this and that...

what I've been doing:
  • watching a lot of this
  • and a lot of this
  • and even some of this (though they suck in the worst way possible...a team chock full of talent that hasn't been able to sustain a concerted effort to WIN)
  • wondering if it would be just too weird/irresponsible for me to go to a concert 8 days before my due date :p (Carlos says yes)
  • playing a lot of "guess the baby part" every night after the boys go to bed when the little miss wakes up and stretches her limbs
  • knitting for baby girl (I'll try to share some photos soon)
  • thinking about giving these a shot (totally cute and I think not as labor intensive as full on cloth diapering?)
  • trying to decide what type of sling to get...I definitely want one that I can use from birth - right now, I'm leaning towards either a hotsling or a gurumama or a sprout pounch or a gosling - would love to hear your opinions!
  • this which has taken up the majority of my time
  • this layout done recently for 2Peas...just wanted to share it as I haven't shared a belly pic in quite awhile (this was 29 weeks...I'm *almost* 32 now)

(copyright 2008 www.twopeasinabucket.com)

what I've been admiring/coveting:
  • this boys' bedroom that I just think is way too cool (someday, I'll get the boys' bedroom decorated!) from Desire to Inspire
  • these chopping boards and napkin rings (yeah, like I EVER use napkin rings, right?) from the MOMA Store from hwtm
  • this bedspread (which has sold) that would have been so nice in the nursery for cuddling with the girl while I nurse her
  • adorable shoes but I know I can't justify $34 for baby shoes that won't even get a scuffed sole :p
  • lots of this yarn to knit many beautiful little baby girl sweaters

and this put such a huge smile on my face yesterday...brought tears to my eyes seeing the reaction to the decision. What an incredible victory, FINALLY. I hope this is only the beginning of more moves like it across the country. Everyone deserves the happiness that California afforded it's gay and lesbian community yesterday.

Trying to prepare myself for two whole days of alone time while Carlos takes the boys camping for a couple of days next week...want to make sure I have all of my nesting and cleaning projects planned ahead of time so I can get all of my shopping done this weekend! Maybe I'll finally put a dent in that nursery!

Have a great weekend :)


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