thursday random...

because sometimes, that's all that fits.

I've run across some interesting people lately.

<<--These guys. Who are only doing their job but I took a picture because I immediately thought of oompa loompas when I saw them. And nothing puts a smile on my face like a good oompa loompa song!

And then the woman I saw roller skating the other day.
"roller blading? big deal! lots of middle aged hipsters roller blade to stay fit!"
Oh no, but she was roller SKATING. 4 wheels. and sweat bands. and Three's Company style shorts.
"Well surely she was just skating through a neighborhood, minding her own business in a private, secluded are."
You'd think, wouldn't you? Nope. Right down a busy street. In front of a middle school no less. Crazy. No shame.

And I think my favorite. The woman I saw at Tubby's yesterday. The one that was wearing a business suit and heels and couldn't have been more the 4'11" I guess she didn't want to dirty her hands on the garbage can so instead of using a napkin to push open the garbage door, she PICKED UP HER FOOT AND PUSHED IT IN. Please, take a moment to visualize.

OK, now despite me being insanely jealous of her nimbleness and balance, that's not the typical response to being a bit of a germaphobe, right? I immediately scanned the restaurant hoping someone else had seen it as well. Someone whom I could lock eyes with and connect on a meaningful "did you see that crazy bitch?" level. No such luck though...everybody else had their back turned so I was forced instead to hide my snicker lest someone thinks me the crazy one...sitting their giggling to myself.

Finally, tomorrow I have to do something that involves some people that I've never formally met, but whom have still managed to be a complete PITA to the Hernandez Collective the past few weeks. Do I a.) give them the cold shoulder making it perfectly clear what I think of them and their shenanigans or b.) turn on the charm and kill them with kindness?

B, right? That makes me the better person (ha!) and makes them feel like assholes for being such, well, assholes for the past month.

OK, enough weirdness for one night (Carlos is watching House of 1000 Corpses and DWIGHT is in it! Awesome! OK, now *that's* enough weirdness.)


August 25, 2007


and now he's three.

We went to breakfast at ihop and had his favorite 'funny face' pancakes. We went to his favorite store (Target, of course) We made cupcakes.

And they were good.

He still wears diapers (totally fine with that...Jake wore them until 3.5 and then, overnight was potty trained) He still sleeps in his crib (again, totally fine with that. He *can* get out but just doesn't...and Jake was climbing out before he was a year old so I'm happy to get some mileage out of the thing!) I love that I can still see some baby fat but man is the boy growing up. Apparently, 3 is the age is self-confidence. Today, he said "he-yo, my name is Zackie" to every person he talked to. From the hostess and server at ihop to the cashier at Target to every person that called to wish him Happy Birthday. Make no mistake about it, his name is Zackie!

Other than birthday, I've been working my way through this:

(a gift for someone that reads my blog so I can't show it until they get it...I love that ribbing though!)

And I'm getting ready to turn this:

Into this.

And, I'm also working through this:

Which includes a few kids books and a few books that I've finished but for the most part...lots and lots of new reading to get through :)

Oh, I've been working my way through a metric ton of those things in my banner too...I didn't think I liked them when I bought a box of a bajillion for the boys but I guess now that they're "33% real fruit juice" they've morphed into some kind of magically addictive mood enhancer. And, only 25 calories each so I can replace a meal with Freeze Pops on a daily basis :)

And now I need to do some work. There's my update for the month I think! lol


nope, I got nothin'

Apparently, I'm a very boring person. I'd love to share some interesting story with you all but I'm drawing a blank. So, I'll just share a layout :) I finished up a couple of layouts for the mid-month Garden at 2Peas and decided to play around with a bunch of digital goodies I've collected from scrapgirls, scrapartist and jenwilson. A different look for me but my digital layouts almost always end up a lot "messier" than my paper.

I've been keeping busy reading and knitting and just hanging out with the boys. The Summertime Tunic is done (yay!) but no pictures just yet...still have to pick up some ribbon. I ordered some yarn to cast on for Wicked so that'll be my next sweater project.

Summer is winding down...sigh. Lots to do in the coming weeks though - eventually, I'll have news to share! Have a great week!


is it bad?

that my stash of scrapbook paper get used more to serve as a backdrop to my knitting progress updates than to create layouts? This is my Summertime Tunic...about 50% done I'd say. Lots and lots (and lots and LOTS) of stockinette in the round but that's ok because when it's this easy, I can read while I knit :)

(frames are from scrapgirls)

I wish I had more news to share...I keep thinking about updating this thing but I've got nada. We're having a pretty low-key summer (the way I like it...and because I know as the boys get bigger, we'll have less time to 'do nothing') Now that we're through the majority of the birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, we don't have much planned. There is the annual Cedar Point trip in a few weeks (falls between the boys birthdays...it's become a regular refrain every time they ask if we can go to CP...'for your birthday') We always look forward to it - hopefully the weather is more cooperative this year (rain and a 50 mph hour wind gusts last year :p)

Jake yesterday (we were talking about...something. Can't remember what now! The point is, I *was* right):

m: I think I'm right
j: I think you are not right!
m: no, pretty sure I'm right. I'm always right ;)
j: no, you're not right!
m: nope, positive I am
j: no you're not
m: yes I am
j: you're fired

No idea where that one came from but it was good for a laugh :)


why I scrapbook...

If you have a free hour sometime, listen to this. If you have only a few minutes, listen to the segment called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Rat.


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