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Thanks for the birthday wishes for C...he got a kick out of them! We camped this weekend in honor of his big day - a little sneaker from the shots I got. SUCH a good weekend - I'll share more this week :) (And yup, that's ZACK flying a kite...the boys got skillz!)

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Happy Birthday, Carlos!!

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Today is my darling husband's birthday. And I am a lousy wife. I've known about his birthday all year long (HA!) but time slipped away from me way too fast and I didn't get a good surprise together like I normally try to. SO, please indulge me...let me ramble about my C, and wish him a happy -- birthday ;)

• he is HOT
• he is an awesome, AWESOME dad (Jake thought it was the coolest to run into our room this morning and wish him a Happy Birthday...three times no less...each time telling me to stay out because "I can HANdle it!")
• he takes great (I mean GREAT) care of me. Especially when I was pregnant. And he teaches our boys to do the same thing.
• he is HOT
• he is a hard worker. He can learn how to do anything in no time at all and isn't satisfied with being anything less than the best.
• he is handy and can build me cool stuff :)
• he loves the same music as me and has expanded my tastes considerably
• he is teaching our kids how to golf and nothing is cuter than seeing them shake their butts when they tee up :p
• he is hot
• he loves ME...and for a long time, I wasn't sure if there was anyone out there that *would* ever love me.

SO, Happy Birthday, Carlos - I love you!

(the digital elements in the photo are by Gina Cabrera at DDE!)


OK, totally goofy pictures yesterday...

Cute ones today. My boys LOVE their bath (well, except for when I dump water over their heads :p) They will play in their until the water is cold and their fingers are prunes (I get a lot of good readin done in the bathroom while they play, lol)

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How I Spent My Sunday Night...

aka a total waste of time as I could have been working on assignments, laundry, reading a book, etc...

I need a change, my hair is boring. I get some highlights or layers (or go RED) from time to time but I bore quickly. I want to go short. So, I played around a little bit in PSE (a very little bit...obviously done rather quickly :p) last night and came up with these freaky little collages. Clockwise from top left, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Sharon Stone. Meg and Sharon are out but I thought I would share them anyway for your amusement (what is it about Meg's style that makes me look like I have fisheyes?!?

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So, if you have hair like this - tell me, is it a TOTAL pain to maintain and style? Because I don't do that, lol.

OK, here are the funny ones - C wanted in on the act too so I give you C as Steven Cojacaru (have you ever seen him on the Today show? I think he's hilarious but Carlos thinks he's annoying :p) and as John Travolta back in the day.

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And finally...the grand finale (some of you will get this more than others ;-) Scroll down for the ultimate hair makeover

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OK, for real, gimme some hair advice.


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