my girl

We get to have a lot of good one-on-one time now that both boys are in school.

Some days, we get together a handful of times throughout the day and read or play for a bit and then she returns to the trucks and pencils and books that occupy the rest of her time.

Some days, she's a little leach firmly attached at the hip for the majority of the day.

Some days she takes naps...others she doesn't.

Some days, we spend the morning running errands and going to the library and grabbing a coffee and a milk.

Some days, she wears her PJ's all day (and makes me jealous that I can't do the same.)

She loves to sing Christmas carols, Big Time Rush and Queen.

She likes to count...1-2 and 7-8-9.

She dances unbelievably awesome.

She colors in the lines (ok, and also on the furniture and walls but we're working on it.)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse + Dora + Elmo + Thomas = winners.

Dislikes diaper changes (yes, still.)

Talks in full on sentences that blow my mind.

The other day, I marveled at the fact that in every child's life, you start by measuring their development by all their "firsts." And then, at some unknown point, you look around and realize it's really all the "lasts" that you missed that act as subtle reminders of how fast they are growing and changing. When did we stop closing the bathroom doors? When did we stop putting the garbage up high so she couldn't dig for treasure? When did we stop closing the baby gate at the top of the stairs?

OK, sappiness over I've got work to do and a baby to play with.

Later, friends!


my counter kicks ass

A completely unintended benefit of the new island and countertop we added a couple of weeks ago: wrapping presents! Just a big, open space for spreading out and getting crafty. No more backaches wrapping presents on the floor or bed. Both of the boys share a downstairs bedroom so I have lots of recovery time if I hear one of them up and about while I'm wrapping. I wrapped all 24 holiday books in under an hour (ps, Target $1 spot wrapping paper is PERFECT for this)

I was already happy with our little mini reno but now I'm in love.

Aren't you glad I'm back with these thought-provoking posts?


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