The Phone Photography Project 2

When Elizabeth asks me if I would like to participate in a project she's heading up, my answer is "YES" before I even finish reading. I know it will be incredibly well organized, chock-full of useful information, and inspiring to the nth degree. So, The Phone Photography Project 2? Oh yeah. Sign me up!

As the years go on, I turn to my phone more and more for capturing, well, just about everything. I take picture of school notes and filed trip permission slips so I have easy access to the dates and times and other important details. I take pictures of "things" that I need to buy so that I pick up the right "thing" (lightbulbs...always the lightbulbs.) But most often, and most importantly, I take pictures of moments. And this class is so good at sharing the ideas for the moments as well as the techniques for turning the photos into something magical.

This class is slightly different from last years. It's organized a bit differently and includes all new content. I'm really excited about the addition of videos - process videos from ALL of the contributors. So, if you took the class last year and enjoyed it, I think you'll love this year even more!

You should really watch this video because Elizabeth tells the story so well.

You can see all of the class details at BPC - I hope you'll check it out! I'm so honored to be included in this list of contributors and special guests and I know that if you try it, you'll love it as much as I do.


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