zack's army

I had a CRAPPY night. Really, don't even want to think about it. But, since bedtime, I've downloaded and watched an entire Christmas iTunes gift certificate worth of The Office while I did some major catch up on email, logos and assignments.

And the past hour has been spent scanning drawings and making this nifty little brush set I like to call Zack's Army. He's drawing faces with legs now and he's so proud of himself :) They're actually rather cute and saving them into something I can use again seriously improved my mood.

The green balloons are courtesy of Jake but I thought they added to the mood nicely. Hope your night was better than mine!


do you ever feel like?

you're in a music video (not one of those booty videos :p) and you're the lead singer that's walking in slow motion through the middle of a tornado or a hurricane or some similar natural disaster? You're not getting injured or anything but the tornado goes on like you're not even there. Furniture and cows are flying all over the place and you can yell stop! or go to your room! or no TV for a week! but the tornado doesn't even acknowledge your existence?

now double the tornado. seriously man, they are 2 and 4...pretty sure I'll be blogging from the loony bin in short order.

and just because I can, a funny picture of the younger tornado. (apparently the eye protection was a safety precaution while orbiting around with the 4 year old tornado)



(all my troubles seemed so far away....)

Sorry, I had no intentions of doing that until I typed the post title and the rest came flowing out. Have you seen there is a new Beatles album? I need it, I want it, I gotta have it. No Beatles tunage on iTunes though so I actually have to leave my house to get it. Bummer.

So anyway, yesterday we built a fort and hung out in it a good part of the day. We played legos and listened to a lot of Jack Johnson and Laurie Berkner. I knit and was able to finish up Carlos' scarf and hat combo. Now to start on my own in a lovely shade of cornflower blue. (I have scarves, oh yes I do, but in shades of lime green and a creamy tweed...and no hats yet - I'll need one soon!)

Then, we played Twister. OK, mostly I spun and the boys played...because I'm too old ;-)

Then I stayed up way too late working. I'll do the same tonight.

Today, it's snowing. And if I were a good mom, I'd take the boys out to play. But they don't have any boots. And I hate the snow. So, I'll grocery shop instead.

Have a great Wednesday! (Wednesday, right?)


I scrapbooked :D

Goofy, huh? I needed somewhere to put these pictures from the first 200 Jake shot with his Christmas camera :) My buddy Annie challenged me to use an owl on a layout...because, who uses owls on their layouts? This one was cute though...and gave my exacto a workout ;) The lightbulb moment to combine the owl and the pictures provided me an inordinate amount of satisfaction. I'm sure you're all jealous that I lead such an exciting life :p


I admit...

I'm a fan of juvenile humor :p


pretty, huh?

The result of a little ice storm the other day.

The not-so-pretty? The $500 we had to fork over to the glass place to repair the rear quarter panel window on the truck. Seems the decrepit old tree in the front yard couldn't handle the extra weight of the pretty ice and we lost a few branches. One rather large branch that came down on the car mere minutes after Carlos got home and parked it. Perfect. Full disclosure time...that $500 also included our *front* windshield that cracked almost 2 years ago :p Guess it was time to do something about that, huh?

Every time we have an ice storm, I'm reminded by my mom or dad of the day I was born. The big ice storm of March, 1976...cited by many as "one of the worst natural disasters in Michigan's history." What an excellent sign of things to come for their first-born :p I think my ill-fated beginnings were just a case of bad timing though as overall, I've had a pretty good life. Just a little trip down memory lane today...happy Wednesday!


lazy days...

Well, I *finally* took my tree down today. Seriously procrastinated on that one (and yes, this is the same tree that took three minutes to set up)

You know how when you have a mess around for long enough, you learn to completely ignore it? I figured it was time to go when Zack told me this morning "Christmas over, mommy? Tree. Put away."

OK, point taken. So, it's stowed away in the basement. The cards are staying up for awhile longer though because I love seeing them everyday and being reminded of my friends and family. And the Autumn Leaves snowflakes and BasicGrey ornaments that I hung on the twine remind me of the winter season as much as the Christmas holiday. It was a practical solution to little hands pulling cards down and ripping them apart. And I love them swaying in the breeze created by little boys running through the living room.

Tonight, dinner with my parents. And knitting...because I *dont* have any jobs/assignments due tonight...tomorrow is another story :)


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Be safe. Here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous 2007 :)


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