un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq,

SIX (which is kind of anti-climactic since it's spelled the same in english and french...and here I was trying to show of my 8th grade french class skills...)

I was going to do a mid-month "do something" update but that will have to wait until tomorrow since a half-birthday is ever-so-much-more important :)


do something january: mid month update

**January 26, 2009**I'm keeping the original title (and post date) so you can see that I started working on this post like, um, 10 days ago. I actually had it pretty much done 10 days ago. I know you make time for the things you love but clearly, my blog is not on that list. I wish it were...like I wish exercise and regularly scheduled hair cuts were.

So who is with me on this still? Despite my lack of updates, I've actually made some kick-ass progress on my January goal. I haven't stuck *exactly* to the schedule every day but I've done pretty well and I wouldn't be embarrassed by any drop-in company :) Well, not embarrassed by my house at least ;) Here is what I went with for my schedule:

pick up daily; at least one load of laundry daily
monday - upstairs bathroom
tuesday - kitchen/clean out fridge/meal plan + grocery list
wednesday - groceries
thursday - dusting/vacuuming (I will NEVER be able to spell that word on my own)
friday - downstairs bath/laundry room
saturday - mop
sunday - strip beds

I also finally followed through with creating chore and behavior charts for the boys so they've been put on a regular chore schedule as well. They're doing great with it and it's making my life so much easier in the process.

Sticking to a schedule and a well-timed lull in "work" has had the unintended affect of creating a serious purge desire (less to clean and maintain!) Since the start of the year, I've also:

- shred paperwork (3 grocery bags full or old bills/receipts + another bag full of contracts and check stubs) I've been saving this stuff for like 3 years. I know, ridiculous. I never remembered to buy a shredder after our last one broke though. I did think to add it to my Christmas list though (thanks, mom!)
- donate clothes...I'm pretty good about doing this fairly regularly. Two more bags were donated this month though.
- cleaned and organized the pantry
- cleaned a bunch of junk out of Izzy's closets
- cleaned out the closet in the playroom/spare bedroom
- went though a metric butt ton of old magazines...tore out pages, filed them and donated the carcasses to the paper recycling bin at Jake's school. It helped that I had a supportive partner cheering me on. This pile is only about a third of the total. I may have a problem.

One with outrageous lashes.

So, with February just a few days away, I'm trying to decide on a new goal. More on that Sunday! I'd love to hear where you guys are at. Feeling good about your progress?


one week in...

2009 - a week in the books. How is yours going so far? I think everyone here is happy that school is back in. Ready for the tail end of winter (which I know is still far, far away but once the new year hits, we can be hopeful, right?)

This little girl had a bath in the BIG tub yesterday. Well actually, it was the little tub in the big tub (rather than the typical little tub in the kitchen sink routine we had up to this point) Because she is just so damn BIG that we can't do kitchen sink baths anymore. And although she technically can sit up, falling down is ever-so-much-more fun. These pictures were from right after her bath when she's so soft and good-smelling and happy. I always take these pictures after her bath :) Tonight, we start cereal. I always hold off until 6 months but she's just 1 week away from that mark and so completely pitiful every time we eat that I'm giving in a few days early. Tonight/tomorrow I'll be making some baby food to freeze so we have lots of veggies on hand for the coming days and weeks.

She breaks my heart with her adorableness.

So hey, did you know I have a couple of BOYS as well? They don't show up here as much because every attempt at capturing them in their natural habitat invariably ends up with a variety of goofy faces including but not limited to scrunched up eyes, hands over the face and some sort of visible tongue.

But look! Here they are anyway. Playing with the completely awesome microscope that mister J got from his grandparents (this was how we spent New Year's Eve day...before we all went to bed around 8 pm. We're crazy like that :)

But wait people, there's more!

Do you KNOW what those ARE?!?


We haven't broke into them yet but we will...oh, we will.


January 1st always marks the day the holiday decorations come down. So far, everything is put away but the "big" tree. So, I figured this would be a good month to establish a regular cleaning & shopping schedule.

The rest of the day will find me finishing up the decoration storage, putting away all of the CLEAN laundry so I can start fresh with everything put away and a general sweep of the house. I already did a pretty thorough cleaning of the boys' playroom after Christmas to get rid of all of the broken/missing pieces/junky happy meal type stuff. Then later on I'll establish my schedule and get my grocery list started - so fun! ha.

I figure starting off the year with a not-as-fun month will encourage me to go strong so I can reward myself with a more exciting task next month! Plus, it will be nice to not freak when we find out guests are coming. I'd prefer a generally acceptable house as opposed to the "oh-shit-we-have-company-coming" emergency scramble cleaning I'm accustomed to ;)

So, for those of you playing along (and I'm so grateful that some of you are!) I'd love to hear what you've settled on for January!

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!


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