The Phone Photography Project: A Giveaway

ETA Winners:

random.org gave me commenters 10, 15, 4 so LisaZ, Alijoy and Ryan Ann - you're the winners! Please email me (link to the right) so I know what email address to send the info. Congratuations and enjoy!

Still on the fence about joining? You can sign up until July 10th so you still have time. I hope you'll consider it! And thanks so much for stopping by :)


This class starts Monday and I am so ready for it to begin. I know I mentioned it awhile ago but I have to mention it again now that it's imminent. The line up, again, in case you missed it (!)
I might have a couple of spots to giveaway - interested? Leave a comment between now and Thursday at midnight CST and on Friday morning, I'll randomly choose two names. Already registered? If you're a winner, BPC will refund your payment! 

-- COMMENTS CLOSED -- I'll post winners sometime Friday!

I really, really think you'll love the class...Elizabeth has poured her heart into developing it and I know it's going to be amazing to see all the good stuff people share as a result.


on a Tuesday...

The girl finished pre-school yesterday (insert whimpering here) and is officially a kindergartner now. I just can't even think about it too much. I really need a rent-a-baby service nearby.

Today is the boys' last day of school but Zack is currently sleeping in bed with some kind of stomach thing. Awesome. Lots of plans out the window today but mostly just feeling sorry for the poor kid :(

Working my way through my breakfast smoothie. I'm terrible about breakfast but I will happily ingest my calories in liquid form at every possible opportunity. I bought this single serve smoothie maker a couple of weeks ago and LOVE it (can't beat the price either.) I've been sipping on simple frozen banana + almond milk + chia + PB2 (which I only bought because it was a suggested add on item to the smoothie maker and I remembered Missy raving about it) mix each day and it's got me off my no breakfast/mid morning snack-a-thon binge.

I'm frantically working on piddly, fiddly last-minute crafting for a baby shower Saturday. Cake making will commence Thursday; food shopping and cooking will dominate Friday. Summer isn't going to officially start in the Hernandez household until *next* Monday.

I am working on finalizing our summer schedule though. This will be the third year that we've worked off a loose schedule and that iota of structure makes things run just a bit more smoothly. And I'm all for that. When I'm rich, I'll just fly Lisa up here to do the planning/execution for me.

Oh, and Izzy's birthday is in a month. And my in-laws (Carlos' dad + step mom) may be visiting for a couple of weeks in July. And my mother-in-law may be moving back in with us this summer as well. Everyone is welcome but it makes for a stressed out Erica...all my own doing though. I need to just own it.

And we're in a perpetual state of remodeling. I've been mudding and painting and in a couple of weeks, we're knocking down a wall - whee!

I put a new alphabet set in the shop yesterday completely inspired by those awesome transparent alphabet tiles I've seen recently. I've been nostalgic for the days that I used to scrap regularly. My list project is fun and I'm excited to finish it but I've also been considering applying for a design team. It's been YEARS since I was on a DT but the AC call and Liz's call have me considering it again. Not sure I have what it takes anymore but I would love that motivation and it doesn't get much better than those two companies!

And today is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the early bird special pricing on the Phone Photography class...have you checked it out yet? If you're considering it - go consider NOW.

So how is your Tuesday?


31 Things Week 5

I just realized that I hadn't shared the last three prompts with you. Download here. Thanks again to Jennifer for sharing this list! All of the prompts are straight from her original list other than #31 which I added so that I would have a prompt for every day in May. And if you haven't been checking out her blog in addition to mine - you're missing out! She's brand new to digital scrapbooking but completely rocking it!
And three more completed spreads. I'm officially done with all 31 prompts - just need to finish converting them. I'm determined though! I can't wait to have this printed (and am trying to figure out if there is *any* way I could convince Carlos to complete these lists...I'd love for the kids to have both perspectives!)


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