!


this one's about Jake...

On the fifth day, she did nothing Christmasy...well, she did finish a tiny bit of shopping for a little Secret Santa action that needs to be mailed ASAP...and moved a couple of things this way a tidge and a couple of things that way a smidge on the Christmas card.

Other than that though...nada.

Thanks to everyone for the nice words and congratulations on C's job sitch. It's a very good thing for him and our family.

I'm getting close to finishing up all of my EHD jobs so that's a good feeling...working on a couple of kits to be released mid-month at 2Peas (that cute felt star is from one of my November releases...Fancy Little Christmas and the font is called Enchanted Prairie Dog - how could anyone pass up a font name like that?)

But enough about all of that...this one is about Jake.

Seriously man, this kid can be sweet.as.pie. And he has been just really, really good since he started recovering from this nasty virus they've both been fighting off...guess he's just grateful to be feeling a little more like his old self. A funny from the bad part of the sickness though...while taking a fever induced nap on the couch a few days ago, he sang the entire Oobi song WITH accompanying hand motions in his sleep. That my friends, takes talent.

Night everyone...tomorrow, I'll pick a winner for the AL book :)


la, la, la...

who's still here? Better yet, who thought *I'd* still be here?

Lots of pictures to share...none that great but hey, we do what we can to entertain you.

Mr. Z learned thumbs up last night.

Today, this came down

And this went up (yup, I went down to the basement and found it my own damn self :p) it's my wreath - you can't tell by this stellar photo??

And our super-fanstastic, uber-sensational, ultra terrific news?

Carlos started his new job today - see how happy he looks :) It's an awesome job with benefits that start today...not in 90 days, but TODAY. We haven't had benefits for almost 2 years. Some of you know the whole back story but in a nutshell, it's been a rough couple of years for us and today marks a *real* turning point in our lives. We're all excited and I am SO happy and SO proud of Carlos. Seriously guys, this job rocks and the company he's with is amazing. We're feeling very fortunate right now :)

And oh yeah, this came today.

Features some SUPERSTARS...some total idols of mine in this little scrapbooking universe...people like, oh, Lisa McGarvey and Shelley Laming...Maria Grace Abuzman and Tara Whitney...Jackie Bonette, Jamie Waters, Jenni Bowlin, Kelli Crowe, Danielle Thompson, Elsie Flannigan, Teresa McFayden and Mellette Berezoski...I'm sure you are familiar with some of them :) Oh yeah, and some chick names Erica but her stuff kind of sucks next to everyone elses :p

I'll pick a name from the comments section on this post to send a copy to :) I'll post the winner on my Day 6 post...sound good?


and it's started...

I shopped today. Two different online retailers have some of my money now :p I've got a long way to go but it feels so GOOD to have a start at least! And I got good deals. And money in the boys' Upromise accounts (Ashley? Hmmmmm?)

I also knocked out a couple of jobs. I've decided not to take on any more work until after the new year...just get caught up on what I have and then concentrate on *enjoying* the rest of the season. I feel really good about that decision.

I ALSO got started on my cards. keeping them simple but again, relieved just to have a start on them. Still no wreath because every time I ask Carlos where it is, he tells me he knows and will get it for me...still waiting ;)

Tomorrow is a big day for us but I'll share more about that tomorrow night...have to ensure I have a steady flow of info to share!

Email caught up? Check.
Dishes, dinner, laundry? Check.
Jake still sleeping from his afternoon nap? Check. Damn...it's almost 7. This does not bode well for my evening!

Oh, and that cute little tree chipboard thingy? From Shannon's awesome debut digi kit at 2Peas - serious cuteness there!


December 2nd...

I can see already that you guys won't allow me to miss a day :) That's good...I need to be held accountable!

So, no Christmas prep today really other than rigging up a fancy card display...I'll take a picture when it's a bit more presentable (awaiting a 2peas order :)) I did put some serious thought into my Christmas card though, so that counts for something, right? I still need to get a picture of the boys but poor dears with their snotty noses and runny eyes - maybe not the best time to torture them with the camera.

I've been filling my days with logo design and knitting. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to bring in a little extra money doing some design work. Plus, it gives me the chance to ogle some seriously amazing photographs. And the knitting. Oh I love the knitting. My new obsession is knitting blogs. I must say I'm fairly certain that knitting blogs have the scrapbooking blogs beat in terms of sheer numbers. And there are some talented and creative women out there. And they enable as well as scrapbookers with their talk of yarn and books and needles :) Someday, I'll take some pictures of the knitting I've done. Hats and scarves and bags mainly but I just started my first sweater this week...pretty sure this project will either completely solidify my love for the hobby or send me into hair-pulling fits. Fingers crossed for the former! Any knitters out there? I need a go-to for questions!

Oh, and the scrapbooking...not too much of that unfortunately. I'm pretty sure the only stuff I've done in the past month has been for the Garden (which was oh-so-delicious when it bloomed yesterday...check it if you haven't yet!) Hoping to squeeze in some fun stuff for me this month (should probably shop and stuff first though, huh?)

OK, my day 2 update. And one more thing I have to mention. I'm 100% positive that my friend Joanna is bar-none, the most generous and thoughtful girl around. Don't you agree? Not too mention sweet, and funny and mom to a couple of amazing kiddos. Love to Joanna this weekend :)


think I can do it?

I'm gonna try it. And for those 4 people who still check my blog out on a regular basis, you know it would be quite the feat if I pulled it off :p I'm going to *try* (and those asterisks indicate an emphasis on the "try" part) to do a blog entry a day for the month of December...well, at least up until the Christmas part of December.

SO. Today. Today I put up the tree. Normally, it would have gone up over the weekend but the boys got sick. And they're still sick but today is the first day of December! have to have the tree up so we can put on the ornaments I made for my advent calendar journal. It was strenuous. It took at LEAST three minutes. I'm not kidding. I'm spent. But it was worth it. Zack just told me "I love ye tree, mom" (yup, mom. my 2 year old is already past mommy...tear :(


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