not technically perfect...

but I still love it! One of my biggest challenges each day is making sure these boys stay off of Iz long enough for her to eat/sleep/rest in peace! Any opportunity to hold her while she's alert and not fussy, they JUMP at. She's pretty tolerant of their excessive and smothering hugs and kisses though. We'll see how long it lasts before she starts getting her revenge!

A quick layout share too...I've been doing a series of templates for download at 2Peas and this layout was the result of my most recent. I'm embarrassed to even calculate how many photos I've taken in the past 3 weeks. It's been extravagant, to say the least :p

And finally, just a couple of links :)
  • Being the child of the 80s that I am, I almost squealed when I saw this. You're a big fat liar if you aren't thinking "I pity the fool that doesn't buy my onesie!" after looking at that link.
  • Knitting a few of these for recent and impending babies (there are so many!) SO cute and SO easy!


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    LOVE that layout E.

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    love that the boys are so crazy about their lil sis. :)

    love those cuter than cute shroomy rattles.

    and big surprise here...your layout made me swoon. i know. shocker.


  3. Anonymous10:43 AM

    who can blame you for taking tons of pics of that sweetie! :)

  4. That photo is too precious and so is that layout! SO happy for you and your family, E! Happy Thursday to you! :)

  5. Because of that LO I went and bought all your letter templates - I just couldn't resist! I'm hoping to use some of them for the rest of the first year album! Love that layout!
    And the photo of the boys with Izzy is so darling! Love the new banner too!
    Oh and those rattles! Oh my word - ADORABLE!

  6. my guess is that she will wrap wrap wrap them around her litle finger, and then when she's about three, watch out!
    I bought the calendar template. Very cute stuff!

  7. look at those sweetie little guys with her...love it! she's so precious. love that layout, it's perfect. of course, you can't resist mr.t, LOL!

  8. love the updates on the little pooh. she is really sweet.

  9. so much sweetness in one post. the boys, that girl, that gorgeous layout. :) smooches to you and iz from your bffs in mad-town.

  10. Suddenly Jake looks so much older:(

    BEAUTIFUL layout E. I love all the little peeks of her on it:)

  11. Anonymous9:04 AM

    congratulations- she is beautiful!!!!

  12. Anonymous6:04 PM

    She is just lovely Erica. Congratulations to all of you! :)

  13. Ah, I love photos of your children. Isabella is just beautiful. And that layout. Your journaling is always the best.

  14. Oh SO sweet! They're all so adorable E.
    Love the templates too. You're a superwoman!

  15. That is the sweetest layout, and now I am definitely thinking I NEED some of those darn templates...dang you, lol!! Love the photo of your three cuties together, precious, simply precious!!



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