eating this week

I haven't done very well keeping up with sharing our weekly menu but I've definitely been doing it still! This is what our week looks like:

monday: BBQ at my mom's house but I'll be making this potato salad so that we have a vegan option
tuesday: kale and white bean soup
wednesday: portland porch lettuce wraps
thursday: lentil loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli (I made this lentil loaf a couple of weeks ago - very good! I subbed the brown sugar/mustard/ketchup glaze I used to use when we still ate meat rather than the barbeque sauce called for)
friday: baked tostadas w/ vegan feta
saturday: caramel tofu w/ brown rice and spicy snap peas
sunday: sweet potato avocado quinoa salad (which I made a couple of weeks ago and it was delicious! rather than the ingredient heavy dressing in the recipe though, I simply blended a jar of salsa verde with about 1/3 package of silken tofu - perfect and easy. also, this time, I'm going to serve it over some romaine)


right now.

Right now, our weekly menu looks (looked?) like this:
mon: veggie wraps (whole wheat tortillas, hummus, romaine, zucchini, red and green peppers, shredded carrot, onions...the kids said it was the best dinner ever and I didn't even have to cook anything. I dig it.)
tuesbroccoli gribriche
wed: vegetable and edamame pasta (decent...maybe a little less lemon next time)
thurs: cheesless homemade pizza with onions, broccoli and this sauce
fri: sweet potato avocado quinoa salad (I'm going to experiment with my own dressing though)

Last week's recipe successes - everything. Seriously. All of the new dishes were winners but I think my favorite was the chilaquiles.

Right now, I'm at 46 miles for the month - well on my way to my 75 mile goal.

Right now, I'm trying to take "wow, you don't look that old!" as a compliment. As shared by the cashier this morning upon verifying my age for the beer that was part of my mid-week shopping trip. Uh, thank you? Apparently, 36 is ancient in her world view.

Right now, I'm really glad the smoke detector went bonkers at 5 pm yesterday rather than 5 am this morning.

Right now, I'm doing some self-reflection. Wondering when I turned into such a hermit and started avoiding social activities. Wondering what happened to my drive and motivation when it comes to searching for a job. Wondering what happened to my mojo. No designing going on. No scrapboooking going on.

Right now, I'm happy with this little project that Izzy and I tackled. Perfect for practicing letters and drawing happy faces!

1) Ugly board found at Goodwill for $1. 2) Primed with white acrylic paint. 3) Getting messy with the chalkboard paint we mixed to match her room - $3. 4) Priming for use.


here, there and everywhere

I've been slightly scattered and internet-averse lately so this post will include a bit of everything.

First off, I create some freebie wordart for a new challenge at Two Peas...I wanted to share it here with you all as well if you're interested! Download it here. It's obviously rather specific but if you think you can use it, I'd love to see what you do.

Second, I'm incredibly saddened by this news. BHG has been a dream to work with all these years. Becoming a contributing editor for them was a dream come true and I will always treasure the relationships and friendships forged through my association with them. Feeling a bit lost now...still trying to process. Perhaps this is my opportunity to spend more time on my etsy shop or pursue other writing opportunities. Regardless, I wish everyone associated with Scrapbooks, Etc., particularly Michelle, the absolute best.

Finally, our menu plan for the week. I had a couple of questions about our motivation to be vegetarian/vegan and I'm still trying to formulate a post about that. Soon, hopefully!

monday: pasta with braised broccoli and tomato (new)
tuesday: spicy jalepeno and corn soup (old fave)
wednesday: mushroom bourguinonne (new)
thursday: spaghetti
friday: vegan chilaquiles (new)
saturday: salad w/ vegan chicken breast


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