knitting & purging

First, the knitting...I'm working on a cute little bag and an afghan (yes, I am crazy) but the sweaters...that's where I've made the most progress and that's what will (hopefully) be finished soon! First, the bonita:

The back is done and the front is *almost* done. Then I can do the cap sleeves and do the finishing (the part I'm DREADING.) I went like gangbusters on this for awhile but haven't touched it in a couple of weeks. Hoping to possibly finish it up this weekend - fingers crossed!

I also started this one awhile ago...a sleevelss cowl neck design. Here is the front, almost complete. Have to say I really refer knitting in the round. Hopefully soon I'll be proficient enough to convert patterns so I don't have to do as much piecing after the fact! The bottom will look much nicer after blocking and it will be finished off with a thin ribbon. Hopefully I'll have it done in the next few weeks as well!

Yesterday I cleaned, organized and purged. Seems I do it once a month and somehow, the piles grow and multiply in the blink of an eye. I'll probably be posting stuff here and there that I'm looking to unload but am to lazy to list on eBay :p My laziness means freebies for my readers - all 15 of you :D Can any one use an HP 96 black ink cartridge let me know and I'll send it off to you!


because I like it random.

Look what Carlos got in the mail today...a special invitation and tickets to Donald J. Trump's conference next month. A special VIP invitation straight from the Don himself. Guess they need some seat fillers pretty badly, lol. I mean, I know we've been doing a great job of socking away some house dough and all but I seriously doubt we're next in line to become "America's next Billionaire Real Estate Guru" (that oughtta generate some google hits :p) Anybody want 'em...I think we're busy that day (although George...wouldn't mind meeting him!)

This boy has a major Mario complex lately. Carlos got the boys the Super Mario boxed set a few months ago and Jake has been obsessed ever since. He knows all of the words, he wants a Mario bedroom, and now, he wants to wear a mustache and a hat like Mario. He dances, sings, lives, breathes Mario. Do you guys remember the show? Mario is Captain Lou Albano people...of the famed WWF Albano's...Cindy Lauper's buddy Lou. It's star-studded. On the first disk alone there are cameos by Cindy herself, Nicole-someone-or other (from CHARLES IN CHARGE!), Winnie from the Wonder Years. These are major stars (heh.) So anyway, Jacob in full Mario mode right here. He's a star for sure.
This boy...need a haircut ('nuf said)
(but he also totally digs Mario)

both frames are from Katie Pertiet

Oh, and this is a cool deal too so check it out and think about applying! You could be a star ;-)

And this, because DUDE, what a cool little tool for scrapbookers!

And this 'cause it just looks fun :)

OK, anyway...so back to work! Later gators!


Toronto Re-cap...kind of

So, I wanted to share pictures and maybe a layout or two from our Toronto trip but I haven't edited anything yet.

It's two weeks past though, so, I'll just say it was awesome - exactly what we needed. We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame where I'm fairly certain, Carlos had an out-of-body experience. We saw Phantom of the Opera...I've seen it before (twice) but it's still well worth it. We walked the city in freezing cold temperatures and 50 mile per hour winds but we also ate well and slept well in a gorgeous room with an awesome view. (Priceline ROCKS btw...hotel, right on the water with a view of the CN Tower. SUPER cheap, thankyouverymuch)

We got out of town just in time Monday morning - less than 30 minutes after we left, they closed the expressway next to our hotel because huge sheets of ice were falling off of the CN Tower (kind of dangerous, eh?) Drove home in a nasty snowstorm (6 hours home vs 4 hours there) but made it home fine. To two sick kids. Who seem to have *finally* recovered.

I wanted to share some Toronto layouts but instead, I'll share this one. Did it last night while scrapping with my step-mom :) Have a great weekend!

(7Gypsies and Crate Paper, Fontwerks stamp, Maya Road chipboard "A", AC chipboard heart)


geez...been awhile!

Sorry about that! Time just got away from me. And just when I was patting myself on the back for posting semi-regularly :p I want to be better about keeping this up - especially since I found this site on my friend Maureen's blog a few weeks ago. I have my 2005 blog stuff organized and ready to print. Next up is 2006. I'd love to have a volume for each year! So, I need to update more so each volume is more than 10 pages !

So, since I last posted, I turned 31, left my boys with my parents for a WHOLE WEEKEND while Carlos and I went to Toronto for the weekend and spent the past week trying to nurse these boys back to health...oy, it's been a rough week! I also knit a hat, *almost* finished up Bonita and started on another sweater!

I've been so busy with work stuff but itching to scrap so I did a quickie digital page of one of our Toronto photos...tomorrow, I'll give a Toronto re-cap and try to take some knitting photos to share on Tuesday! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tracy Robinson papers, Katie Pertiet photo frame and label, Miss Mint cardboard and string closure, Tia Bennett stitches, Kate Teague lace.


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