they were SO good...

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Coldplay that is. They rock. I had a serious case of perma-grin ALL day yesterday thinking about going to the concert and having some much needed ALONE time with Carlos. So many times I just got shivers...a sign of a very good concert indeed. Maybe you missed this post, but it explains my affinity with the band. I'm a fan forever now.

I have lots of other stuff to update (Zack's birthday - he's one...HOLY CRAP it came way too fast) a little trip to the zoo, visitors and other fun stuff. Lots of pictures to share (especially from the party, still sad here :( But for now, I'm done. Trying to catch up on email and scrap stuff tonight while me and C watch The Jacket :)


are you tired of my brother pictures??

Just have to share one more. So, I bite my nails...and Jake obviously picked that up from me because now *he* bites his nails. And, being the caring big brother he is, he's extended the practice to his younger brother, who doesn't quite have the tooth control to do it himself yet.

And Zack? Well, he just let's Jake do it! Think of it as a baby manicure I suppose!

Nice, huh?

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brand new boy...

Yup, we finally did it. Chopped the locks (OK, not chopped, but definitely trimmed!)

The way he was screaming you'd have though we were paying to have him scalped. In the end, I had to sit in the chair and hold him while she did the deed. Baby hair everywhere...what a mess. Not even the allure of a purple "superman" cape would get him to sit in that chair willingly. It's not a great picture but I know many of you were waiting with baited breath to see the outcome of our little experiment. I'll post more pics when I get some good shots.

It doesn't look like much of a cut but the kid's yet to develop a hairline so no cute, short, boy cuts for him just yet...gotta keep it a little long to disquise the deficiency. Think of it as the baby version of a combover. No. Don't do that. Combovers are just nasty. It's rather "mullet-ish" though, wouldn't you say?

The funny thing? I was sitting there, holding him, while he cried and cried (REAL tears even! and that's rare.) Every so often he would peek at himself in the mirror. I honestly don't think it was the fear of the haircut hurting or anything like that that was the source of his hysterics. I think it was vanity. You've never seen this kid primp (and I don't know where the hell he got it from because C and I are about as low maintenance as you can get) but he's a mirror lover. He actually stopped to check himself out one day, ran his fingers through first the right, then the left sideof his hair...nodded as if to say "damn, I'm fine" and proceeded on his way, confident in the fact that he looked GOOD. Guess you had to be there. Anyway, I think he was crying because he was afraid he wouldn't be as handsome afterward...I've assured him repeatedly that his haircut looks SUPER (because super duper is the highest compliment he can be paid :D)

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Another ordeal completed.


what more can I say...

He loved it. Was in awe. Captain Feathersword is pretty damn funny. They imitated Rod Stewart, Mick Jaggar, Metallica...good times for kids and parents. And Jeff (the purple narcoleptic) was FIVE feet from us. Starstruck, hehe.

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how can you not love this scene?

It's not great quality-wise but the moment didn't really last long enough to take too many shots. Besides, I kind just wanted to sit back and enjoy the scene right along with them, know what I mean?

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In other news, we made it back from a few days in Sandusky, Ohio with my mom and stepdad. Spent some time at Cedar Point...spent some time on the beach. Jake rode his first roller coaster (perhaps a bit too aggressive for a first timer, lol, he did well though and went on to try out many more rides.) Zack learned how to say "Jake" - so very cute. Carlos and I went up 420 feet and then straight back down at 120 mph all in less than 20 seconds (SUCH a cool, cool ride).

So, we're getting settled again. Gearing up for 2 concerts, 2 big birthday parties, a golf outing/picnic and a 3 week visit from my MIL in the next month - busy, busy! Just trying to enjoy these last weeks of summer before lovely fall sets in :)


so yeah...

dinner at our house was pretty good...Z really dug the sloppy joes :)
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43 things...

Have you seen this website? What a cool idea! I'll readily admit to having lofty goals and a really poor sense of follow through. Strangely enough, I really think that having goals listed on some random website will help hold me accountable to them. Right now, my list is pretty basic...the last goal I added was think bigger though because I am well aware that many of the goals I've included are things *normal* people do on a daily basis - no incentive required (what a concept!) I don't know how much I'll record my progress on the website but I have big plans for some fun scrapbook stuff to help keep me on track...so check out the site and let me know if I can cheer you on while you attempt to meet your own goals!

And to sign off...a funny picture of Carlos and my stepdad Scott...just because I swore I would include it on the www for everyone to see :)


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