I think she may be onto something...

from an email I got from my sister this morning:

Hmm…same hairstylist?? Or perhaps we have found baby Suri's REAL father… :)

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OK, so I managed to pull a few of you in to try your hand at digi - what did you think? I had four participants SO, I had Jake draw one name for the larger GC and the rest of you are getting smaller GC's for being such good sports :)

Peg, Jake drew YOUR name - congratulations :) Peg, Maureen, Janet and Kelley - I have everyone's email but just shoot me a quick one to let me know for sure which email address you want the gift certificate sent to!

Now, after a whole lot of blog posting, I can go back into hibernation :p Thanks for playing along guys!


errrr, so this is a lame one :p

Stitching. Basic. I'm guessing most of you know how to work a sewing machine but for those that don't (or just don't have one) Digital stitches are an awesome alternative.

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Download the stitches here.

Make sure you post a link to your hybrid layouts on my blog before 5 pm tomorrow (Sunday) to be included in the drawing for the GC! Good luck :)


feeling rather uncreative last night and today...

...so this download is something I created awhile ago but never got around to using anywhere.

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A quick tutorial to change the color of this file:
1. Once you've opened the flower file up, select the color you'd like it to be and draw a box to cover the flower.
2. Simplify the box layer. This option should be under "simplify" if you click "layer" in your toolbar.
3. Hit ctrl + g and then ctrl + e to permanently merge the layers. Now you can drag the newly colored flower to wherever you plan on using it.

You can also use the paint bucket to recolor but this can sometimes result in more ragged edges. I recolored and printed on white cardstock. Quickly cut out with scissors and plopped down with pop dots to create this card (that scanned badly) Under 5 minutes start to finish.

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download it here :)

Love seeing what you guys have done so far!


A Random

I don't normally like music on blogs but I am so freaking addicted to this song I had to share :) The funniest part is how I found the song - hubby was watching a google video that someone had made. Can you believe people make videos from the game Warcraft? They make up whole stories to go along with the video capture and set it all to music - pretty funny. Anyway, he was watching a video (which was honestly pretty damn funny) and this song was in the background - loved it and downloaded from iTunes immediately :) Check it out :)


numero dos

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A dotted alphabet brush set. Download it here. I'll post my layout using it in the morning!

OK, ETA my layout - can't wait to see what you guys do with these!

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I've been busy but I'll catch up with comments in the morning :)


OK, first download

A simple little photo overlay. It's set up for a 5" x 7" photo (as shown in the first example) Just drag and drop on your photo (I set it in "overlay" mode in the picture shown)
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Another use? Print it right onto your background! On this layout I enlarged it a little before printing. The photo frame is from my 2Peas freebie kit "Vibe". Lil Davis chipboard letters, Creative Imaginations sticker and rub-ons from Doodlebug and MME. Please don't think I'm gross - this picture was just way too funny not to scrap :p To be fair to Jake though, it was taken 3 months ago and I don't see him picking his nose anymore :p (much, lol)

The journaling is much easier to read in real life but it says:
    Jake, my wish for you:
    that you STOP that disgusting habit.
    Zack, my wish for you:
    that Jake keeps his hands to himself :p

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You can download the frame here. Good luck! Remember, go ahead and ask questions and link me up when you post your layouts!

do you digi?

So, I have a lot of friends who say they'd like to try digital scrapbooking but don't know how/are afraid to try/love their paper too much. Don't get me wrong, I too LOVE paper and embellishments and just "stuff" in general. I'll never give it up. Digi is just a whole 'nother way to record your memories and preserve your photographs. It can be quicker, it can be more cost effective, you can achieve a look that is impossible with traditional paper products.

Here's the thing though, you can use digital technology and products in your paper layouts (you knew this, right?) It's absolutely my favorite way to scrapbook. I guess technically, I've always done this as my computer has been an integral part of my scrapping since day one. There are INFINITE ways to accomplish this.

So, my challenge to you (yes *YOU*, the paper scrappers) is to work some digi into your paper layouts this week. Every day this week (starting later this evening,) I'll post a download suitable for easy incorporation into your next layout. Post your a link to your layouts in the comments section and Sunday, I will draw a name from the participants and send you a nice 2Peas gift certificate. And you don't have to use the stuff I post here either - feel free to use any digital stuff you can get yours hands on - the products at 2Peas are a great place to start - lots of freebies available as well as a ton of affordable digital kits.

If you have any questions, post those here as well - I'll do my best to answer them (even though I am NOT the best for answering technical program questions.) If I can't answer it, try the 2Peas Digi Board as there is BOUND to be an answer there for you.

Ready? Set? Go!


heard around our house yesterday...

"Go JACOB, it's *my* birthday, shake my booty, cause it's *my* birthday!"

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I've trained this kid well :)


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