that's what she said*

  • If this doesn't make you tear up, you're completely heartless...totally made up for making me stay up until 1 am on Monday only to lose in heartbreaking fashion (well, almost...winning in Detroit would have been just a bit sweeter) I actually felt really sorry for the Pens at the end - they were a great opponent and I've no doubt they'll win the cup very, very soon.
  • at my house you hear things like "hey zackie, why don't you throw things at my face" followed by "OW!" in very short fashion...go figure :p
  • Week 35 checkup this afternoon. I'm already lamenting the fact that I didn't have any maternity shots done this time around...there won't be any more chances after this :( I'll have to try to get at least a couple with my timer in the next week or so!
  • proof that I'm completely anal...on the left, you'll find a layout for the mid-month garden at 2Peas. One the right, you'll find my PSE mockup that I created before I started on the hard copy version. Scary, just a little, huh?
  • Ashley will love this one ;) I'm sure it's tied heavily to her weekly tribute-to-the-80s posts. I had a dream a few nights ago that she was COMPLETELY ROCKING a Flock of Seagulls hairdo. And there was no joke involved. She'd just mix it in with her regular everyday hairdo from time to time. And no one batted an eye. You have to be hardcore cool to get away with something like that :) Ashley? Lunch? Panera? If you come with the 'do, lunch is on me ;) (last night's dream had *something* to do with cruise ships and rapidly multiplying purple tigers running rampant)

  • email - I promise I'm trying to catch up! I just don't like being on the computer any more than necessary these days (though I love the email - I swear!)
  • and of course I have loads of links but I'll refrain from now so I can take care of lunch for the boys :) Later, gators!

* If you're an Office fan, you'll get this ;) If you're not, well, a big fat zerbert in your general direction.


  1. so..of course I get it...that makes me cool right;)

    LOL at Zack and Jake. That's too funny.

    good to see you posting:)

  2. I hope she shows up with the do. That would be pure entertainment right there.
    35 weeks! you are in the home stretch girl!

  3. Anonymous11:57 AM

    That is AWESOME! My friend Matt wants me to grow a tail again. Ha!

  4. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I can't even spell my name. That is awesome. PS - Lunch = yes.

  5. That video was hysterical! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. those dreams, what are you eating?

  7. Week 35!?!?!
    WOO HOOO!!!

    I hit 27 today... oof ;)

    and go red wings!!!
    My cousin scored 4 goals in the series...
    that was pretty darned cool to watch!

  8. Wow E, I can't believe you're almost at the point of giving birth, that went pretty fast! ;p
    We watched all those Pens/Flyers games too, and once again, I was disappointed in the end result. No offense, but I was rooting for Pittsburgh. ;p Great hockey though, wow! And yes, I'm still bitter about Montreal getting knocked out..

  9. oops... still stuck on the semi finals- I did really mean Red Wings. ;p

  10. LOL! I was searching for videos for my blog awhile back and found that FOS video I had forgotten about. Totally made me laugh! What a dork, even for the 80s!

    Yes, you should go to a concert 8 days before your due date. I saw the Eagles 2 days before Caelan was born. I'm glad I did.

  11. hope you are doing well! Totally relate to your feelings in the layout...I felt the same way. I love being pregnant, and feeling sad as I am giving away my maternity clothes. BUT it is also such fun to be dressing my little miss! Good luck!!!



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