I wasn't going to share this...

Because although I'm very interested in politics and this election, I'm *not* interested in swaying people's opinion. Either you have good reasons for voting for your chosen candidate (whomever that may be) and I totally respect that. OR, you have some crappy, twisted, ill-informed reasons for your choice in which case, you're not going to listen to what I have to say anyway :)

It's too cute not to share though and I love that both boys are interested in the election process as well. They've asked to go with us when we vote and who am I to say no? I hope as they get older, we can help them maintain a healthy interest in the political process and the importance of fully informed voting.


yeah? so?

Even my "mama" felt the need to point out that I haven't updated in a bit. You wanna make something of it? (though, I do love that my mom really did finally leave a comment...even if it was to "mother" me ;)

I'm not really posting much with this either. Just wanted to say that 3 months ago today, we welcomed this little girl into the world:

Now, we have this one:

Isn't life sweet?


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