do something feb/mar

So, February the month has officially reached it's end but I'm still a bit short of reaching my goal. 24/28 notes written...4 to go. I'm not giving up! I've been saving all of the notes/cards/packages...piling them up so I can mail them all together. Honestly, the documentarian in me just wants a photo of all of them together :)

Since January and February were HARD and since my birthday is this month, I'm doing something fun for March. Something for me. Every week. Nothing extravagant (because 1. money and 2. my little missy moo joey that is attached at the hip) Like most moms, I feel guilty doing anything for me. But I shouldn't. Let's face it, I rarely even leave the house unless it's to take the kids to school or buy food. Getting out for a coffee and some quality time at the bookstore is an absolute delight. I thin I'll do that one week. So that's March How about you?


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