not to be forgotten...

  • loves to stick out her toungue and blow baby raspberries
  • reaches to be picked up or held
  • knows her name and will turn when you call her
  • can sit for a few seconds at a time (longer and longer everyday)
  • 26 1/4"
  • 16 lbs 15 oz
  • (yes, that puts her in the 90th percentile)
  • loves to jump in her activity center
  • can pick up small toys and play with toys on her activity center
  • is such a little love bug I have to remind myself not to squeeze her too hard!
  • loves chewing on her sleeves
  • cheeks grow daily
  • talks in the sweetest little voice ever
  • has a kick butt mohawk going (but not nearly as good as Zack's was)
  • rubs her eyes when she's sleepy (can't fool me, missy!)
  • is ridiculously, outrageously clingy...ahh, 4 months.


  1. She is so adorable!!! I love the list and her cute bib!

  2. I LOVE that pic.. and she's too adorable for words!!

    (and I was just going to make a similar little for little H.... great minds, baby)

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    she is so darn cute. E I love your list and yep I see how it would be hard not to squeeze her daily-ohh those cheeks. Makes me wish for a baby of my own.. sigh.

  4. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I could eat her up :)

  5. Oh, she is just way to cute!!

  6. ahhhh! she is so adorable!

  7. You have the most beautiful babies. Seriously.

  8. OH yum baby yumminess! Down ovaries down!!! ;)

  9. oh my gosh, i looooove 4 months! what a little cutie pants!!! :0D

  10. oh your blog is so cute.. have just found it from darling melissa deakin.

    i have a wee one just her size. aren't they just oh so fun!? am happy to be browsing your ideas..




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