well, it's a start at least...

OK, so he didn't actually GO potty...but he did ask to sit on the toilet and that in itself is a pretty major step. He sat there for quite a long while (long enough to read a book, hehe) and now knows the word "penis." Excellent. Also, please note the helmet on the floor...must keep our treasures close. Let it be noted that I probably never would have thought to take a picture like this but after seeing this layout by Moon, I had to. (And if you're not familiar with her work, check it ALL out because it ALL rocks.)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

In other news...Jake


...out his butt"

while in the tub tonight.

Life with boys...never dull. So glad he's getting more verbal these days.


  1. Yay for Jake!!! What a big boy. I do NOT look forward to going through the whole potty-training thing again. Although, "they" say that boys are easier to train. Fingers crossed;)

  2. Love that picture Erica! Too funny! Looks like he's well on his way to being a man...minus the footstool! :)

    "Some of the best reading is done in the bathroom, you know."

  3. Anonymous10:35 AM

    okay, that picture is so seriously cool erica. (how're you liking the 20D btw?)

  4. Anonymous10:43 AM

    too funny Erica!!

  5. Anonymous10:58 AM

    That burp is seriously hilarious!!
    WTG, Jake!

  6. Anonymous11:05 AM

    LOVE that picture! Great POV, and the edge is wonderful! Is it an element? Tell me where to get it 'casue i want it. The 'burp' story is classic boy. Love it.


  7. Too freakin hilarious. Toilet training is in our near future....any tips? Should we buy him a helmet?? LOL

  8. LOL, love that picture!! Way to go for your little man!! We just finished that whole potty training thing, it was an interesting experience to say the least!! You just gotta love boys!!

  9. Oh Erica, we are VERY fond of the word at our house. We say it everywhere, and often quite loudly. Oh, the fun has JUST begun. Did I tell you Conner peed his carseat in the 5 minute trip home from SCHOOL yesterday? Some day, you'll be wishin' for a diaper.

  10. Adorable photo!!! Cole marvels at Harper's ability to burp...from either end.... ; )

  11. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Hi Erica....I have tried to post a comment on here already twice today and it keeps losing it....once yesterday too....so this is a test...and if it works :)
    I love the picture and had to run in and do one of J today....mine is not so pretty but it is a picture I want to scrap...over his potty training success! Jake will get there as well...I promise :)

  12. Anonymous4:14 PM

    LOVE that picture E! And hooray for going on the toilet :)

  13. Anonymous4:41 PM

    That picture ROCKS. Yay for Jake. :)

  14. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Moon's potty layout is one of my faves of hers.. isn't that pic amazing? Wish I would have thought of it too.. actually, I have several pics of my guys sitting on the throne, just not excellent ones like hers or yours. ;-) She is so inspiring! Good boy, Jake! :)


  15. That is too precious. :)

    I think I'm the same way when I'm doing the duty. :D

  16. Anonymous10:15 AM

    love that picture so much, e. and the burping out your butt comment. ya -- that takes the cake. ;) hehe ...

  17. Anonymous10:34 PM

    My hubby just came in and asked what I was laughing about. Your crackin' me up! We are going through the same thing with Madi on the potty, but she always has to bring in her princess book! Too cute!

  18. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Oh my GOSH!!! That is just an amazing photo! I checked out her layout too and I *just* did a layout with almost the same exact design! How weird is THAT? But hers is way cooler though.

  19. Anonymous3:02 PM

    great photo, chica.

  20. Anonymous1:46 AM

    OMG, that photo is the best!! Burping out your butt ... LOLOL!

  21. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Erica, I;m so glad I stumbled onto your blog! Love this pic! So cute!



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