they were SO good...

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Coldplay that is. They rock. I had a serious case of perma-grin ALL day yesterday thinking about going to the concert and having some much needed ALONE time with Carlos. So many times I just got shivers...a sign of a very good concert indeed. Maybe you missed this post, but it explains my affinity with the band. I'm a fan forever now.

I have lots of other stuff to update (Zack's birthday - he's one...HOLY CRAP it came way too fast) a little trip to the zoo, visitors and other fun stuff. Lots of pictures to share (especially from the party, still sad here :( But for now, I'm done. Trying to catch up on email and scrap stuff tonight while me and C watch The Jacket :)


  1. Are you SERIOUS, the little guy's one already! Time flies, especially when you're not the one with sleepless nights.
    Congrats, and a well-deserved concert with the hubby.

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM

    I can't believe he's one already!! An dI can't believe you went to see COLDPLAY! I am so jealous!!


  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    hooray for coldplay! can't believe Z is one already - how crazy is that?!?

    your hopefully soon-to-be best friend. ;)

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    SO glad you got to go see them. AND get some alone time with the hubby. Very very cool.

  5. Anonymous10:51 PM

    okay here's a scary little piece of my brain for you...our radio station had a very exclusive 'private performance' with Coldplay earlier this month and of course you couldn't buy the tickets...had to win 'em. i NEVER call in for anything. never had. but what crossed my mind was, "gosh...i wonder if i won those tickets if erica would be able to fly in to see them?". not that i'm not a fan, but i belive i had just read your 'coldplay' post and i totally got it. i have a forever affinity to DianaKrall in much the same way.

    see? more than you wanted to know huh?

  6. Anonymous9:26 AM

    i'm a mini coldplay fan. i have one song of their on my ipod. lol. hey, it's better than zero right?! so cool you got alone time with hubby though -- that's always cool. ;)



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