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I don’t make resolutions. I'm too ADD to focus on a single objective for 12 months. I don’t want to feel bad about failing at something that should inspire me to better myself. I don't like trying to sum up my personal goals in one or two all-encompassing cliches. And "be a better person in every way possible" seems like kind of a lot of pressure to put on myself. But in the end, that's what we all want, right?

So, in 2009 I resolve to do something. Every month. Evaluate my life, where I'm at, what I'm doing, what area I feel needs immediate improvement and establish an intention for that month. It'll be a personal challenge to learn something new, get something done or just meet a goal that I've set for myself. Some will be fun...others will hopefully help me establish a routine that I hope to maintain.

I have a tentative list of things I might do but it's fluid and could change as the months go by. There is no set order to them and I've yet to decide what goal number one will be but I'll decide today and let you know tomorrow. You know, to keep me accountable. This is my tentative list of things I could do:

• maintain a cleaning/shopping schedule for one month (deep clean the bathroom every Monday; baby laundry every Friday; grocery shopping every Sunday...that type of thing)
• write a letter every day (this could be to friends or family or to my kids)
• cook a different meal every night - to force me to try some new things. we rarely eat out (OK, never) but no take out or fast food for dinner for a month. I'm good at meal planning and only shop once every 7-10 days but I tend to stick to the same things over and over
• learn to sew
• learn to screenprint
• finish the baby room (I know, I know)
• finish the boy room (even worse, I know, SHEESH)
• Christmas done in Nov (cards, shopping, wrapping...crafty stuff is still OK in December)
• journal every day (NOT blog...I will never commit to blogging every day)
• hang stuff - all of the frames, art, shelves, etc that I've accumulated but not hung
• mini-remodel of our half bath (paint/accessories)

So, there you have it. I'd love for one or two of my 5 readers to pledge to do something with me in 09. You know you want to.


so I'm really good at this sharing stuff, huh?

I have been doing stuff. I'm just lazy with the blogging bit.

Also, I have other important things to keep me busy.

Like this.
And this.
And this. (um, not for the profanity-phobe...but hi-freaking-larious.
And then there's this.

Sigh, so much to do every day.


5 months...

Tuesday, she turned 5 months old.

Today, she is miserable with a cold and pink eye. And yet, she still smiles.

Thursday, I took her into the doctor to get a prescription for eye drops. She gained a full pound since her check up just two weeks ago.

Which is weird because we can't detect even an ounce of pudge on her.


Yesterday, she learned to wave hi and takes great delight in us reciprocating. I predict lots of waving in the coming days.

Which is fine by me.

Snow day yesterday meant I did not get out to finish my shopping. And, it means one extra day tacked onto the 16 consecutive days of nonstop brother in-fighting. Bummer (seriously.) We were bums. Today, a few craft projects (cardstock reindeer are under construction right now) and cookies. I'm also doing a few last minute simple crafty kind of things to include with the purchased gifts. I made my mom promise not to check out the blog until after Christmas so I could share them here (the finished product and the files.)

This is just a simple 5 x 7" calendar. I printed it on photo paper and added a sheet of magnet paper to the back for Proper Refrigerator Display Purposes. The circles aren't on the file I have here for download - those are just a way for my parents to know what days C works so they can plan stuff when he is off! Two files - the png is with the patterned paper and colors as shown - just drop in the photo. The psd is layered so you can choose your own digital papers and colors. Have fun!
png file

psd file

Oh! Also, I don't like to pimp myself out here on the blog but I have a kit at 2Peas to create a year's worth of calendar desktops for your computer. Would be a quick and easy grandparents gift or stocking stuffer for your spouse. Here is a preview (click the preview to take you to the kit on 2Peas.)


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