look who I got to hang out with yesterday!

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The FABULOUS Miss Melanie. She is in town for the weekend visiting Dr. Andy so we hooked up for a few hours. Some yummy food at Mongolian Barbeque, some shopping at a couple of cute little shops in Ann Arbor...very eclectic stuff! I got this AWESOME little toy in the first shop. Nope, I have zero use for it but how can you pass up a wind-up nun called "Nunzilla." And dude, she SPITS FIRE. All for the bargain basement price of $3.50. I may be going straight to hell but I know I'll be in good company since you all laughed too ;)

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The second store was called 16 Hands. Lots of arts and crafts type stuff. I picked up a couple of greeting cards and a book (Christmas gift - yeehaw!) They had some gorgeous art and jewelry and some other stuff that left us scratching our heads (but have us thinking that perhaps, we're in the wrong business and could make our fortunes in other, more kooky endeavors.)

I got to briefly meet Mel's hubby Andy in the Kroger parking lot (where this pic was took...I thought about lying and saying it was on the UofM campus but I think it's even better in a grocery store parking lot :p) Had so much fun with Melanie...like we've known each other for years (well, I guess technically we *have* but never in real life!) I'm so glad we got a chance to hang out and I'm REALLY hoping that her and Andy's future is in Michigan.

Heading to the pumpkin patch today so hopefully I'll have some good photos to share tomorrow! Have a great weekend all!


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

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  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Wow. You should really check out that Nascar blog. It sounds VERY exciting.

    That is super cool that you got to meet Melanie. Too bad she couldn't have come next weekend and we all could have cropped. It's official I signed up. Have fun at the Pumpkin Patch. Which one are you going to? We always go to Westview Orchards. It's just not Halloween without a $40 pumpkin.

  3. Oh, how fun for you!!! LOVE that nun - that is hilarious!! And she spits fire?! We went to the patch today too! I love this time of year!

  4. Anonymous7:19 PM

    How fun!! Shopping and playing all day with Mel - what a blast! So fun that you two were able to meet up! Glad you had a good day! Hugs!

  5. Anonymous7:56 PM

    soooooooooooooo jealous!!! that nun is cool!!! And you got to meet Mel, too!!! Did she pass her background check???? You can tell me....

    $40 for a pumpkin???? Tell Ashley she got hosed!!! whoa!!!

  6. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Erica, somehow I don't picture you as a Nascar wrecks fan. :p

    Pretty darned jealous that you 2 cool gals got to meet up!! How fun is that!? You & Mel are gorgeous. Totally know what you mean too about 'knowing' each other, I felt that way when I met Maureen this past summer, like old friends.It's so fun to be peapals, huh? :)
    Have fun at the PP tomorrow- jealous about that too, since we have had nothing but rain, rain and more rain since October started. I haven't taken one single leaf-y/fallish pic yet. And tomorrow it's supposed to be really windy, so there might not be a leaf left on the trees, argh! Take lots'O pics!!

  7. Anonymous10:26 PM

    okay. how much fun did you girls have?? color me jealous!!! super cute pic too!

  8. Anonymous12:12 AM

    GREAT pic of the two of you. And sounds like you had FUN :) yay for a girl's day out!

  9. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Look at you two....what a fab picture! Sounds like an awesome trip together....shopping (and no kids?!) eating out....fun fun!
    I think it's so cool to "know" somebody online, then to meet them and have them be the same irl...like you'd expect different? I know when I met Melanie and "the girls".....that was what stood out to me...how they weren't being somebody they weren't...kwim? Anyway....hope to meet you someday! :)
    Pumpkin Patch....jealous here! Today is the 1st day of sun in like 9 or 10 days....not just no sun but rain!

  10. Hell for sure...
    but, at least you know WHERE you're going... it's always nice to have a plan. :)

  11. You two look so cute! I'm glad you had a great time. I would love to meet you both. I'm so glad that you got to hang out for a bit. Girlfriends are so great, huh? I totally agree that you are going straight to hell for "nunzilla" E, but it is so funny! I would love to see her shoot fire! ;)

  12. jealous.......... i want to meet you both. and hang out in A2 in the fall... grumble grumble grumble.... ;)

  13. Anonymous10:23 AM

    How neat that you and Mel got to meet! Isn't she sooooo tall?! Great pic of the two of you. Can't wait to see the pumpkin patch pics!

  14. Anonymous10:52 AM

    i'm so jealous!!!! ;) love that pic of you two, and i love the nunzilla too. ;)

  15. Anonymous3:08 PM

    yes, i'm laughing at the nun.. can i sit next to you on the way down???

    sounds like a great weekend, and i'm loving the photo blog....

  16. Anonymous7:46 PM

    That nunzilla is hilarious! So cool that you got to meet Melanie... what a fun day!!!!

  17. Anonymous9:07 AM

    so beyond fun to chill with you, E. :) i mean, you and a spark spitting nun - now that's fun! hope we can do it again soon.


  18. He-he what is it with your blog and the spam!?! They just love you :) That nun is hilarious!! Sounds like you both had a great time, pretty photo!!

  19. Anonymous6:28 PM

    so cool that you got to meet! I would love to meet you someday girl! Good for you for doing the exercise each day. I need some of that motivation!

  20. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Awesome photo of you guys! Sounds like you had a blast and I can't wait to see your p patch photos! I had to improvise big time this year, lol.

  21. Anonymous10:44 AM

    What a great picture of you too...and how fun to hang out! Melly is the greatest! And that nun cracks me up! My sister went to a catholic school so she would get a big kick out of that! ;)



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