I'm a baaaaaaad mommy.

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last Friday, and I didn't post :(


7:36 am

and already I've heard Jake taunting Z with "in your face! in your face! BEAT THAT!"

thanks Hot Wheels commercial.

and have your kid say *this* to you and keep a straight face:

J: "knock, knock"
M: "who's there?"
J: "F"
M: "ummmm, errrrr"
(say it in your head if you have to ;-)

ok, to be fair, he followed that joke up with "A" as the answer to "who's there"...

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Oh, and check it...only 7 days between posts :)


You guys...

I TOTALLY had this looooong post typed out - kid you not. And Blogger freaking ate it. I know there is no reason for you to believe me since I treat this blog like a red-headed step-child but it IS.THE.TRUTH.

So, I'll start over...it's not gonna be as long this time though, dammit.

You remember my last post - the one about the Dairy Queen coupons? Of course you do - you had to look at it for 3 weeks :p What a bummer that turned out to be. The coupons were for the ghetto DQ that doesn't even have a drive through...grrrrr. And to add insult to injury, they sent ANOTHER set of coupons for the same (*&%&$*# store like a week later! By the way - do you guys say "cooopons" or "qpons" because one of those pronunciations is like nails on a chalkboard - I'm not saying which one though :p

You guys could *feel* my excitement in that last post, right? Quite a blow the whole discovery was...

In other news, we went to Tar-jay today (all my Canadian readers...don't get too jealous :p) You know it's bad when both your 2 and 4 year olds know Target as their second home - Zack will actually pump his wee fist in the air as he chants "tar-GET, tar-GET, tar-GET" I AM a good mom. Anywho...we forgo the popcorn (Target popcorn is the best) but I did pick up some SWEET manpris. I actually got them *in* the men's department and they may very well be my favorite capris ever. I'm sitting here typing and they still have the tags on them - they are THAT comfortable. They would look completely ridiculous on a man but I may never take them off.

We also bought a new vacuum. This is the chunk of the last post that I'm not retyping because 1) it was suuuuuper long (but oh-so-witty) and 2) I don't want to get all pissed again like the first time I typed it. Suffice it to say, Zack was responsible for ruining the last vacuum. His weapon of choice was a coffee can of nasty old bacon and hamburger grease. The incident also involved three rolls of paper towel, a half a bottle of dish soap and an hour of my time.

Hmmmmm, oh yeah. Today is the 15th of the month. That means a new garden at 2Peas. I don't have anything in the Garden but I do have a new kit up. Check it out - you know you wanna. Also, I'm hosting a chat on the digi board tonight with Des (she rock.) We'll have goodies too. So if you read this post in the next 30 minutes, pop on over!

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I'll have a BIG kit as well as one or two smaller kits up on September first so start saving those pennies...manpris don't grow on trees you know.

Hope none of you were hoping for a philosophical post this time around. Or maybe there are no readers left since I neglected so long. I could be typing to myself. So, say hi if you read :)

Also, I just spell checked this post and was amused to see that Blogger's spell check program doesn't recognize "Blogger" or "blog" as words yet...hmmmmm.


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