PIF :)

I have a vast and wide array of topics to blog about but this one is at the top of the list for the moment :)

Who doesn't love getting some happy mail? Something unexpected. Something handmade. Something that doesn't require a check to be written to some nameless jerk in Hoboken. My super talented and funny and beautiful friend G is on board for a fun pay it forward project she found on this blog. It's a total pyramid scheme but a good one where everyone wins :)

I signed up to get some delicious G goodness at three random times this year and it's my turn to pay it forward to my blog readers! So, the first three people to comment that they're interested will be on my PIF list. The only catch is that you have to promise to do the same on your own blog! I think in this economy, we could all use some surprise happiness every once in awhile.

And, to sweeten the pot, I'll let you in on a secret. I got a hand-me-down sewing machine yesterday so you might just find yourself receiving some horribly cobbled together crookedly sewn handmade goods. Now, before you all run screaming in the opposite direction, I promise to include something that's actually well made along with the botched sewing projects ;)

Who's in?


happy sunday...

Happy Sunday from Erica Hernandez on Vimeo.

(please ignore the mismatched clothes, cereal-stained shirt and drool-induced chin rash :p also, I didn't watch this before I posted because I hate my voice and probably would have just deleted otherwise!)


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