all's quiet on the baby front...

(sorry for the "deer-in-the-headlights" look in my picture...I'm so not comfortable in front of the camera!)

37+3 weeks along now and nary a sign of our girl. I'm *fine* with that though as I still have 101 things I'd like to do before she makes her grand appearance. I have a feeling she is big though and definitely the strongest of the three (at least in-utero!) I'm far more uncomfortable this time around than I was with my previous two but I'm hanging in there and know these last weeks will fly by in the blink of an eye :)

So, a la miss Mel, to make these waining days of my last (yes, absolutely, 100% positively LAST) pregnancy a bit more fun (for you and me!) I set up a baby pool. Winner gets a big old box of lovely scrappy things in need of a good home :) Now that I'm about 50/50 digi/paper, I just don't need all this "stuff." Someone needs to love it and use it! Closest guesser to the correct time of birth - it's all yours.

A little info to help you concoct your guess: my due date is officially July 13th. Jake was 8 days late, Zack was 2 days early. If she doesn't feel like coming on her own, the absolute latest I will have her is some time on July 18th via c-section. So, no jokers guessing late July :p

I've also been knitting more. I've finished a little blanket (which turned out kind of "duck-ish" and totally wasn't intended that way,) a dress which I absolutely ADORE and want to do more of in every color of the rainbow, and finally, I seamed up those little pants. I'm crocheting some baskets for her nursery out of twine right now. Hoping to pick up some soft tangerine colored yarn to crochet a blanket (maybe a good distraction while I'm in the hospital?)

Her room isn't even close to being done but that's not a worry - she won't be using that room for a few months :p We did put her dresser/changing table together though! Still need to find a comfy chair and refinish a side table that I'm stealing from my dad. Oh, and doors for the closet. And curtains. Those would be nice too :p We finally got new bedroom furniture for OURSELVES a few weeks ago too. We haven't had a real bed since we moved back to MI more than 3 years ago! The time was right, lol. Eventually, I'll have to get some picture of the bedroom now that it's about done! Hoping to add a couple more finishing touches in the coming days...stuff on the walls and a couple of accent pillows I want to make with the fabric left over from our closet curtains.

I've also been playing around trying to design some fabric to finish off the nursery. This site allows you to upload your own designs and have them print the fabric for you. SO many ideas swirling around in my head trying to decide what I want to order first. They are still in beta (invitation only) but I got my invitation super fast - I want to say 2 days?

Another cool, designey type thing? Carolyn at Ecojot had a blog drawing a few weeks ago for some of her gorgeous goodies. I've never entered a blog giveaway but couldn't pass this one up...her color choices and designs are right up my alley. And guess what? I won! I was thrilled and even more so when the box arrived. I'm afraid to use it, it's all so pretty! I am using the file folders since they aren't getting messed up and it makes my filing so much more fun ;) I definitely need to order more of her stuff - SUPER high quality (the little notebooks are so sturdy and thick and everything is made from recycled paper!)

More good news? Coldplay had to re-schedule their tour so now, they aren't coming until November! Whoohoo! Looks like this would be the perfect first date night out for me and Carlos. I should be able to put a dent in the baby weight by then :p (btw, have you guys bought Viva la Vida yet? So good. I adore them.) AND, it looks like they'll be on Jon Stewart tonight...how can you not love Jon Stewart and Coldplay? DVR...SET)

We've also been to Cedar Point and took the boys out for their first Putt Putt excursion in the past couple of weeks. They were actually both pretty good! Zack used more of a hockey technique (push the ball with the club rather than actual putting) but he didn't get frustrated and the ball made it to the hole! I want to take them to see Kung Fu Panda this weekend (because I love Jack Black.) Also, I think a pet in is our eminent future. And by "pet," I mean fish. Or if we're feeling really crazy, a turtle.

Now, a bunch of links:
  • I want to make a bunch of these (these are good for a less-than-beginning sewer, right?)
  • The boys are addicted to these videos (for the scrapbookers reading, there's actually a Cricut reference in one of them :p)
  • Definitely ordering a set of these once little miss arrives...want to make sure my fingers return to their normal circumference and hey...we're 95% certain on her name but things could always change last minute!
  • I want this and this and this and this and this and and and(who knew I would love internet window shopping even when I hate the real thing? I've spent THOUSANDS of pretend dollars in the past few months :D)
  • and how cool is this site?
  • and this one too?
Sorry for the mammoth post. If you got through a quarter of it, I'd be impressed. I've been adding to it a little bit here and there for days. OK, today, FOR SURE, I do baby laundry :) Maybe even pack a hospital bag if I'm feeling really ambitious! Have a good one!



that's what she said*

  • If this doesn't make you tear up, you're completely heartless...totally made up for making me stay up until 1 am on Monday only to lose in heartbreaking fashion (well, almost...winning in Detroit would have been just a bit sweeter) I actually felt really sorry for the Pens at the end - they were a great opponent and I've no doubt they'll win the cup very, very soon.
  • at my house you hear things like "hey zackie, why don't you throw things at my face" followed by "OW!" in very short fashion...go figure :p
  • Week 35 checkup this afternoon. I'm already lamenting the fact that I didn't have any maternity shots done this time around...there won't be any more chances after this :( I'll have to try to get at least a couple with my timer in the next week or so!
  • proof that I'm completely anal...on the left, you'll find a layout for the mid-month garden at 2Peas. One the right, you'll find my PSE mockup that I created before I started on the hard copy version. Scary, just a little, huh?
  • Ashley will love this one ;) I'm sure it's tied heavily to her weekly tribute-to-the-80s posts. I had a dream a few nights ago that she was COMPLETELY ROCKING a Flock of Seagulls hairdo. And there was no joke involved. She'd just mix it in with her regular everyday hairdo from time to time. And no one batted an eye. You have to be hardcore cool to get away with something like that :) Ashley? Lunch? Panera? If you come with the 'do, lunch is on me ;) (last night's dream had *something* to do with cruise ships and rapidly multiplying purple tigers running rampant)

  • email - I promise I'm trying to catch up! I just don't like being on the computer any more than necessary these days (though I love the email - I swear!)
  • and of course I have loads of links but I'll refrain from now so I can take care of lunch for the boys :) Later, gators!

* If you're an Office fan, you'll get this ;) If you're not, well, a big fat zerbert in your general direction.


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