eating this week: feb 18: feb 19

Monday: roasted veggies, couscous risotto, salad
(It's Tuesday now so we've already eaten this. The couscous was a new dish and really pretty good. I made a couple of changes, using shallots rather than onion, pan roasting some corn along with the shallot and skipping the peas as we were out. Obviously we skipped the pancetta as well and I used a shaved parmesan melted into the risotto at the end.)

Tuesday: broccoli cheese stuffed sweet potatoes + salad
This is a new dish as well but really, how can you go wrong with those ingredients?

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: jalapeno corn soup
Long time fave.

Friday: vegetable pot pie
Another new recipe.

Saturday guacamole grilled cheese
One more new recipe...

Sunday: lasagna
Because it makes the house smell good all day long!

I'm also going to make a batch of this soup (ummm, also new) to eat throughout the rest of the week for lunch (I'm the only french onion soup lover in the house - blasphemy.)

I'm noticing a trend this week of lots and lots of comfort food. Cold this week so it's apropos as we'll be snuggled inside the next few days as much as possible.


Friday thoughts

Just went on ashow bender (as I'm wont to do...often) and this one made me stop and rewind and stop and rewind and stop and rewind.

(this one is pretty rad for the memory keepers among us)


project life: week 3

In digital form:

SUPPLIES: paislee press memory keeper elements (facebook freebie) | pixels & co in good company freebie
And paper (no additions this week to the printed cards...I did add a couple of screenshots of congratulatory emails to Jake behind the spelling bee card)

And an Izzy drawing that I couldn't bear to reduce that I included in a regular page protector (along with the full size certificate Jake got for the bee.)


do something february: culling my digital space

(Heather and I decided that this mantra needed a graphic to go along with it)
I spent a good part of my weekend (ok, and week) working on simplifying and streamlining my digital "footprint."
  • photos downloaded from my phone + apps deleted (from my phone AND iTunes...I always forget that second part)
  • email capacity under 50% (let's keep it this way, shall we?)
  • digital photos organized (I save them by month/year)
  • desktop organized and backed up (to my EHD + my back up EHD) I added a reminder to my calendar to do this once a month!
  • I've unsubscribed from 95% of the newsletter type emails I've received in the past week (by the way...how is it you can be immediately subscribed but removal from a subscription list can take 10 days? also, I don't need a confirmation email for unsubscribing!)
  • google docs whittled down 
  • dropbox files dumped
  • blog reader significantly cut...I mean, brutally, ruthlessly, take-no-prisoners cut. I cut more than half of the blogs. It's still a ridiculously huge list but it's so much better. No updates in the past couple of months? (and seriously, some of the blogs I was still subscribed to hadn't been updated in 4 or 5. YEARS. Ugh) Cut. (and this would have made my blog a cut contender many times over the past 8 years) Incessant advertising/pimping? Cut. Truncated feeds? (and I do get why bloggers do this...I just rarely click through so why bother subscribing?) Cut. Lots of cat photos? Cut. (only partly kidding here) 
Feeling so much better about my digital organization now. The challenge is to keep it up! Now to work on the other 27 items on my list (which I've been picking away at but not enough to call ay of the other items "done" yet. stay tuned...


Valentines old + new

I thought now would be the time to point out a few Valentine/love themed items I've released previously and newly now that we're just a few days away :)

The old:

This freebie I shared a couple of years ago (click for full size and right click to save)
And some digital stuff in my etsy shop from last year

And the new:




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