did it.

A brand spanking new 20D is winging it's way to Michigan. Thanks a lot for [not] convincing me I needed it (sarcasm).


talk me out of this...

or into this...Carlos is trying to talk me into buying it. He says I *need* it. I tend to agree on a purely greedy basis but in my heart of hearts (and brain of brains...and checkbook of checkbooks) I know I don't. I know the little Canon S1 I bought 6 months ago is perfectly fine. I know, I know, I know.

We were at Best Buy the other day and he asked the camera guy if we could check it out (you know...the typical Best Buy employee...the "we don't work on commission" but are still completely pushy employee. yeah, him.) Anyway, I held it (LOVE how it felt in my hands.) I took pictures (with TWO different lenses AND the external flash.) I found out some of the technical specs (like the FPS...dear Lord, I almost fainted dead away.)

Carlos was urging me to buy it right there...along with the wide angle lens and 2gig card. I'm wondering what ridiculously overpriced piece of equipment my hubby is eyeing that has guilted him into pushing for this. I reign in my overwhelming desire to give in to him. I tell him I need to do research...to check prices as I'm sure I can find a better deal at a reputable online source (SEE how responsible I am?!?) He told me I had a week or he's going back to Best Buy to get it.

The reviews assure me I could take photographs like this if I purchase it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

WHAT do I do?? I'm unemployed...C is under the impression I can make a little side money with this beautiful camera. I know I am no where near ready to do something like that. I just don't have the knowledge. But I NEED the camera to learn right? You see my dilemma.

Talk me out of it.

Or into it.


holy crap!

Jake just counted to 10...in Spanish!

Thanks Dora :) And they say TV is bad for your kids :p

guilty pleasures live

So a couple of years ago, I was obsessed with Iron Chef. As much as I'm NOT a cook, I love cooking shows. And this one...so different, so original. I loved watching them use ingredients that were so foreign (and often, completely disgusting, lol) and the best part as the hysterical dubbing and the Chairman of Kitchen Stadium fondling his green pepper during the intro. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was when they stopped making new episodes. It was around that time that we cancelled our satellite service...fast forward to now. We move into our new house, have our cable hooked up and what do I discover but this. Yeehaw. I know what I'll be watching Sunday nights at 9:00.


little gift to myself

Ordered myself one of these in green yesterday as a late Mother's Day present to myself...couldn't resist.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I got it from here...ingenious little cuffs!

On another note, just wanted to say how fortunate I am to have so many talented and sharing friends. Can't get into specifics but there are a couple in particular who I am super proud of right now...they know who they are ;)

And finally, I bit the bullet and reserved a domain name for my little dream business. Hopefully sometime very soon I'll have shop set up. You can check out my under construction page here.

Happy Friday!


in honor of mother's day...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

me and my mom. I know it's blurry and grainy but isn't she beautiful?

I know I don't say it enough and so I'll say it now. Thank you for being such a great mom; for demonstrating how to be the mom *I* want to be.

And I'm sorry. For being a teenager of the ungrateful variety. And causing you to stay up late at night worrying about me.

And thank you for never saying that you hoped I had children just like me someday (even though they are very likely more difficult :p

Love you mom.


sniff sniff

one...two little steps today.

I'm so proud and so sad.

8 months and 11 days old.


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