I'm sorry, I'm sorry

I *want* to be better about the whole blog experience. I'm trying, I am. So this will just be a hodge podge of stuff...

- Check this out. How cool is Kah-Mei for doing this? I did the "Z" yup, I did. Hope the bidding goes well past the $500 she has promised to match. What a great cause...I'm proud that I was involved.

- My website - added a new service/product to my website today. I've had a couple of dear friends use my services to design business cards for their photography businesses so I went ahead and added that to my product list. Hoping to update it more in the coming days!

- My kids - they are amazing us lately with all the cool stuff they are doing! Jake is speaking in full sentences (and FUNNY ones at that!). He's drawing these amazing pictures and GET THIS: the other day he spelled MOM. And he knew what he was spelling! He said "mommy" while he was writing and I said "does that spell 'mommy' and he said 'MOM' and underlined it. He also figured out how to tie a knot; the little bugger! Couldn't be prouder. And Zack. He's starting to emulate the alphabet song. Carlos started "ABCDEFG" and Zack followed up with "HI" Incredibly cool.

- Our weekend was great for the most part. Saturday we did our bi-weekly bowling night with my bro and (almost) SIL. Apparently Jeremy is the week link (KIDDING J!) as he couldn't make it and the rest of us ended up smashing out averages :p Let's make this clear. We suck. Badly. We our dead last in our league. We named ourselves the Gutterballs for a reason (OK, well, a couple of reasons). We have SO.MUCH.FUN though it should be against the law.

Sunday was CHRISTMAS shopping - woohoo! Now, really, if you know me you know I hate shopping. But the prospect of knocking it out early is appealing for so many reasons. The best reason for finishing early though is the thought of sitting around at the mall with a cup of hot coffee watching all the nutcases frantically buy the last of the ugly ties, stinky perfumes and waxy chocolates to "gift" upon their loved ones. All while you sit happy with the knowledge that you gifts have been bought and wrapped (and PAID for) for weeks. Yup, that'll be me in about 5.5 weeks :) I went with my sister Wendy and my (almost) SIL Jen and we had a blast! And yes, coffee was involved. As were pretzels. Yum.


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

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  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    hey Erica!! Sounds like a grerat weekend. I stayed away from ther computer all weekend...so nice. Got lots of my shopping done too:) I love to be done way before Christmas!

  3. Hey Erica!!! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so happy I found it. Love your hodge podge sharing of info- I'll def. be reading often! xo

  4. Shopping....without me??? WHAT-EVER!!!!!

    I said I'm sorry about the whole birthday dance thing and I STILL don't get invited???


  5. Shopping was a blast. We'll get more accomplished next time, right?? Maybe we needed more coffee...

    Can't wait to hear Jake throughout the holidays...just hearing the stories cracks me up...hope to catch one of his full-sentence-funnies live!

  6. e....
    YAY...I love updates from eriCa!!!
    man i want to go christmas shopping w/ you! i'm going to be one of those nutcases...waxy chocolate anyone?!? ;) no, actually i have a picnic basket that will make a lovely christmas pressent this year! HA!
    Love hearing about your boys....you are going to have a blast this Christmas watching their excitment....love that.

  7. Anonymous9:15 AM

    oh yes, shopping early is the way to go, my friend. :)

    the boys are rockstars, take after their mama, right? ;)

  8. Anonymous11:20 AM

    ooooooh, I hate hate hate hate hate loathe hate shopping too!!!!

    And hey! Did I miss the proposal??? I notice the (almost) sil thing a couple times here....like a theme.

    And I think Brandi likes shopping. Could be wrong....

  9. I am so envious that you got so much shopping done...lol

  10. Another jealous person that you have gotten all your shopping done!!

  11. You are too funny.
    I shop online.
    Your baby's a genious (have you read my posts about mine not talking).
    It's how you play the game, not whether you win or lose.

  12. Anonymous2:53 PM

    See, that's all we ask....an update on your daily life ;) :P LOL!
    you *must* know how smart your boys are Erica! Seriously, as a teacher point of view, and a mommy of a boy the same age as Jake point of view....they are very smart! I can't even get John to draw OR write letters! I know he'll do it eventually, and I know he is smart in other areas.....but geez, ;) LOL!
    PPPPPFFFFLLLLLTTTTTTT :P on the Christmas shopping success ;) J/K! I need to get my butt in gear if I plan on having it done by the end of the month, eh?!
    Okay, and I love your website.....and the cards are awesome!

  13. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Wow very cool stuff E!! And don't forget to check out that how to repair a bicycle ad, sounds VERY interesting... ;)

  14. Anonymous10:36 PM

    man...I had something to say, but by the time I get here to comment, I totally forgot what I was going to say. So, anyway, you're cool. And something was cool on your blog, but my brain died before I could tell you what I thought of it...

  15. :) So glad I found your blog :)
    I loved your Z page :)
    Sounds like such a fun weekend... can't believe it could possibly be Christmas shopping time yet. :)


  16. I would have loved to be there bowling too! I love to go bowling. I am completely terrible at it, but I usually laugh the ENTIRE time because I feel like such a dork! I even crack myself up. Also, I'm so glad that your spam commentators are letting you know how to repair a road bicycle. I wonder if that is on Martha's top 30 things a person should know?

  17. sounds like an awesome weekend! and the boys kids... yep, they're amazing. =)

  18. Anonymous9:14 PM

    You are DONE? Oh my. Jealousy here. By the way, love the business cards on your website!



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