the best thing about buying a house in the fall?

The pleasant surprises you discover in the spring. We've had such beautiful weather the past week or so. I wander the yard admiring the new flowers and plants that seem to pop up daily. I pull weeds and take pictures and probably make my neighbors wonder what kind of crazy person moved into their neighborhood. I'm trying to enjoy them this spring because I am completely inept at yard/garden maintenance and this may be the last time I ever see them :p The boys hit trees with sticks and stomp on ants and push rocks in the back of their truck from one end of the yard to the other. I wonder how much different our backyard time will be next spring :)

Then there are other happy discoveries like how the spring light comes through the window and shines onto our "gallery" wall. Do you have one of these in your house too? Jake lives for keeping this wall next to daddy's desk well adorned. Jake is an artist to the core. He draws for hours every day between school and home and *every* occasion warrants a brand new notebook or two to meet his expanding needs. The multicolored pens (remember those from our childhood?) are a favorite tool as well.

Added to my girly list in the past few days? (images are clickable so you can go steal them away from me before I buy them...ahem, for you, Jamie ;) Hello! The second one is reversible too...double the cuteness!

And finally, a layout I did last week for the BHG blog. There is journaling on there...it's just teeny tiny (you can click the layout to make it bigger)! I recently discovered that Liz designs digital products under the name Paislee Press over at Oscraps and instantly fell in love. I've always adored her minimalist style and have had her in my BOS since forever. I was thrilled to find out I can (try to) copy her look without the effort of being creative myself :) Be sure to check out her stuff! (Other digital supplies are from Catscrap...see the BHG blog for complete credits)


  1. gorgeous layout, flowers, and artwork, and cutie pie girl clothes - what a post.=!

  2. That layout is adorable, E! I love the title on the way cool pic :)

  3. love the way the pix expand onscreen. It makes the flowers look like they are blooming on the spot!
    sweet LO. I'm going to kidnap you one day and make you show me how to do al the digi stuff.

  4. Oh my word. Those dresses are absolutely ADORABLE - especially the second one! Now you're making me want to find out what we are having next week!
    Love the layout too - always love your layouts! I got the newest Scrapbooks Etc in the mail yesterday and was admiring your work. :)
    And yay for spring flowers! What wonderful surprises! We still have snow falling here...

  5. Anonymous5:02 PM

    beautiful layout erica!
    love those little tiny girl dresses. oh, you're going to have so much fun when she arrives :)

  6. Anonymous8:45 AM

    alright, you are killing my clothing budget with all these cute finds :) I really need to learn to sew....

  7. those flowers are so beautiful.
    what treasures.
    like you, though, i have no idea how to garden at all...someday, maybe???
    love that layout so much...you are too amazingly good!

  8. Anonymous2:32 PM

    holy moly, those girlie clothes are too cute!! love the flowers, too. here's hoping some of them survive you. ;)

  9. we moved in late summer and was surprised our fist spring too! too funny how you talk about the boys and the fun they have in the yard. its sounds really "boy" very rough and tough!


  10. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Love the slideshow E. Those flowers are hardier than you know your boys won't be able to destroy them! So glad that you've found wonder in your new yard. That is cool stuff! I loved that about the first year living in my house as well. Dig those girly clothes-can't wait to meet this sweet princess! We must go out to lunch/dinner before her appearence!

  11. I am postive that the former owners of your home must be smiling to themselves if they knew that you love the fruits of their labors...I love that the circle is enlarging, and you now are adding your love and your art touches to the walls, the garden and the history of that home. Thanks for the link, and the inspiration.

  12. love that layout, those cuite little dresses & pretty flowers...enjoy them =)

  13. why yes, we do need some new spring dresses and skirts, why thank you.. my personal elsie shopper :) heehee
    that digi layout is crazy cool too.

  14. Ah yes, spring is here finally...to bad it hasn't really stayed around this week!! So I just HAD to post and say that i am mad at you because you totally jinxed me, with all your baby talk before, lol...i am pregnant too!! Keeping my fingers crossed for some little dresses like that in my future :D

  15. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Hey sister! Catching up. My flowers have been blown all off by the damn storm! LOL!

    Those outfits are way too cute. But nope, I'm NOT having another child, hoping it's a girl, just to buy her clothing... ;) I will have to spoil yours!



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