I so rock at this blogging thing.

  • a couple of people asked about how I made these fabric pinwheels
    for Izzy's birthday. seriously, they were so half-assed but it's cute fabric and a pinwheel - how could I go wrong? I was going to try to cobble together some sort of tutorial but I haven't had the sewing machine out once since the party soooo, I stumbled on this tutorial and I haven't looked at it but I'm positive it's 1000% more thorough than anything I could come up with so check it out if you're interested!
  • YAY. I bookmarked her work forever ago and even made my own yarn wreath last year...this year though, it'll be much better thanks to this tutorial!
  • and if I make one of those, I'm going to need one of these
    as well.
  • I bookmarked this tutorial
    awhile ago and want to make it badly but I still haven't figured out where to put it. If I have to, I'll put it in the damn laundry room.
  • I made this recipe that Rebecca shared. Make it. Now. So delicious. I just made sauteed onions and brown rice rather than the green rice and we wrapped it all in a tortilla. YUM.
  • I'm obsessed over this blog. I keep going back and studying all the details. So cool.
  • Halloween was a success even though I completely wussed out on the preparations...store-bought costumes, no pumpkin carving (though we did make it to the pumpkin patch in mid-October) and no decorations. The kids could not possibly have cared less about all the stuff I *didn't* do though. Star Wars costumes + candy out the ears makes them happy. Izzy and I shared a box of Nerds while C took the boys out.

OK, there was more but I started this post more than 24 hours ago so that's all you get for now :p



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