Dudes, I got the COOLEST news...

A whole ton of Dairy Queen coupons in the mail today (we loves our DQ in this house)

probably not what you were expecting, eh :p



Totally PSYCHED to head out to Chicago bright and early tomorrow morning! Kind of a last minute decision but I'm SO thrilled to be able to go. I get to ride out with the super fabulous Ashley and room with the gorgeous and talented Joanna, Shannon, Jennifer and Kelly (hopefully, Kel??).

Looking forward to seeing the new goodies but more importantly...looking forward to hanging out with old friends and meeting some new ones! If you're gonna be there - make sure to track me down!

I'll be sure to share pictures when I get back - good weekend to all :) Posted by Picasa


styling by Jake...


(he will of course hate me for this when he is older - at least his face is hidden so he can deny it's actually him :p)

This is my boy who wants to be in his underwear only (or less) 24 hours a day - even in the winter. Today though, he wanted clothes. He picked tham out himself...right down to the accessories. Striped pajama pants. A sports themed pajama top. My black boots. A cowboy hat. He also wore one of Carlos' ties flung carelessly around his neck for a bit but this was the best photo I could manage.

Can't deny the boy has a style all his own :p Posted by Picasa

Proof that he was at least wearing the shirt...



um, guys?

Am I totally crazy or are these jelly shoes? I'm pretty sure they are...I could have sworn this was 2006. (and they're ugly, right? or am I just *completely* uncool and unhip? Jen - don't answer that :p)

Despite their obvious misdirection in the footwear department, Urban Outfitters has some pretty nifty stuff (and a very cool website). This shirt is pretty dang cute...I want it. Lots. And it's not *that* expensive but I could get 2 or 3 tops from Old Navy for the same price...I'm so thrifty.



while putting Jake to bed he told me:

"two things, mommy"
(yes, he said two and held up two fingers)
"play cards"
"pick your nose"
and then, as an afterthought, the third finger goes up
"play videogames"

apparently a to-do list of some sort...thing is, he doesn't pick his nose - he'll *threaten* to with his fingers poised precariously just inside the cusp of his nostril. he'll ask me if he can EAT his boogers (he also likes to ask if he can eat the toilet :p)

gotta love boys.

this was all done after our nightly reading of "Hands are Not for Hitting" Jake LOVES the book and it makes for some pretty comical exchanges when Z gets slap happy (literally) a stall tactic without doubt - a funny one though. and I'm all about the funny :)

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(oh yeah, you can get the brushes I used for the frame here...have fun :)


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