ok...I've been tagged...

by Desiree. So, here we go (especially good timing since I've been so lazy about updating lately!)

names you go by
1. E
2. mommymommymommymommymommymommymommy

2 parts of your heritage
1. Irish
2. English
(yup, inner conflict rules)

2 things that scare you
1. anything happening to my boys
2. bumps in the night when I'm all alone

2 of your everyday essentials
1. boy hugs
2. Burts Bees chapstick

2 things you are wearing right now
1. snowflake pajama pants
2. turtleneck shirt (yup, I'm stylin!)

2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment)
1. Coldplay
2. Our Lady Peace

2 favorite songs (at the moment)
1. Where are You (Our Lady Peace)
2. We are all on Drugs (Weezer)

2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love)
1. laughter
2. understanding

2 truths
1. dishes and laundry are my arch enemies
2. I'm happier now than I've ever been before

2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex)
1. mouth
2. sense of humor

2 of your favorite hobbies (besides scrapbooking??)<--- yes, that's the obvious
1. photography
2. reading

2 things you want really badly
1. to FIND A JOB
2. to be able to buy our own house again

2 places you want to go on vacation
1. England (to see where my grandparents were married)
2. A driving trip down the east coast

2 things you want to do before you die
1. own a successful business
2. learn how to knit
(yeah, I'm a real fun gal)

2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick
1. I freaking HATE killing bugs
2. I like my cozy clothing
(the easier question would have been how are you NOT a stereotypical chick :p)

2 things you are thinking about now
1. what I'm going to do today
2. what I'm going to have for breakfast

2 stores
1. Target
2. Old Navy
(I'm a thrifty kind of gal)

OK, I tag Alison (because she never updates her blog...ever) and Jen.


  1. I believe we go by the same name and shop at the same stores. HAHAHA!

  2. Anonymous9:49 AM

    hooray - an update from you! glad you tagged miss alison as well - what's up with her and no blogging lately. shame on her!

    love our lady peace. :)

  3. Anonymous11:05 AM

    ooh, hate killing bugs..that's a good one! i gotta add 'knitting' to my 'to-do-before-die' list as well! thanks for playing along E!

  4. Anonymous11:12 AM

    totally with ya on the bumps in the night...eeeks! i must be pretty stylin too, i've been living in pj's lately, he he!

  5. you know that I will agree with you on the OLP thing (thanks to you!)

  6. You are a thrifty gal. No wonder I like you so much.

  7. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Well, I was coming here to tag you when I saw you had already been tagged. I tagged Alison also so maybe she will update hers!

  8. Anonymous3:38 PM

    how fun learning more about you :)
    add me to the want to learn to knit crowd :)

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I'm against killing bugs too. I can't stand feeling them pop in my fingers. Gross.

  10. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Our Lady Peace? You'd do good up here! ;-) We have so many great Canadian musicians, and so few get noticed outside Canada. Check out Jane Siberry if you get a chance- weird voice, but very cool. Heard an old song of hers last night while watching the 'L' word ( yep I watch that, lol) and it was SO great to hear after so many years.
    Fun list E, love knowing a bit more about you! I totally do not mind killing bugs, does that make me less girly? :P
    About our trip yesterday... you won't believe it but a deer hit our car on the way home about a mile away from the Can. border.. $3,000 damage to my fairly brand new (March 2005) car, but thankfully we're all ok, just a little shook up. An expensive outing to be sure, lol! Just confirms how much I HATE highway driving. Last time we encountered deer was in Summer 2003 in Michigan, at 3am on a deserted highway. Thankfully they were all just standing in the middle of the road, and we had to wait until they decided to move on. This one just came out of nowhere, and there was no avoiding it! No more trips to the US after dark for me for a while!

    After all that, did you get my email? ;-)


  11. i'm so with you on the burt's bees and the coldplay and the knitting thing...love your list!

  12. Great list!! We have a lot in common, expecially the 2nd name you go by :)



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