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In just a couple of short hours, I'll be able to download my pre-ordered Coldplay CD from iTunes. I loooooove Coldplay. I love Chris Martin and his perfectly honed "lead singerishness"... and Gwyneth - so calm and cool...the name Apple has even sort of grown on me :)

Can I tell you a little story? Might help explain my Coldplay fanaticism. I've always liked them, from the first CD...from the days of Yellow. But, when I met Carlos, he wasn't really into them (yet.) I introduced him and he became a fan as well.

Maybe you weren't aware of our story. We met and fell in love in a pretty quick fashion. We worked together for a short time during Gallo's crush. Working 12 hour days, 7 days a week, we were together a lot. And when we weren't working or sleeping, we were together. We met the first week of August, 2001. By mid October, *I* had proposed to him. We quickly made arrangements to be married during an already planned trip to Vegas in February...just 10 weeks into the relationship. Years ago, I would have thought someone like me was crazy to jump into a relationship so quickly (especially considering that BOTH of us had been recently divorced.) Funny how things work out though. I guess we both learned a lot from our previous relationships and recognized a good thing when we saw it!

So, in mid-February, we packed up the car and headed to the Luxor (a super cool hotel if you've not been.) On February 15th, we were married here, witnessed by some friends of ours that also worked at Gallo and my parents. It was wonderful. Not as big or extravagant as the first one but so. much. better. After the ceremony, we took a limo to a tiny airstrip and a helicopter ride to the only winery in Nevada. The Pahrump Winery. We went through Red Rock Canyon and had a delectable dinner. There was also a wine tasting...one I couldn't participate in thanks to a tiny 10 week old fetus we like to call Jake these days. We do however have a few bottles from the winery that we're holding onto for posterity. Amazing day, one I'll never forget.

Anyway, back to Coldplay. We finished our weekend in Vegas visiting with our friends and family and gambling just enough to justify being in Las Vegas. We only had a couple of days there but we made the most of them. When it was time to pack up and head home, we were still in our honeymoon euphoria. We spent most of the 5 hour drive back to Fresno listening to Coldplay. Not for any particular reason other than we liked it and had it in the car with us. The day was beautiful, we had the moonroof open and we just listened. And talked about our future. And held hands and enjoyed each other's company. It was bliss. And so, Coldplay, no matter what incarnation, will always remind us of that time, will always take us back to that short but unforgettable weekend.

Coldplay is an integral part of most every road trip we embark on these days...early morning drives to catch the sun rise...weekend trips to Ikea to stock up on inexpensive Swedish furnishings...I can't help but smile whenever I listen to one of their catchy tunes.

Understand now why I'm such a fan?

Oh yeah, bought tickets to their show at DTE in late August the other day. I seriously can't wait!

Thanks for reading my ramblings...just wanted to share my excitement :)

OH, and in other news, the Pistons WON! Yeehaw! (And my condolences if you are a Miami or San Antonio fan, lol)


  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Erica that is the sweetest story! Johnny and I knew we were going to be married after a few months, then it turned out to be a little over 2 years before we did! We were both in school, me in MA, him in IA! I planned the big dream wedding, he came home, we got married, I moved out there......seems like yesterday, but it'll be 15 years on the 23rd!

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I never heard that whole story! Soo cool. You guys are just too sweet together!

  3. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Such a sweet, sweet story, Erica. It's amazing how differently we all end up together and how what works for you may not work for anyone else. I'll have to remember that someday when my kids get married, but I have a feeling I'll freak out no matter what. :)

  4. Anonymous11:11 AM

    I just had to smile through your whole story - you guys are obviously the perfect match (um, you and Carlos, not you and Coldplay). ;)

  5. Love your story. We have the same thing with Dave Matthews Band. Our honeymoon, newlywed days... Love how music can take you back. It's always fun to remember those days before the kids, there were so few... :)

  6. Anonymous2:15 AM

    I've never heard this story either. What a neat story, and you tell it so well. I can see why you love Coldplay. My favorite radio station always seemed to play "Clocks" when I was driving to Stamper's Warehouse, so that's what I associate Coldplay with. :)Do you like Radiohead as well? There are some similarities between the bands. You should download "Ok Computer" while you're hanging out at iTunes. It's good! I enjoyed reading your blog again...

  7. Anonymous10:18 AM

    HI Erica!!
    Too cute! I love hearing those kinds of stories!

  8. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Awwww, schmoopy! :) Gave me tugs. I like those kind of happy endings.

    I, too, will be buying the Coldplay album today. Gotta love iTunes.


  9. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Hey Erica:)

    Coldplay is one of Nate and I's bands too..many memories...we played tehm at our wedding..

    Thanks for sharing your story...so sweet!! Funny how life works out:)

  10. Heyyyy Erica! Just found your blog through Julia's. I look forward to "catching up" with what's going on with you :)

  11. Anonymous2:39 PM

    i *heart* coldplay as well. reminded me that i didn't download that album - eek!

  12. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Hey girlie, catching up on your blog! Love this story! so fun, and you are a rebel, marrying so fast. But who can blame you for marrying Carlos! HELLO? Can you say "yum"!! :)

    Loving your picture. Congrats on your new camera. So deserving. Have fun and you inspire me to post a picture a day as well.



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