scenes from a birthday party...

as promised, introducing my newly one-year-old boy:

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Feeling sad and nostalgic for his infant-ness. Can't believe how fast the past year has FLOWN by. Wondering if we'll have any more children and then telling myself to STOP and enjoy these moments with Jake and Zack.

The party went well. Despite POURING all morning (when, of course, we planned the festivities for the backyard) the clouds parted and the sun came out just as people started to arrive. We kept it simple...hamburgers, brats, hotdogs, my mom's yummy potato salad. And of course the cake (always the most exciting part of ANY birthday party :D) Zack DUG IN (as you can see from the pic taken at the end of the festivities, hehe.) Jake also made the unfortunate decision to eat half of a "lollipop" also known as one of the star candles from Z's cake (he was not impressed and made a big production out of "YUCK"ing and spitting the offending wax out of his mouth. Presents were plentiful and at the end of the day everyone was happy.

Still one sad momma here though :(


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    okay. he is one year old already? egads. sigh. he is still such a cutie though, e. i understsand where you're coming from though ... on g's 4th birthday i was sooo sad too. sigh. too fast. much too fast they grow. anyhoo -- i love that cake picture. lol. that's so great. gavin doesn't like cake so i'll never get any shots like that! unless i take it into my own hands and do it myself ... hehe. nah ... okay, enough of my rambling. ;)

  2. Anonymous10:35 AM

    I am soooo loving that photo of Z with the cake all over his face...I remember taking a photo of Alex at her 1st birthday party like that except that I was like 10 feet away...sigh...my next child will be so much better documented. Sorry it's a rough/exciting day...wish I could tell you it gets better but Alex turns 11 in December...I'm already freaking out about that now...

  3. Cole is here at the computer with me and he thinks the cake looks swell!!!!! Happy birthday to the cutie pie!

  4. I can't believe how time flies when it's someone ELSE's kid. :) Sounds like a perfect party.

  5. Anonymous12:43 PM

    OMGOSH Erica......I am laughing so hard....look at him! Love that he dug into that cake....can't wait to see you scrap this! Awesome pictures!
    I totally know where you are coming from....about them growing up too quickly! That is why I have John....because I needed another baby because the 1st 2 grew too quickly....but so is he :(
    This makes me so sad....I can't believe he will be 3!

  6. Love the pic of Zach with the cake all over his face!!! Priceless. Evan hated his first birthday party and his cake. Come to think of it he just seems to not enjoy parties in general. lol.

  7. Anonymous3:06 PM

    CUTE pics!!! And cool cake. Can't believe he's a year already...man does time fly.

  8. Anonymous10:59 PM

    LOOOVE those pics. Great shots. And I so know what you mean about first birthdays.

  9. Anonymous8:10 PM

    oh I am cracking up at the photo of cake face Zack and poor Jake eating the "lollipop" that would not have been a nice adventure

  10. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Are you sure there's a kid under all that chocolate? Sounds (and looks) like a great party - hope you got some pics of Jack's experience with candle tasting.

  11. Look at that cake - sooo cute! Adorable pics, Erica!

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    He cannot be one already!!! What a sweetie pie - and that FROSTING!!! Poor mommy.... I can relate....



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