the final countdown...

feeling good about our Thanksgiving prep (now Christmas, that's a *totally* different story.) There were a few things I wanted to post but I do still have some stuff left to do today and how many of you are blog-hopping today, anyway?

I did want to mention one thing though because I think it's a great idea - especially since most of my 11 readers are scrapbookers ;) NPR has teamed up with StoryCorps and deemed tomorrow the National Day of Listening. A day when you sit down with a relative or other loved one and record a meaningful conversation with them. You can see more information on StoryCorps website and listen to some of the conversations NPR hosts have recorded for airing over the course of the last week here: NPR National Day of Listening

How many of you have a really great depth of knowledge about your grandparents' (or even parents') lives pre-you? Aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. Choose someone special and sit down with them for some quality conversation. All 4 of my biologic grandparents are gone. I really wish I would have done this with them. I'd love it if even one of you took the challenge.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you. What a truly heartfelt suggestion of listening. Scary thing is, I have just realized that I am that "older person" now, since all grandparents and parents are gone, and I yearn to have their voices and wisdom. That is one reason I have suddenly loved our old videos, as I can actually hear my parent's voices...and it gives me goose bumps. Enjoy your day with your wonderful family, and treasure these days as they pass all too quickly.



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