an update and a challenge...

OK, first off, I have a new EHD newsletter available for viewing! You can check it out here for a list of new and coming soon info!

Secondly, I'm loving the response to my last post...so, to continue the fun and piggybacking on the suggestion of my friend Melanie, I'm issuing a challenge. I'll give you until Sunday night to post here if you've accepted the challenge ;) I have more scrapbook stuff that I could *EVER* use so there is your prize...anyone who posts a picture of themselves during their "awkward" stage (and we ALL had them...if you didn't, well then, I guess I just don't want to be your friend anymore :p) on their blog OR emails me a picture that.I.can.post.here...will be entered in a random drawing for the box of goodies. AND, if you do a LAYOUT with said photo and post it for everyone's viewing pleasure, I'll enter your name TWICE.

SO, get digging in your shoeboxes and scrapbooks for those pictures...can't WAIT to see what you guys do!

OH, and in case you missed it, Jenni posted my brother picture with the ginormous crayon...good stuff :)


  1. oh mY!! I don't think i'm that brave!!!

  2. Oh man, I am so in on this challenge E. My photo is so much worse that yours...but I will post it anyway!!

  3. Anonymous5:03 PM

    It would take a lot more than a chance at some goodies for me to post my photo!!! That one is locked away forevah!!!

  4. Anonymous7:46 PM

    let's see if I can find any..

  5. I'm in...if I can figure out how to scan a pic and get it on my blog. Have Jen post one of her with the eye patch;)

    Sorry Jen...I had to say it.

  6. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Been there, done that already! Talk about a geeky layout...I'll e-mail ya.
    Too funny on the ginormous (sp?) crayon pic - totally cracked me up!

    I'll try to find the mother of all gawky pics though...but I think it's at my mom's. Maybe I'll find it over Christmas. So, I'm up for your challenge, but I just want to say I won - I don't want any goodies though. I have more than I can possibly ever use. :-)

  7. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I'm SO happy right now that I don't blog. ;-) That crayon pic of your bro is freakin' hilarious though- made my night! All my geeky pics stayed at my parent's house, I'm stickin' to that. :p


  8. Anonymous9:00 AM

    LOL! I'm in, girl! I have to swing by my folks' house to dig through some photo albums, but I KNOW that I have a few good ones to choose from! Let's just say that I had a really awkward stage in middle school! LOL! I'll get it to you by Sunday night, since I don't blog. I think this is too hilarious! Just please be gentle and don't post it TOO big! :)

  9. I'm in girl...I posted on my blog. Of course, I'm not sure how long I'll actually be keeping it up there in cyberspace for EVERYONE to see!!!

  10. Happy to do it... gonna email my marching band picture right now...

  11. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I'm so doing this. LOVE awkward pics. Yours is really...um...great. :)

  12. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I did it. And I'm echoing your challenge. I hope you don't mind. But it seems like a good excuse to get rid of a load of stuff. :)

  13. heehee.. i don't have access to old pics right now, but i'm sure we can all imagine the mall bangs & perm.. aaaaaaaaaah!

  14. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I am *so* in!

  15. i'll do it.
    but im warning you....

  16. Anonymous7:46 PM

    no way am I doing this but had to let you know I had a very similar "doo" as the one in your picture you posted and I will go to valient efforts to ensure MJ never sports such a look!

    You were a hottie! ;)

  17. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Too bad you aren't judging and choosing a winner based on awkwardness. I'd win hands-down. I'd share a pic but my mom has them all. Just to give you an idea, I have super curly hair and tried to use a hairdryer to have straight hair. 'Nuf said.

  18. I'm in. I can't believe I just posted committed....

  19. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I have so many, how could I choose just one?

  20. Anonymous8:39 AM

    okay, so i can never turn down a challenge ;)
    mine's posted {no laughing please!!}



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