why can't they add leap year day to a good month?

I'd seriously enjoy a 31 day June. You? An extra day in the month of weddings and graduations. A happy month like June deserves an extra day more than a cold, wintery, crappy month like February. Write a letter to your congressmen.

We got to see little miss again yesterday. She's still a girl. Her heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and head all look good. No indication of Down Syndrome or club feet (?) She was moving a lot at even seemed to wave a little to us. Carlos is in love :)

Her pretty profile:

And now she's looking at you :)

And, they moved my due date up a bit again. Originally July 25th...now we're up to July 13th! And my stomach is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Desperately trying to avoid buying too many maternity clothes until it's warmer. Wish me luck!

Some good stuff today:

Tonya's FABULOUS brushes - seriously cool and best of all: FREE.
My buddy Gillian - blogging again - yay!
Tons of new digital kits at 2Peas - have you seen the new 99 cent offerings? Good stuff!
Baby Bauer watch is still on :)


again with the random

I bought this Doodlebug bag from 2Peas on a whim awhile ago. No idea what I was going to use it for. It was just cute. Now that I look at it again though, it's gonna make the *best* little diaper bag. Perfect size for a couple of diapers and a change of clothes.

Carlos is getting excited about meeting little miss in a couple of days. He couldn't make it to the first ultrasound so he hasn't had a chance to see her in "action" yet. I'll be able to share some ultrasound photos after Thursday!

I've been doing more baby girl window shopping. I've always loved Mahar Drygoods - lots of beautiful unique stuff. I really love these alphabet cards. I want to come up with something "alphabet-y" for baby girl's room but I think I want to do it myself rather than buy something. Great inspiration though! LOVE these wall plates too!

I finally decided on a first knit for her as well. This Debbie Bliss pattern from Simply Baby - just a simple 2x2 rib sweater with some hemp yarn I've had for awhile. I love the color and while the yarn isn't the softest to work with. the knitted fabric is lovely. shouldn't take me too long to actually make some progress that resembles something sweater-ish.

Stamp winners - I *finally* packaged up the stamps today and will get them in the mail tomorrow...I told you it could be awhile but you should have them by the end of the week!

More snow today. Seems like it will never end. I'm so tired of looking out the window and just seeing a sea of white. I need green. NOW. I know a lot of you are in the same boat so I won't whine too much :p

And finally, this video had Carlos and I laughing our butts off (warning, might be offensive to some :p) Amazing how many celebrities he got to participate!



This past couple of weeks, my stomach totally popped. No more regular pants...I had to break out the Bella Band a couple of days ago :)

After lots of prodding, I finally started to cautiously do a little window shopping around the web for little miss. Yesterday, I made my first little girly clothes purchase thanks to an Old Navy baby sale. Nothing overly girly but I did buy her a skirt a hoodie with flowers. Big step for me! Now that I've actually laid out money, I'm sure my ultrasound next week will reveal an error and show that we're actually having a third boy :p

I've been checking out bedding too. Thanks to Lisa, I've been turned onto the Dwell line at Target. Nothing is *quite* what I've imagined though so after some more searching, I found this (which is *exactly* what I had in mind) and this which I completely adore. Not sure I can justify the price of either though.

Current food obsessions: Sweetarts, veggie eggrolls and grape tomatoes. Yum. And I could easily eat all three together for the same meal! The boys and I are enjoying smoothies too; frozen berries, a banana, OJ and a container of yogurt. Good stuff.

OK, loads of work to do in the next week or so (at least 7 or 8 layouts that I can think of - eeek!) and zero motivation so I'd better get to work. Oh, and a quick congrats to miss Gabby on the birth of Evansen and lots of happy thoughts to Mel who is expecting baby Bauer any day! Can't wait to "meet" him/her!

Have a great weekend!


Yes, "it's" a "she"

Trust me, I'm as surprised as anyone! I believe I did a double-, make that triple-take when the technician told me.

This one has me almost completely turned off food (at least for the moment) but addicted to grapefruit juice. I drank five glasses the other day. Then I read the calorie count...130 calories/glass. Also over 100% of your vitamin C. So how did I get sick? Now I'm trying not to drink more than 2 glasses a day.

This one has me vomiting a couple of times a week still. With the boys, second trimester meant the golden era of pregnancy. She's already demonstrating some of the differences between the sexes, huh?

This one has me wanting this shirt in a bad way. I just wish it came in a color other than pink!

Carlos is over-the-moon excited about this little girl. We've had a girl name picked out since before we knew Jake was a boy so at least that part is out of the way. We can talk to her everyday and call her by name. And she most definitely gets daily conversation with at least one of us.

I'm dreaming of spring. Ogling the Burpee catalog daily trying to decide what I want to grow this year. I have a black thumb so I know I need to start small. I'm thinking just some small herb plants on our deck this year. The tomatoes are calling my name though. And maybe just a couple flowers. (I clearly have no willpower and should not even try to limit myself.)

And this boy has a way with paper and scissors. Notice a resemblance? (probably not if you haven't seen Kill Bill before. And if you haven't, you should! And no, Jake has NOT seen Kill Bill...the resemblance is purely coincidental...we're pretty lenient about the content they see but Kill Bill is a little too liberal for a 5 year old :p)

so, tell me this...

How would one go about having a house put in a bubble? Because I am so ready to do just that. Just one after another we've all been fighting off various illnesses. I was actually forced to go to the doctor this week - the first time I've gone for an illness since before I met Carlos! Today is the first day since Monday that I've stayed upright for the majority of the day. Carlos has fought off a couple of infections (one that landed him in the emergency clinic with a 104 + fever) and Zack made his own trip to the emergency clinic last weekend with what turned out to be a double ear infection *and* burst ear drum. Why can't we just get sick during the week? I'm so done with this winter. And I know I'm not the only one.

Needless to say, I slacked on my stamp winner drawing responsibilities - I apologize for that! Random.org has deemed the following posters winners:

So, Julie, Amy, Paula and Stephanie email me please! I promise to mail the stamps out before the turn of the century :)

I also slacked on my blog comment returning...I normally really good about it but I'm sure you'll all forgive me if I skip it just this once? My inbox overfloweth and I'm ready to just hit delete a few times and be done with it :p Thank you all for the congratulations though. I certainly appreciate it! This little one is treating me a bit differently than the boys so I'm just taking it day by day and hoping the crazy-energy/nesting phase kicks in soon!

OK, back to my email...slog, slog, slog. Have a great weekend!


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