5 months...

Tuesday, she turned 5 months old.

Today, she is miserable with a cold and pink eye. And yet, she still smiles.

Thursday, I took her into the doctor to get a prescription for eye drops. She gained a full pound since her check up just two weeks ago.

Which is weird because we can't detect even an ounce of pudge on her.


Yesterday, she learned to wave hi and takes great delight in us reciprocating. I predict lots of waving in the coming days.

Which is fine by me.

Snow day yesterday meant I did not get out to finish my shopping. And, it means one extra day tacked onto the 16 consecutive days of nonstop brother in-fighting. Bummer (seriously.) We were bums. Today, a few craft projects (cardstock reindeer are under construction right now) and cookies. I'm also doing a few last minute simple crafty kind of things to include with the purchased gifts. I made my mom promise not to check out the blog until after Christmas so I could share them here (the finished product and the files.)

This is just a simple 5 x 7" calendar. I printed it on photo paper and added a sheet of magnet paper to the back for Proper Refrigerator Display Purposes. The circles aren't on the file I have here for download - those are just a way for my parents to know what days C works so they can plan stuff when he is off! Two files - the png is with the patterned paper and colors as shown - just drop in the photo. The psd is layered so you can choose your own digital papers and colors. Have fun!
png file

psd file

Oh! Also, I don't like to pimp myself out here on the blog but I have a kit at 2Peas to create a year's worth of calendar desktops for your computer. Would be a quick and easy grandparents gift or stocking stuffer for your spouse. Here is a preview (click the preview to take you to the kit on 2Peas.)


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I hope she feels better! I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas. :)

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    pink eye - ugh!!!! hope she doesn't pass it to anyone else, in this season of giving ;)

  3. She is such a doll! I just love her big brown eyes and smile!
    I hope she's feeling better soon and you guys have a wonderful week off and Christmas!
    Love your calendars too!

  4. What a little beauty you have there, E! Love those sweet photos! I hope she is feeling better soon! Oh, and I love that magnet calendar and that desktop calendar, too! You're a genius, girl! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  5. oh. my. word.
    5 months???!!!!!
    she is just adorable beyond words.
    i cannot get enough of that sweet face.
    love your projects as always!
    you are so good!
    Merry Christmas, e!

  6. what a smarty pants to already be waving! we just figured that out. and now we wave at the fish, the christmas tree, the towel bar in the bathroom - whatever. :)



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