all I can do is baby talk and random.

What's awesomer than awesome? Grabbing one of your husband's long sleeve t shirts out of the closet to wear for the day (because, you know, more belly room) and when you take it off for the day, realizing it says "arrogant bastard" down the back of both sleeves. And you wore a down vest over it when you took your son to school. And picked him up. Yup, I'm that mom.

The three year old watching a documentary about budo the for an hour this morning. We think a martial arts class would be good for the boys...if you're kids have done martial arts, what age did you start them?

Why didn't I start a dream journal when I found out I was pregnant? I mean, I have some pretty fantastic (and by fantastic, I mean weird as hell) dreams when I'm gestating. And I can never remember them for more than 15 minutes after I wake up. I do remember that the last one I had involved me being a member of a dream team of robots. We were traveling for a competition (still unclear what it was we were competing *at*) when there occurred a particularly heated conversation about sleeping arrangements. My line was "Relax everyone. We are Just Robots. We can sleep on the floor." Dreams also often involve birthing adult sized babies (that look a lot like this baby...and come out already diapered...and can talk) or having a fetus that pokes and stretches my belly so much that it's entire body is recognizable and I can HOLD IT IN MY ARMS while still in vitro.

On the topic of pregnancy, my brother Shawn asked me how far along I was on Easter. When I said 24 weeks, he said "Oh, almost halfway then, right?" To which I replied "no you crazy fool! I only have 16 weeks left" And smart guy said "isn't it 52 weeks" and I said "no you crazy fool! that's how many weeks there are in a year. And how long I might carry this child if I were an ELEPHANT. Don't make me get medieval on your ass." Perhaps it's a good thing after all that despite us bugging him and his wife to contribute to the grandchild pool, they haven't jumped in yet.

Jake counted to 100 last Tuesday, March 18th :)

I was behind a car a few days ago that had a license plate frame that said "I'm an Organ Donor." Not sure that's something I want to advertise to the person in the mammoth SUV behind me drinking his coffee, smoking his cigarette, eating his taco and talking on the phone.

What's the best wrong number message you've ever received? Mine is "Hi Dan, it's Pat. You just walked out and I realized you forgot your bagpipes. Thought you might need them." I saved it in my cell phone and still listen to it occasionally.

I've actually been scrapbooking quite a bit. Everything for BHG or 2Peas though so you'll have to wait to see most of it. I did do this one for the BHG Digital blog this week though.

Lots of knitting too but I've been bouncing between projects so no good "finished" photos yet. I also taught myself to crochet so woohoo! A whole new obsession. Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos soon!

OK, I think that's all I have swimming around in my brain at the moment. Oh and for the curious, not even a gas issue for nasty hard boiled egg boy. He survived without incident!

Happy Friday...Happy Weekend :)


  1. umm...are you feeling okay...two blog entries in two days..LOL:)Your're going to make me start expecting post every day;)

    Glad to hear he was okay after the egg incident. Love the randomness of your post.

    Seriously...16 weeks left...is that all?

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    You always make me laugh so hard, Erica. I loved the story about the shirt...hahahahaha. And I love the wrong number message too. That is hilarious. Lately, I have had several wrong number voice mails and it always perplexes my brain as to how someone would leave a message for Stan about accepting the job offer, when my voice mail clearly states, "Hey, this is Julie. I can't come to the phone right now..." And I get, "Hey Stan! I just wanted you to know that I'm accepting the job you offered. Please call me back at your earliest convienence so we can talk about a start date. Thanks!" I wish I had Stan's number so I could call him and tell him what a dumb ass his new employee is...

  3. so much fun e goodness packed into one post! :)

    and oh yes, i've decided i need to knit that smocked coat as well for miss c. then our girls can match.

  4. you will love crochet! its so mindless. enjoy.


  5. mindless, meaning it just flows... not meaning it doesn't take any skils, lol


  6. coolest easter layout EVERRRRRRRRR woman!

  7. The story about the shirt is classic. I have been known to be 'that mom' too. ")
    I've been wondering where I left my bagpipes...

  8. That layout is awesomer than awesome.

    Love your random rambling. It reminds me of a child who's eaten lots of candy. Or me on any given day. : )

  9. LOL...Shawn...

    and the shirt...that's hilarious & I so would've made fun of you if I'd seen you wearing that!

  10. i love this post.
    makes me giggle.
    arrogant bastard. hee.
    i hope to be that mom, e, i do, i do. ;)

  11. that's all you got?? LOL, sounds like plenty for an arrogant bastard such as yourself :) I almost spit out my grapefruit juice when reading that.

    I remember the dreams while being PG as being beyond bizarre and realistic at the same time. Also had one where the baby came out walking and talking and said "hi mom" and oddly enough, looked just like my daughter did at about 1 YO.

    52 weeks would possibly have killed me.
    love the digi LO and will stalk the BHG and 2P ones later! always love your work! xo, t

  12. i love that layout so much.
    you rock, my friend!
    i laughed so hard about the 'arrogant bastard'!
    you do have crazy dreams.
    my sleeping is very boring compared to yours!

  13. Anonymous5:10 PM

    "yup. i'm that mom"
    i'm so lifting that line for a layout :)
    hope you're doing well!



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