So apparently (according to no less than three such reminders over the course of the last two days) I'm a bad blogger and need to update this thing. 'Tis true, I've been pretty lazy about it. I just don't really have anything interesting to say. Despite my friendly spammers who tell me repreatedly "what a great blog I have here" I think maybe those enticing invitations to "come visit my candle\road construction safety\manic depression related website" are more interesting than anything I have to contribute. So, I give you some rambling nonsense to appease the fans ;)

- What is it about sleeping during daylight hours that makes you feel ever-so-much-more refreshed than sleeping at night? Yup, you guessed it, I got a freaking NAP today. It pretty much rocked. Big ups to my hubby C for keeping the kid-generated noise to a minimum so I could rest for a bit.

- Little boy haircuts...too cute. Check out my littlest man sporting his very first barber shop haircut (I've done it twice at home but this is the REAL DEAL.) He also got to enjoy his very first sucker complete with hair clippings from his premier haircut. Nice.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

- This boy:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

used the potty today THREE times. What a huge step for him finally...We're all very proud :)

- Zack had to go to the doctor today for a check up...he got bunches of shots and had some blood drawn but he's quite the little trooper and seems to be fine. Me...not so much (hence the nap this afternoon.)

- I've been working on something that I hope to have ready to share by the end of the weekend...no plans other than cleaning this house top to bottom tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get it done! I'll show you guys as soon as it's "done"!

Everyone have an awesome weekend!



  1. Anonymous12:59 AM

    YEAH! an update! WAY cool haircuts, and HIGH FIVES for potty usage! woohoooo!!!! oh...Brian's back here giggling high 5's to. Yes...I know it's 1am....I think I'll need a nap tomorrow. You know...the last time I was able to squeeze in a nap, I was pregnant. (lightbulb clicking) HEY!!! Is THAT what you're going to share by the end of the weekend??? ;) ROFL!

  2. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Cool haircut!! The Z-man looks SO old... and YAY!! for Jake!! Up late scrapbooking:) (it's only 1:55am here...much later where you are) but am heading to bed and for some reason decided to check your blog...YAY! Can you tell I'm tired...off to bed:)

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Okay so ya, I wanted to give you a gentle nudge.....LOL! How can you say you have nothing to say.....haircuts, POTTY!!!, and some secret.....all fun blogging stuff for your adoring fans ;) I hope you are okay...nap, not feeling well??? Are you granting Jake his wish?!!
    Have a great weekend....I'm off to do what you have planned...cleaning the house :P

  4. Oh my gosh E...little Z looks so freakin adorable! I just want to pick him up and squeeze him! I'm loving the haircut :)

    And, a big high five from Uncle Jermee and Aunt Jemmi to Jacob for being such a big boy :)

    We'll talk to you guys soon!

  5. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Dude, I'm so with you on being a bad blogger... Life is just crazy. I also need to respond to your email. I suck.

    Yeah for using the potty! Haircut looks awesome. :)

  6. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Your kids are just so stinkin' cute! Love the photos! And congrats on the potty thing - hopefully it'll stick!! I can't wait to see what you've been up to! hugs girl!

  7. Anonymous11:54 AM

    - yay for Jake!!! keep it up dude!
    - baby Z looks so completely adorable with that haircut!
    - you tease, you....i MUST know what you have to share...(you're fulfilling Jake's wish of two more siblings aren't you, lol!)

    have a fab weekend!!!

  8. Love the haircut! And what an accomplishment for Jake! Good job little man!!!

    Good luck with the house-cleaning thing....I've been doing that for a couple of days too! Hate doing it, love when it's done!

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Anonymous7:59 PM

    Cool Haircut! He looks so cute....

    And of course Jake..adorable as always....great job on the potty usage...

    Have a good weekend....

  10. Nice Haircut... nice potty (WOO HOO)... A NAP. SA-WEET! Maybe I'll get one tomorrow.

  11. Zack looks great - and even MORE like Carlos, which I wasn't sure (until now) was possible!!

    Jake REALLY wants to go to school, eh? Good for him!! I'm sure that's making your life much easier! :)

  12. awww, what cuties!! Lovin the haircut :) Way to go Jake for the big boy potty use!! Can't wait to see what the something is that you are working on...

  13. Anonymous9:13 PM

    hmmmmm... that blog post title and an e-mail i've seen in the past look quite familiar. ;) Z looks absolutely adorable and high fives all around for the big accomplishments for Jake! :)

    don't be such a stranger, heh?



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