why can't they add leap year day to a good month?

I'd seriously enjoy a 31 day June. You? An extra day in the month of weddings and graduations. A happy month like June deserves an extra day more than a cold, wintery, crappy month like February. Write a letter to your congressmen.

We got to see little miss again yesterday. She's still a girl. Her heart, kidneys, liver, stomach and head all look good. No indication of Down Syndrome or club feet (?) She was moving a lot at even seemed to wave a little to us. Carlos is in love :)

Her pretty profile:

And now she's looking at you :)

And, they moved my due date up a bit again. Originally July 25th...now we're up to July 13th! And my stomach is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Desperately trying to avoid buying too many maternity clothes until it's warmer. Wish me luck!

Some good stuff today:

Tonya's FABULOUS brushes - seriously cool and best of all: FREE.
My buddy Gillian - blogging again - yay!
Tons of new digital kits at 2Peas - have you seen the new 99 cent offerings? Good stuff!
Baby Bauer watch is still on :)


  1. awwww she's so sweet!!!
    and I'm agreeing.
    We don't need any more days in February.

  2. ah yes, we were complaining about that today, why not June 31st...it would be sooooo much better, exp with the crap weather we had today...bleh!! Oh she is a beauty already, and yay you get to meet her even sooner, that will be so good come summer time ;)

  3. It was always my dream to have my due date moved up and here you've had it moved up twice!! : )

    She is adorable!!
    And still a girl. lol!

  4. I didn't mind the extra day this month...of course it's been sunny and abnormally warm this week...65degrees yesterday i think;) SO excited for the baby girl Hernandez!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous12:06 AM

    so so happy for you that all is healthy with little miss thing. I also long for a longer summer month than winter month the only good thing about 2.29 is that we closed our house during leap year in 1996. Seriously. I am so over snow I feel there is no where else to go but to brown muck which eventually becomes green grass. KWIM.

  6. Anonymous12:07 AM

    sorry E I was the last poster I am by no means anonymous... Ha

  7. Anonymous1:00 AM

    She's SO cute! So who do you think she looks like?? :)

  8. look at that pretty girl! :)

    hey now, quit moving that date up. if we're going to be bff and all, i thought i'd have my baby on your birthday and vice versa. ;)

  9. she has your eyes. Maybe. I can't really tell.

  10. i get so giddy when i see these sonogram pics!
    smiling from ear to ear here!

  11. I didn't know you were pregnant!!!!!!!!
    WHERE have I been?!?!?!?
    Congratulations!!!! (totally late!)
    How fun to think pink ;)
    xxxxe w/ a K...

  12. Anonymous9:07 AM

    Isabella is GORGEOUS, darling! Have any modeling agencies called you yet to sign her? Well, it won't be long. And it's no wonder...she looks just like her mommy. ;)

    I'm sorry you're so snow-bound, E. I ran around in shorts and flip flops yesterday. (You can make fun of me in June when you're all comfy and I'm melting in 116 degree heat, deal?)


  13. Oh, I can tell she is getting bigger...of course you can too. What joy!! I am with you on needing Spring weather and flip flops! Great post!

  14. Anonymous11:56 AM

    She's beautiful! :)

  15. thanxs for the shout out miss e! little baby c+e (until named later) is looking awfully healthy and comfortable in her temporary home. I was going to say "cute" but really, ultrasounds aren't flattering to anyone, LOL. I CAN say SWEET though, 'cuz we all know that is true.
    xo, t

  16. Oh, I think she has your eyes ;)

  17. she is already so beautiful!

  18. Anonymous2:20 PM

    she looks like her momma ;)
    I can't wait for this little girl to come out and take on the world!

  19. i knew she'd be gorgeous! :)

  20. Awww, how sweet! And super awesome that your due dates been moved up! YAY!
    I agree, why February?!

  21. She's beautiful! ;) So glad all looks healthy and great! Hugs, my friend! Happy Friday! p.s. We're all moved in and getting settled. Moving sucks! ;)

  22. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Like you don't have enough on your plate, I just tagged ya. Do it! Do it NOW! :)

  23. Anonymous9:26 PM

    She is BEAUTIFUL, like her Momma!!!



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