breakfast at our house...

you see, it is an informal affair. Juice, waffles, coffee, the floor, the table, wherever. We do a very good job of gathering 'round the table for dinner each night but breakfast usually takes place wherever we happen to be. And the 5 second rule is a joke in our house!

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  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    LOL.....this is SOOOO cute! We have many days like this! John has been in a waffles stage :) Who *could* have any rules with toddlers? ;)

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    ha! we have the opposite affliction here, breakfast date every morning. always. dinner? so rare i'm embarresed to say...ah well, what's life if you don't have something to improve on right?

  3. Anonymous11:09 PM

    Too cute! E wants waffles every morning lately. But he needs 'toast' (margarine) on it...which of course he has to do himself. and lots of syrup. that's his first breakie. has the 2nd at the babysitter's!!

  4. James had a long love affair with waffles. So glad that we can buy them by the huge-boxful at Costco.

    Recently he has been loving oatmeal. Also purchased by the huge-boxful at Costco.

    Hmm. That might be our breakfast rule: must be able to purchase it at Costco.



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